Tornado in Russia 1

36 Tornado in Siberia

Tornado in Siberia

Tornado? Well, it's OK on Cuba, Haiti, in Florida, Louisiana or even Texas, but tornado in cold cold Siberia? Noway! But not in this
year, already a few of the have been spotted slashing through Siberian woods. Something is changing in the climate, really.
13 Selling Planes is Easy

Selling Planes is Easy

Farnborough International Air Show, England, the strict and conservative event where big guys of different countries meet and sign multi-million military and civil aviation contracts. This is the Russian "Klimov Corporation" section - one of the biggest
Russian aviation companies. Sure, they have plenty of customers, but they know how to attract even more! And those planes of "Klimov" can be as serious as those ones on this archive recording from Old Soviet Secret Files:
23 The Turbo Turtle

The Turbo Turtle

This turbo turtle video actually is a viral video ad for one of the
Russian cellphone providers selling fast cellular modems for laptops.
10 10 Men Power

10 Men Power

Towing a big transport plane? No problem, a towing force
of just 10 men power is what needed to do that.
52 Georgian President’s Tie

Georgian President’s Tie

As you can see from this short video footage from BBC, Mr.
Saakashvili, President of Georgia, is fond of his tie.
40 Tractors are the Best

Tractors are the Best

American big SUVs seem to be of no use in Russia, tractors - those are really a
decision for those who want to move themselves across. submitted by eldan
50 Jimmi Jimmi

Jimmi Jimmi

Many Russians don't like the migrants from the ex-Soviet Southern states who come to modern Russia and do different hard jobs for less,
but this guy is cool, at least he knows 3 languages: Hindi, his native Tajikistanian and Russian, and he can sing and dance.
the fountain of dirt in Novosibirsk, Russia 1

26 The Dirt Fountain

The Dirt Fountain

The fountain of the dirty smelly liquid richly spread passing by
cars in Novosibirsk yesterday. See the photos and the video.
42 Students and Teachers

Students and Teachers

In Russia students
teach teachers?
49 Hard Day at Russian Office

Hard Day at Russian Office

What a hard day in
Moscow, Russia office!

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