The Ratburger

Click on the video above to play. All these young Russian guys from St. Petersbburg wanted were just a couple of pizza slices and a hot dog. But it seems that
they got there too late - someone was already eating their pizza. Probably this is when reality meets movies - real Ratatotuille came to play.
Russian guy jumps from the building
52 Big Jump

Big Jump

According to this video, this Russian guy is invincible. It's an amateur video, was recorded by his friend on the mobile phone. Well,
they have yogis in India who walk on fire or being dug deep underground for days, why can't real supermen live in Russia?
39 Beware: Bears!

Beware: Bears!

When you leave your car somewhere in Russia beware of some bears (domestic or not so
domestic). Look what they have done to this Zaporozhets car, oh vilans!
34 Almost Russia

Almost Russia

This beer commercial shows how people in
Sweden see Russia and its people and their beer.
sand and ice
31 No Ice Method

No Ice Method

This guy from Vladivostok city has patented a strange way to fight the ice-crusted roads of Russia in winter. He has mounted some device that spreads sand each time he pulls some trigger in his cabin, making an artificial sandy surface under the wheels of his small truck, letting to move it on any icy surface he wants. He says it's especially handy when moving downhill or starting moving uphill on the ice-covered road. "Many drivers seeing me doing that express their appreciation and support on the
road" he says. "That's what we need in our Russian icy winters" says another random driver who've seen that device in action. The inventor has got a patent for that but says that no investor or authority is yet interested in supporting him. Well, we wish him luck, at least when he spreads his sand he does good job not only for himself but for all the following cars too - they can go on this sand for some time too without the risk to slip out from the road.
russian hockety
30 Russian Hockey

Russian Hockey

Last night hockey game gone real messy in Russia when the sudden quarrel emerged turning into an epic fight. Reporters say that this one has beat up all the records according to its overall
duration time, including same situations from NHL. All of it was aired on TV too so all the viewers could get two-in-one - a hockey and some sort of street boxing tournament.
kiev, ukraine
57 Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

These cool ads can be met on the streets of Kiev. For the first time you see it you
are get really surprised :) Watch the video down this page for the details:
secret kgb ufo files 1

57 KGB Ufo Files

KGB Ufo Files

Some people say that these are real KGB files that are declassified and published recently.
Some say it's fake. Decide for yourself. See pictures and videos below.
Russian Pyramids 1

55 Russian Pyramids

Russian Pyramids

We have received a few reports lately about Russian people from different parts of Russia building many feet tall pyramid like structures. We don't know exact reasons for the to do this, but some of them say they believe in unknown powers that can be drawn down to the Earth with the help of pyramids,
giving supernatural powers to the owners of the pyramids like the ideal health or even immortality, at least this is what they say themselves. Here we have photos and videos from the three of different pyramid sights in modern Russia. All the structures are around hundred feet tall!
Russian car made of wood  1

45 Car of Wood

Car of Wood

This guy in Ukraine removed all the exterior metal parts from the car and replaced them with wooden panels which are used for the floor parquet. He modified
the car itself too, now it looks like a semi-cabrio - one part of it is without roof and another side is covered with a hard wooden roof.

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