luxury cars in Kiev Ukraine
40 Kiev Cars

Kiev Cars

We’ve seen a lot of nice cars from Russia here already. It’s no secret there a lot of them: a British journalist once said that only in Moscow could he see several Lamborghinis or Ferraris stopped at one traffic light. So we wondered if this was a cultural thing.  First we looked to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, another piece of the USSR that gained its independence not even twenty years ago. While the Ukraine has been less fortunate in terms
of natural resources, the stamp of Soviet heritage is strong and many Ukrainians even prefer Russian as their primary language.  So we deduced this could mean only one thing—there should be tons of luxury cars there too. Thus, we set on a brief examination of the streets of Kiev and it looks like we were right: yet another country with an average salary under 25 grand but with cars costing over $200,000.
34 Kiev Chocolate Festival

Kiev Chocolate Festival

If you dreamed of chocolate city when you were a child, Kiev chocolate festival would be just for you. It was full of chocolate sculptures and fine pictures painted with sweet brown liquid. The fountain made all of chocolate was
the main item of the show attracting eyes and tongues of the public. Those, who couldn’t wait any longer, could ask for some hot chocolate in plastic cups. Attention! Don’t click for more if you are on a diet!
Russian flooding in Kiev
39 The Kiev Sea

The Kiev Sea

These days Kiev's downtown has turned into a small lake where everyone could give a bath to his car
or just wander around shoeless. People seemed to enjoy the situation and even smiled a lot.
12 Kiev: Now and Then

Kiev: Now and Then

I personally like those kind of artworks, when photos of one place now and then are carefully merged. We had sometime ago
brilliant set of St. Petersburg during the WW2 photos combined with present ones. Now alike photos from Kiev city.
Kiev street Art, Ukraine 1
12 Kiev Street Art

Kiev Street Art

  Another piece of street
art, now from Kiev, Ukraine.
Kiev, Ukraine, Russia 1
25 Kiev, 1905

Kiev, 1905

  Kiev, Ukraine,
Russian province, 1905.
Russian aviation museum in Kiev 1
21 Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

  These are Russian aircrafts in the
Ukrainian museum, in Kiev city.
kiev, ukraine
57 Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

These cool ads can be met on the streets of Kiev. For the first time you see it you
are get really surprised :) Watch the video down this page for the details:
kiev subway ads
17 Kiev Subway Ads

Kiev Subway Ads

A new way of advertising in Kiev subway: it's not a movie in the window - it's many single paintings written on the wall of the metro tunnel, so when the
train moves at a high speed the pictures change very fast and it seems that there is a movie showing out for the passengers. See video below:
homeless lady from Kiev with a lot of dogs 1
40 Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

Homeless with Dogs from Kiev

  This lady from Kiev is probably the only one who cares about the lost dogs on the streets of this city. She has a small flat but doesn't live there because she cannot find there place for all her 70+ dogs she picked up on the streets of Kiev. Instead, she lives in the abandoned house with all her dogs and a few homeless people. There is no electricity or heating system in this house but it's big enough for all the dogs so she decided to live there and
only rare times she visits her flat for some rare shower. Every weekends she visits the Kiev downtown to collect money for the needs of the dogs and some homeless people that live together with her and with her dogs. She dreams that someday she'll find somebody wealthy who would understand her needs and would donate enough for her to get the electricity to the house and to buy enough food. Probably this would never happen.

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