Russian Old Lady
18 Old Lady Rocks

Old Lady Rocks

Sometimes old ladies also visit youth fests,
and sometimes they dance. Like this one.
train surfing in Russia
12 Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

Train Surfing in Moscow Metro

The video was submitted by our visitor The Dane via English Russia forum. If you live in Russia you can submit too. The reason why it's interesting is that they stand on the connection are of two train cars, without any walls or other protective measures while train
moves at high speed, and making themselves look like nothing special is happening. Such train surfing is not typical for Moscow metro. At the end of this video you can hear the voice of some aged man: "What are you doing? Should I call the police?"
russia sparta
12 Russian Sparta

Russian Sparta

A compilation of scenes of Russian life with the
soundtrack of "300" movie trailer. Take a look.
Helicopter Crash in st. petersburg video
11 Helicopter Crash in St. Petersburg Video

Helicopter Crash in St. Petersburg Video

Yesterday a helicopter felt down near St.
Petersburg, somebody got this on video.
ufo in belarus
24 UFO in Belarus

UFO in Belarus

One guy in Belarus has made a video of some
pretty stable UFO thing. Watch video:
10 Borat Tragedy

Borat Tragedy

One Russian guy made a trailer for Borat
movie making it look like a tragedy movie.
41 Belarussian Detention

Belarussian Detention

That's how police in Belarus
(Belorussia) conduct a detention.
40 Russian African Soldiers

Russian African Soldiers

Now there are African soldiers in Russian army.
submitted by I am via English Russia forum
38 Man Falls Out from an Ambulance in Russia

Man Falls Out from an Ambulance in Russia

That's a video submitted by Karp of a man who falls out
from the moving ambulance in one of the Russia cities.
12 Russian Car Thieves

Russian Car Thieves

This video is about not so
successful Russian car thieves.

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