9 A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

As things getting more and more hectic in Ukraine here is the today's video when the mob of angry people throws a nicely dressed in suit and tie politician into a real life trash
bin and keeping him there for some time. I am especially amused by a few police men standing just there and not trying to rescue the authority. See inside:
11 Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Remember the airport of Lugansk that was utterly destroyed as a result of war?  We called it "Crazy War Aftermath" at that time. But here is one more report from that city, Lugansk. After an airstrike destroyed some place where monkeys were, they were forced out
on the streets and now wander around. It's good it's still summer over there and the temperature is warm and there are plenty of greens around, however it should be snowing soon, where will these creatures go? There is one more photo inside:
24 The Demons Tank

The Demons Tank

  "Demon" or "Bes" in Russian, that's what one of the fighting sides in Ukraine calls himself and his group, the Demon's Regiment. And this is their tank, probably captured in a fight. They did some
paintwork to express themselves and we can see some of the artwork in the photos here. As you already see, the armor has a large painting of a demon-like creature's face on it. What else is there?
41 War Comes to another Major City

War Comes to another Major City

  Those are "Czech hedgehogs" or anti-tank hedgehogs - obstacles used to stop the tanks, mainly deployed during World War 2. Now, 70 years later, a few generations of people were born who have seen those only on the photos or in the old movies. However, those are reality now again in Ukraine. This is a fresh
photo from around the city of Mariupol which is told to be attacked tonight by the approaching army. The hedgehogs has been deployed and tens of thousands of people try to flee the city. There are a few of fresh videos of missiles, anti tank hedgehogs and people fleeing the cities inside:
5 Got Master Degree? Now Flee

Got Master Degree? Now Flee

So this is happening - Ukrainian professionals, including these musicians flee to Russia to get at least something instead of fully nothing they can get now in Donetsk, Ukraine and other Eastern parts of the country. Those told to be pretty professional musicians (I hope you can tell by watching them play) now play in underground subway
stations for a heap of change they hopefully can get from the passers by. Some of them were getting their master degree in Donetsk, some already graduated and having master in music. Now this. But main reason for this being posted here is not where they are from, just look how nicely this sounds in metro:

21 More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

Blown up tanks and APCs, projectiles and bullets, stacks of ammo and so on - more than 70 photos of things in Ukraine now. Just imagine this all happening in the places where people live. Nobody evacuated most of them, so they continue their daily routines to the extent
they can do this - all doing this among the other people cruising around in tanks and shooting, mines and bombs. They had some peace talks today, hopefully it will be fruitful and the people can get some air to breath, at least for time being.
53 Semi-dressed Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Forced to Jump

Semi-dressed Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Forced to Jump

After the soldiers of Ukrainian army "Donbass" regiment were captured they were reportedly forced to jump and shout "Those who
don't jump are the protectors of their homeland, those who jump are the ....(censored)". Semi dressed. Video is inside.
1 The Day of Antaeus Planes

The Day of Antaeus Planes

We have never seen so many "Antaeus" planes in one place. Migalovo air field gave us such an
opportunity just recently. "Antaeus" is a heavy turboprop transport aircraft that never stops smiling...

14 What Has Happened To My Hometown?

What Has Happened To My Hometown?

It must be really awful to see the place where you grew up and lived, in this sort of condition... Very sad
pictures of a town located some twelve kilometers away from Ukrainian Donetsk are inside the post.

43 When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

The impact of a Soviet multiple launch rocket system BM-21
"Grad" can be really destructive. Just check it out.

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