11 Another Russian Party

Another Russian Party

When Russian people are drunk what do they do? Sometimes they
dance. Look at another dance from some Russian party.
11 Flight Across The Road

Flight Across The Road

This video would continue the flying theme. Now two Russian students take a light plane and
fly across the highway insulting the drivers. This happens near Moscow city.
20 “Moskvich” For Finland

“Moskvich” For Finland

It was strange to discover that in 50s Russia exported one of its low-budget cars
to Finland. Here we have a video of an ad frm Finnish TV back in 1957.
5 Tough Dancing

Tough Dancing

The image of a tough Russian guy from 90s is something like black cloths, black sun-glasses etc. And some such tough
Russian dance tough on dance parties. This one is also dancing, but right in the middle of the street.
18 Tank And Zaporozhets

Tank And Zaporozhets

Some Russian military engineers do sometime really weird tests. Like this one for example. A big T-90 Russian military tank attacks the smallest old Russian
car Zaporozhets. One time was not enough, it takes a second try and smashes it completely. Engineers seem to be happy. Watch yourself..
10 Dutch Knorr Ad Using Russian Style

Dutch Knorr Ad Using Russian Style

Here is another example of how popular is Russian theme is abroad now. This is an ad of Knorr
soup, they are making fun on Russian stereotypes in it. It's now on Dutch television.
7 Russian Theme in Basement Jaxx Video

Russian Theme in Basement Jaxx Video

Russian theme becomes more popular accross the World. Here is an example, a video from
Basement Jaxx using all the Russian symbolics and scenery. Link by Xavi
15 Another Russian Music Video

Another Russian Music Video

Here is another Russian music video. The band's name is "VIAGRA". Some may say it's Ukrainian band, some - it's a Georgian
singer Meladze, but in general it's a Russian pop band "VIAGRA". And this is a short remake of this music video:
23 Soviet Hymn

Soviet Hymn

This is a Soviet hymn, recorded by all USSR pop stars right after the USSR collapsed, in 1991. They thought this music and words would be now a part a history, because just a little bit later a new hymn appeared, with another music and words, so all people of Russia thought they are now living in a democratic state, without
traces of Soviet Union. But then a few years later, after the free goverment turned to be not so free, censorship in Mass Media appeared and.... Soviet Hymn was restored. Now, in modern Russia the hymn is being sung on the music of the Soviet hymn. Welcome back to a new USSR - Russian Federation.
2 Balalaika and Bayan

Balalaika and Bayan

Balalaika and Bayan two Russian musical instruments. And here we have two music videos about Balalaika. First one is from Russian top singer from 80s, Alla Pugacheva. The
title of the song is simple: "Balalaika" The second is an example how to make an alternative music using Russian national instruments balalaika and bayan:

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