11 Jump Out the University

Jump Out the University

This video is made in University of Moscow. Two guys walk through the university during the usual studying hours, chatting with some students and teachers they meet. Then they come to the library on the floor 21st and… jump
out of the window right before the shocked librarians and reading students. This incident was the investigated by police of Moscow city but they were not found now they published the video on Internet.
3 Gagarin Cartoon

Gagarin Cartoon

This animated cartoon is named after the first Russian man who flew into
space, Yuri Gagarin. It was awarded the Palme d'Or, Cannes 1995.
2 Russian Amateur Horror

Russian Amateur Horror

Amateur Horror
5 Russian Way to Swim

Russian Way to Swim

Russian way to teach
girlfriend swimming.
5 Russian Music Video From Nineties

Russian Music Video From Nineties

That's a Russian music video from late 80s early 90s,
full of scenes of that time Russia's everyday life.
16 Moscow 1908

Moscow 1908

That's Moscow back from 1908. Same Russian
snow, same Kremlin and same... Russian people.
11 Share Your Bubble Gum

Share Your Bubble Gum

This is how Ukrainian prime minister shares some bubble gum with his colleagues
from Russia - Mr. Putin and Mr. Medvedev. Putin refuses to take some.
9 Russian Tough Guys

Russian Tough Guys

What do Russian tough guys do at night? They crash cars and fight. On the first video guys on Volga car smash at night other guy's BMW. Watch here:
And on this video, a few tough Russian guys quarrel and then start crashing windows on the Mercedes which belongs to other guys:
12 Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!

Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!

In Russia doctor’s get the lowest salaries, even if compared to guards or construction builders. Doctors in smaller cities are getting as low as $150-$250 MONTHLY! The hospitals in Russia are
government owned and all are dependant on government welfare, so most of them look awful. On this clip you can see how in another hospital doctors wash their hands in… lavatory pan!
10 Russian Police School

Russian Police School

We've seen already faces of Russian police in two parts. And now
we can see how do they study in Russian police school.

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