32 Arm-wrestling: Russian Way

Arm-wrestling: Russian Way

How do they do
arm-wrestling in
7 Russian Cabrio

Russian Cabrio

For a mega
pimped ride
29 Mig-29 Close Ups

Mig-29 Close Ups

An impressive amateur video of MIG-29 fighter
made by another pilot from the cockpit.
9 Russian Cars at Crash Tests

Russian Cars at Crash Tests

Would you dare to drive a car that looks like this after the crash test? Those are regular European crash tests in which passengers should
survive nicely if buckled up. The car above is GAZ 3110 "Volga" which is one of the most widely used car in Russia for taxi cabs.
31 He Didn’t Want To Go

He Didn’t Want To Go

This is a fresh video, right from March 8th, 2007. Some Russian young people protested for some reason - police arrived and decided to take them in their police buses. One
didn't one to go he simply was laying on the ground hiding his hands so police couldn't force him to go. So policemen just took him by their hands like a handbag.
181 Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy

Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy

Meet Russian parliament vice-speaker calling George Bush "asshole" and Rice "slut". We had this video before, now it is translated and submitted by Nick. Also
at the end of this video he mentions this "gravity altering device" that can change the continent alignment as was shown on secret KGB document here.
11 Drunk Combat

Drunk Combat

Video of a Russian guy dancing outside in Mortal
Combat style, but in a quite drunk way:
2 Russian Police Officers Dance

Russian Police Officers Dance

Russian police officers dance,
an amateur video record.
14 Once in Russian Subway

Once in Russian Subway

The security cam video of a less fortunate video from Russia subway,
or probably she has done it on purpose. Press play to watch.
9 Four Suns in Russia

Four Suns in Russia

One guy from Russia has made a video of a strange effect in the skies - instead of
one Sun there are clearly visible one the brightest and three "additional" suns..

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