17 Donetsk Today

Donetsk Today

  Do you want to know what's going on in Donetsk today? If you still don't know Donetsk is a center point of all the last day events in Ukraine, and this is the main city square of the city where the people who control Donetsk these
days decided (I quote the source) "to celebrate the anniversary of new state creation with this sort of things". Look how people around watching this. Video is inside, its short but you may be like "What???". See it here:
5 Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine

Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine

If you wondered how the post apocalyptic world might look like seconds after a disaster this might be a real life, not movie taken, scene. Thousands of suddenly freed chicken leave the farm, trying to eat something, trying to each other, going to other
sides. Please note an alarm sound on the background adding to the atmosphere and people looking pretty shocked seeing all this. Video of this incident is inside and besides we have one more story of chicken in Ukraine inside too:
26 Kharkiv: Lenin Down

Kharkiv: Lenin Down

About an hour ago a Lenin's monument was downed in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. Kharkiv is pretty large city - metropolitan population of around
1,700,000 people and they say this Lenin's monument was the largest in Europe. Not any more. Forty seconds of video how it went is inside.
4 If It Fits it Sits

If It Fits it Sits

    "If it fits it sits" - humorously say about the cats that tend to squeeze themselves into different sized boxes and other stuff. This Niva car ain't a cat, but it looks like this hole in the road was a perfect fit to it, so it couldn't resist. Or perhaps it
was at night and the driver simply didn't notice the hole. Whichever is simpler should be correct. It's from Ukraine by the way, but not where they shoot and fight, from some other "peaceful" region. There is one more photo of this accident inside.
28 An American Fighting in Ukraine

An American Fighting in Ukraine

  A video of an American (allegedly based on an accent and what he says himself) from Ilionois (or Alabama?). He says he fights for New Russia. He however admits he would like
to get it resolved peacefully. Does someone recognize his classmate here?  Video is inside and thanks to them speaking English it doesn't need any translation:

4 Salty Lakes of Crimea

Salty Lakes of Crimea

Just a few photos from a photographer named Max. He has taken photos of the bottoms of a salty lake in Crimea. The lake's name is Koyash, and this summer there is almost
no water, which allows him to take photos like this - fields of pure white salt stretching until the horizon. Just a couple of photos to get an idea.
36 Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today

Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today

  Rememebr peaceful photos of Soviet Donetsk from 1984 we had yesterday? Well this is Donetsk as of six hours ago according to the locals. I am not sure what exactly those explosions are but there are rumors based on the Ukrainian top military authority quoted by a journalist  in his Facebook post where he says some quote "tactical nuclear weapons were used against our soldiers in Donetsk airport. Those were
fired with 2S4 "Tyulpan" Soviet self-propelled mortar which (quoting Wikipedia) "can fire armour-piercing, chemical and nuclear rounds". He said that the explosions were that strong that buildings collapsed totally "from basement to the fifth store". "If not those Tyulpan's we could stay there for a few months more". A few more photos and videos of those explosions are inside:

3 Donetsk in 1984

Donetsk in 1984

Probably most of us here have heard about the city of Donetsk - a place in Ukraine that has been all over the news lately and probably suffered the most from what's happening there. And to see what it was like before, it would probably be interesting to
compare it to the photos of the city from thirty years ago - the year 1984, when American photographer Will Blizzard visited the city. Now there are some photos left for us to see the city on the verge of the collapse of the USSR. Enjoy.
34 Power Plant Destroyed, Million People Left Powerless

Power Plant Destroyed, Million People Left Powerless

  Meanwhile, it has been reported that a few hours ago a major power plant was destroyed in Lughansk, Ukraine, leaving over one million people around it without power. They have not yet said if power will be restored in the near future.
There are two versions of what happened - some say it was shelled by rocket systems, others say there were mines set earlier and they were activated now. Anyway, this is pretty disturbing. Some more photos are inside.
8 Reimagined Earth Globes for Sale Now

Reimagined Earth Globes for Sale Now

People report seeing such globes for sale. What is special about these ones is the coloration. You see the Russian territory is colored green and the United
States is violet, however Alaska is also colored green on them. This is not the only territory marked green on those new globes. See more inside.

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