7 Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car

This is a video made by surveylance cam. Due to cold weather in Russia many use the delayed engine start system which starts the engine of your car some time prior you are going to drive so that to make it warm. This guy also left his car with this option
on, but he forgot to switch his gear to the neutral. So his car started the engine and began riding by itself across the street, and because the steering wheel was locked - it was riding in circles. The story has ended with an accident.
6 Music Video With Signs Language

Music Video With Signs Language

That's a music video for a famous Russian song made with sign-language. Quite unusal thing, it might be
understood by a person of any nation who knows this language probably. Submitted by Acts_of_Atrocity
22 Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

From the last post where student has drank a bottle of vodka at once it can be understood that some people simply can't believe that someone can get the bottle at once without a stop for a
less than 30 seconds. So here is another more skilled guy from post Soviet country who drinks a bottle at once without any problem. It's real for Russian people to do this.
34 A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

In this video Russian student drank a bottle of vodka in one sip, then the video shows him
after 50 minutes. It's a Russian thing to be able to drink so much at once without a stop...
23 Violence in St. Petersburg

Violence in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is being called on of the centers of the crime in Russia. Despite the beautiful architecture of St. Petersburg it can be a very
dangerous place. Warning! This video contains real time violence made on hidden camera, if you can't stand violence don't look.
13 Russian Opera by Petr Mamonov

Russian Opera by Petr Mamonov

Do you like opera? Whatch some Russian opera of Petr Mamonov. The name of the play is
"Chocolate Pushkin" and was very popular in Moscow Dramatic Theater "Stanislavsky".
14 Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Some think that there are bears walking around Russian cities freely. It's not true. There are no bears, there are... TIGERS! Meet this video made in a Siberian village by a surveillance cam of a Siberiat tiger walking freely across the
village at night. It's not some kind of tiger that ran off from the Zoo, it's a specie of tigers that live in Siberia, so to called "Ussuri" or Amur Tigers. They don't afraid extreme colds of Russian winter.
19 Russian Reality Show

Russian Reality Show

Recently reality shows became popular in Russia too. Many youngsters watch them daily. This one is the most popular and the longest going. It has started more than 2 years ago
and devoted to a group of young people in search of love. It's even called so "Dom 2: New Love". Here are the bright moments of the show for new love search.
39 Drunk Russian Girls

Drunk Russian Girls

In Russia vodka drinking is a viral thing. Little kids see their parents drinking each time, each weekend, each holiday, so they are getting used to the idea that there is not ever a
party without a big big vodka drink. So then when they learn to walk by themselves and can buy things they go straight to buy alcohol. That's what it look likes here.
12 Russian Boys Dance

Russian Boys Dance

An amateur video of more Russian
teenagers dancing to different music.

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