1 Soviet Ukraine in 1988

Soviet Ukraine in 1988

In 1988, two foreign photographers travelled to the USSR on the verge of "Perestroika" and their special topic of interest was Ukraine. So these are
the photos they took of what was at the time a part of Soviet Russia, but which is now an independent country. Really colorful shots!
7 In Donetsk Dad Brought His Kid to School on Tank

In Donetsk Dad Brought His Kid to School on Tank

  It has been reported that an unnamed dad in Donetsk has given his son a ride to school, on the first day
of school, on a tank. Well nobody seemed to care and his classmates joined in to take more photos.
6 Mash Up

Mash Up

This is what can be called a "contemporary art". Russian "EUROVISION" song mixed up with
recent Ukrainian chronicles. I am not sure who made this but it sends chills down a spine.
16 Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

A blogger girl, Medvedova, goes thru the devastated Ukrainian village filming it with her cell phone camera. She is really distressed by what she sees: there
was a school, there was a club, not a single house left without having the signs of shelling on it. Her other friend is shocked too. See yourself.

7 Cool Russian NIVA Hack

Cool Russian NIVA Hack

If you live in Europe you probably know this car - Russian LADA NIVA. A cheap 4x4 coupe car with a price tag often three-four times lower than any other SUVs. Its design stays unchanged at
most - except some minor changes - since its initial launch in early 1980s. So what this guy made to his NIVA makes it really stand out. Take a look and tell me what do you think?
0 Awesome Castle near Kiev

Awesome Castle near Kiev

If you drive near Kiev, Ukraine you probably want to take a look on this fairy tale castle standing near the road. People say that this structure impresses them a lot, when during the routine drive they see
such a thing standing not far from the road. Many go and try to have a better look up close - so when they arrive a couple of 10 feet tall (3 meter) statues meet them. See details inside:

52 Ukrainian People Greet Nazi Germans

Ukrainian People Greet Nazi Germans

Looks like at least some people in Soviet Ukraine were really happy when Nazis arrived to their land in 1941. Just
see this selection of Ukrainian people showing hospitality to the Soviet enemy - German Wermacht soldiers.
3 Two Photos of Pripyat – Then and Now

Two Photos of Pripyat – Then and Now

  Just couple of photos from Pripyat - then and now for comparison. This is the "Sportivnaia" street - one of the most busy city streets - the building is
the swimming pool. This photo was taken in Soviet times prior the power plant explosion. Inside there is one more photo, how does it look now:

11 Photos of Ukrainian Soldiers March 2015 near Volnovakha

Photos of Ukrainian Soldiers March 2015 near Volnovakha

There is a ceasefire in force in Ukraine now, however most of the regiments haven't been sent home but just stay "in fields" just a few kilometers to the east from where they have been before, according to the
Minsk agreement. Those are photos that the soldiers themselves make and post around in the networks - from a regiment camping near Novognatovka village in Volnovakha area. See inside their photos:

14 New Ukrainian Army Helmet Reminds an Imperial Trooper Helmet

New Ukrainian Army Helmet Reminds an Imperial Trooper Helmet

The new Ukrainian army mask was presented to public. The model was named "Cyborg", and some bloggers around have been finding a similarity between this new mask and imperial troopers mask out of the movie Star Wars. However despite
the similarities the main purpose of the unit is to protect face and neck of a soldier from grenades fragments. It also can withstand a direct hand gun shot and a rifle shot of up to 20 caliber. More photos inside:

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