16 Travel To Everyday Soviet Life

Travel To Everyday Soviet Life

Vladimir Sokolaev has taken a lot of wonderful pictures of Soviet
everyday life. Looking at them we can touch the past now.
53 Travelling to Russia: the Soviet Union Today

Travelling to Russia: the Soviet Union Today

In 1977 the National Geographic Society (the USA) published this book of a journalist Bart McDowell and a photographer Dean Conger - 370 pages of "personalized geography", a
portrait of the huge country and its people. Two Americans travelled to all 15 republics, visited dozens of cities and made a detailed story about the Soviet Union.
10 Travelling to Frantz Josef Land

Travelling to Frantz Josef Land

Inside this post we'll travel to Frantz Josef Land Archipelago, look through a
port hole, land, go along the glacier and view the wonderful landscapes.
Russians travel abroad
19 Russian Travel Stories 2

Russian Travel Stories 2

Three more travel stories of Russian people being popular lately on Russian Internet. First one is about the Russian tourists in Florida where they read in local travel about the law that prohibits sexual relations with a porcupine. That seemed so funny to them, that after some drinks they decided to get a live porcupine and
prove that they can break such stupid law. Their travel mates weren't sure they would manage get one, and were very surprised when guys brought a creature from somewhere and then... well then they did it. Then later that night they had flight to California, and next morning they found out that...
the shots of Russian road 1
61 Travel Ural 2007

Travel Ural 2007

  These shots were made this summer, on the route of the regional significance that passes between the cities Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Pechora. It's hard to say much about the condition of the rest of the road, but this especial part the passing by drivers call "the lacet". And looking at these pictures it is getting
clear, that there is nothing strange in such a name, taking into account, that it isn't off-road driving. Of course there are a lot of paved roads too in Russia, and some are being severely reconstructed in order to improve the road system, but it's a great pity that such roads still exist.

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