moscow city street
20 Underground Whale in Moscow City

Underground Whale in Moscow City

Some people say something strange is happening deep beneath Moscow city streets. Some even think there live a some sort of underground whale. Those pictures and one video are about such rumour. Also on those
pictures can be seen what a warm winter this time is in Moscow city. There is now snow at all and there are places where is green grass can be seen. That's not typical at all.
21 Bribe a Bride

Bribe a Bride

In Southern parts of Russia, in places like Chechnya, Ingushetiya or Dagestan there is a tradition to steal a bride before the wedding. Also a bride can be stolen in order to express the wish to marry a girl. Those traditions come from ancient times
and money young Russian Southerners try to follow them. Here is how it looks when in the modern office such things happen. p.s. don't make the volume level too high because in the end of the video music suddenly apears.
22 Russian Death Tunnel

Russian Death Tunnel

This is a video of what happened in the tunnel in Moscow city when it got covered with ice. It's not new - it was
pretty popular a while ago, but maybe somebody didn't see it yet, it's a very Russian thing. sent by Dmitry
21 Russian Car Ad

Russian Car Ad

This car model, VAZ 2109, was designed in late 70s, but this ad is from 90s.
From Russian main TV channels. Can such ad motivate you buy something?
18 TU-95 “Bear”

TU-95 “Bear”

This is the video of one of the biggest Russian bombers TU-95. It can fly from Moscow to Cuba in Carribean and back without refueling, though in this video there is a scene of it being refueled right in the air. It
was the only bomber deployed by any country to use turbo-prop engines, which provided extraordinarily long endurance at speeds only slightly less than comparable turbojet-powered heavy bombers.
13 Russian Strange Race

Russian Strange Race

What a strange race, Russian jet fighter MIG against
sport bike and Porsche car. Submitted by 4emist
4 Russian Street Curling

Russian Street Curling

Some play curling indoors, some outdoors. Here is the whole street playing curling with
their cars. Video is again without a sound but one can imagine what sound it was.
16 Moscow Subway Traffic Jam

Moscow Subway Traffic Jam

That’s a typical day in Moscow city subway. Ok, maybe not typical for all Moscow subway but there are some narrow places so when the peak traffic happens people have to
move like that. If you haven’t see here are some more shots from Moscow subway. It’s pity the video is without a sound, it was made by cam phone.
5 Russian Way To Greet Each Other

Russian Way To Greet Each Other

This is how some Russian
drivers greet each other.
8 Russian Robot Bodybuilder

Russian Robot Bodybuilder

"Hi! I am electic bodybuilder from Russia!" I have seen a lot of bodybuilding shows before, but this is something special.
"Hi! I am electic bodybuilder from Russia!" Russian bodybuilder pretends that he is a robot. Take a look.

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