7 Ambulance Has Priority

Ambulance Has Priority

This video starts with a short passage on Russian. The ambulance driver complains that some drivers don't make way for them
when they go on emergency calls. Then the journalist joins them and.... totally unpredictable thing happens.
18 In Electronics Store

In Electronics Store

Once upon a time in Russian electronics store people wanted electronics so
much so sellers had to throw the boxes to them, all over the heads.
9 Another Russian iPhone

Another Russian iPhone

Another Russian guy builds and
sells iPhones before Mac does this.
5 More Russian Roads, Video

More Russian Roads, Video

Now another video of SOME Russian roads made by bad
roads lovers - Russian 4x4 offroad racing club.
7 Kazakhstan Dances

Kazakhstan Dances

Here comes another music video from Kazakhstan. This time it is an extract from Russian MTV channel. Guy from
MTV says a few words about the Kazakhstan video, then video itself follows. submitted by Zalupov
23 Stalin’s Moscow

Stalin’s Moscow

Stalin's plans on Moscow reconstruction, back from the 1938. The last
building is the most magnificent, with the Lenin's monument on top.
30 Yeltsin Dance

Yeltsin Dance

Here is a video clip of Boris Yeltsin, first
Russian president, dancing on the scene.
8 Russian Crazy Ice Fun

Russian Crazy Ice Fun

Those Russian guys try all their best to break the thin
ice and fall into ice cold water. Often they succeed.
14 Ladybirds attack

Ladybirds attack

According to Russian Television ladybirds attack Russian villages. They bother and even bite village dwellers, making their life a real mess. And all this happening right in the middle of snowy Siberian winter, which is not
affected by global warming trend that seems to be happening in European part of Russia. Scientists tell people not to panic but let them study the phenomena, but village people can't stand this anymore.
12 Doing Fast Across The Moscow

Doing Fast Across The Moscow

The guy drives 140 mph (260
km/h) across the night Moscow

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