11 Russian Army 3D Shooter

Russian Army 3D Shooter

We've seen bad things in Russian army, but this is kind of creative.
Russian guy in army imitates a 3D shooter game like Doom or Quake.
16 Russian Wedding. Hardcored.

Russian Wedding. Hardcored.

A video from the Russian
wedding. A little bit unusual
russian bmw m6
13 Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia

Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia

If you have a good car in Russia it is ok, but for sure not enough. If the roads across you look like this you need to carry a good bunch of
people to help you keep moving. Watch the video to learn how many exactly people you need for a good ride on your BMW in Russia.
8 Pumping House Dad

Pumping House Dad

Music style "pumping house" was fashionable in Europe in the late 90s, and in St. Petersburg, Russia it is still popular.
Here you can see one of the oldest fans of pumping house. He imitates pump movement sometimes with his hands also.
19 Helicopter Crash in Chernobyl

Helicopter Crash in Chernobyl

This is the video of a helicopter with crew of military pilots spreading anti-radiation solution across the blown-up reactor of Chernobyl nuclear plant. This crew before was participating in Afghanistan war, so it was a team of military profesionals. Just before this final
flight they asked a guy with a camera, a journalist from the local newspaper to make them a group photo, this photo you can see in the beginning of the video. The story of this crash was censored and were not showed in Russian media till early 90s.
26 Chechen Video

Chechen Video

This video is made in Chechnya, Russia. Youtube author called it "Chechen Rave", I
think its not a good title, but can't figure out what do they do, really.
25 Traffic in St. Petersburg

Traffic in St. Petersburg

On this video you can see what happens on the roads of St. Petersburg. This is a mix made from the recordings of one
of the road cameras. People never stop on yellow traffic light, they alway go if they go - don't slow down.
strange creature, fish
54 Strange Creature from Azov

Strange Creature from Azov

Fishermen from Rostov region, Russia have caught strange creature from the local Azov sea. They were so shocked
about the creature, it was moaning like a human, not as fish, weighed 200 pounds and was rotating its eyeballs.
11 How to Drill a Square Hole

How to Drill a Square Hole

Ever wondered how to make a
perfect square-shaped hole?
39 Launch of Russian Ballistic Missile

Launch of Russian Ballistic Missile

A video of a launch of Russian Strategic Missile that can carry a nuclear charge, made at night. It takes only a few seconds to
arm and launch 60 feet tall ballistic missile. This type of missile is also can be used to deliver satellites to space.

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