4 The Two Beautiful Bridges Of Kiev

The Two Beautiful Bridges Of Kiev

These lovely pictures are of the Moscow Bridge in
Kiev, Ukraine. They were taken at the very dawn.
5 Night Fog In Kiev

Night Fog In Kiev

Photos of the night and foggy Kiev. Such occasions happen not so frequent, so the pictures may be very interesting and even
rare. It's amazing how the weather can change the view of a city - rain makes it thoughtful and mist - mysterious...
4 Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Strange, but in Ukranian subway you can meet a concrete mixer truck or other weird lorries. For example rail ZIL trucks are a
visiting card of the Kiev Underground. Actually only on the post-Soviet territory you can see such odd pictures!
6 Kiev Metro Tunnels – Showy But Dangerous

Kiev Metro Tunnels – Showy But Dangerous

Here are some photos of Kiev subway tunnels. The shots were made in very dangerous conditions - it's strictly prohibited to be there, for certain reasons -
the menace of terrorism, and of course, trains themselves! So, enjoy these exclusive industrial photos and dangerous but majestic atmosphere.
10 The First Sterling Kiev Subway Depot

The First Sterling Kiev Subway Depot

The first sterling Kiev subway depot "Darnitsa" was opened on November, 5th, 1965 together with the first stage underground radius from"Dnepr" station to "Darnitsa" station. The depot is situated on the technical platform of underground (together with railroad car repair plant) which occupies a part of an
industrial area. First five years before the opening of the depot not numerous cars had been huddling in a tiny depot at "Dnepr"station . This building belongs to the metro department. And now not only big depositary (more than 200 cars), but also a maintenance service point belongs to the depot.
Heights of Kiev 1
22 Interesting Kiev

Interesting Kiev

Some wonderful photos of hot and sunny
Kiev and its interesting places.
10 Kiev Fire Festival

Kiev Fire Festival

Recently in Kiev there was held the fourth annual international festival of fire art. Those who came to
the event could see the performance of jugglers, musicians, theatrical groups, fire artists etc. 
15 Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Pay attention to the background – customary dump ordinary yard of a customary high-storey
building. And what is there in the centre? Vice versa, zaporozhets, zhiguli, other junk?

28 Kiev: Moscow Bridge

Kiev: Moscow Bridge

There is one thing that every big city cannot be borne and live without. Water is the only vital source that exists on the Earth and we cannot hold out even a day without it. Therefore every capital city has a river flowing through the very center
of it. And so Dnepr the Great streams through the center of Ukraine’s capital, the city of Kiev. There are lots of bridges that are built in Kiev but today we will tell you about the longest and busiest one. Moscow Bridge.
luxury cars in Kiev Ukraine
40 Kiev Cars

Kiev Cars

We’ve seen a lot of nice cars from Russia here already. It’s no secret there a lot of them: a British journalist once said that only in Moscow could he see several Lamborghinis or Ferraris stopped at one traffic light. So we wondered if this was a cultural thing.  First we looked to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, another piece of the USSR that gained its independence not even twenty years ago. While the Ukraine has been less fortunate in terms
of natural resources, the stamp of Soviet heritage is strong and many Ukrainians even prefer Russian as their primary language.  So we deduced this could mean only one thing—there should be tons of luxury cars there too. Thus, we set on a brief examination of the streets of Kiev and it looks like we were right: yet another country with an average salary under 25 grand but with cars costing over $200,000.

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