23 Music Video From Georgia

Music Video From Georgia

This music video is from Georgia, ex-USSR country. It has been said that in Georgia average salary is $80 per month, $960 per year, and that's not a minimal, that's an average salary across the country, so a big fraction of Georgian people work in Russia. There are also rumours that during Soviet era more than half of
criminal leaders were from Georgia. Also there many areas of Georgia are not connected to central electricity system and every appartment in the house lives thanks to their personal diesel electricity generator. This piece of music video is from that far away country from the shores of Black Sea.
5 Car Service Accident

Car Service Accident

This video is from one of Moscow city car services. The guy simply
forgets about the clutch so the car hits the garage door.
2 Russian Catapult

Russian Catapult

This video of some Russian guys, have another kind of fun. So, a group of Russians, lead by guy named “German”, dwellers of Russian capital Moscow city, arrived to a common Russian village and started a strange project. What did they do?
They have built a big catapult or trebuchet in the middle of common Russian village, right on the snowy field, and… shot fireballs with it. They say that a price of each shot was around $120 and nobody was hurt.
5 Zemlyane


Another Russian music video. That was a cult Soviet song, from early 80s, about
flight to space. It was very popular at that time. Band name is "Zemlyane".
21 Russian TV Talk Show

Russian TV Talk Show

Russian TV Show - video powered by Metacafe This is an except from Russian TV Show. Some think it's fake, I also think it looks more faked than real. But it's
being broadcasted for all 140 million population of Russia without any statement that it's real so most of TV viewers thought such things are real.
7 Drunk Russian Guy Is Harassing Passers-By

Drunk Russian Guy Is Harassing Passers-By

This video is another example of what one can meet while on his travel to Russia. Here is a drunk Russian guy is
harassing different people in small Russian town. His friends are taping him, they find his actions to be very funny.
11 Jump Out the University

Jump Out the University

This video is made in University of Moscow. Two guys walk through the university during the usual studying hours, chatting with some students and teachers they meet. Then they come to the library on the floor 21st and… jump
out of the window right before the shocked librarians and reading students. This incident was the investigated by police of Moscow city but they were not found now they published the video on Internet.
3 Gagarin Cartoon

Gagarin Cartoon

This animated cartoon is named after the first Russian man who flew into
space, Yuri Gagarin. It was awarded the Palme d'Or, Cannes 1995.
2 Russian Amateur Horror

Russian Amateur Horror

Amateur Horror
5 Russian Way to Swim

Russian Way to Swim

Russian way to teach
girlfriend swimming.

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