2 Russian Food That Travels to Space

Russian Food That Travels to Space

Several research institutes and experimental plants are operating in Russia for the production of food products for space. This
country is the only one in the world where operating organizations specialized in the manufacture of food for the space.

10 Russian Traveller Ketov

Russian Traveller Ketov

Vladislav Ketov is an outstanding traveller from Russia who, by the way, turned 64 in February. No, he has neither managers nor sponsors, and his experience has never been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, but
facts speak for themselves. He became the first man in the world to travel around the Earth. It took him twenty one years and twenty one days to travel 167 000 km cycling along the coast lines of the continents...
2 Little Abkhazian City: Time Travel to the Soviet Past

Little Abkhazian City: Time Travel to the Soviet Past

An Abkhazian city Ochamchira lies on a plain. Around are the fields where Georgian tea is growing. Why
are we going to show it to you? Because it seems you come back to the Soviet time in this place.

3 Car Travel In Kamchatka

Car Travel In Kamchatka

What is Kamchatka mainly associated with? With salmon and bear? With geysers? Right. But it is also clouds of dust on the roads! Its roads are
incredibly dusty. Inside this post are the pictures taken during the journey to the hot springs called Opalinskiye in Kamchatka.
6 Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Solo Travel to the Highest Mountain

Elbrus is the highest mountain of Russia and Europe (5642 m above sea level). It's hard to breathe on its top, you don't gasp but it's just hard to work or do anything (as if you've just run up on the tenth floor). One has to acclimatize first. There are some shelters for
acclimatization on the mountain, but around are only snow and stones. So it's better to walk somewhere near the mountain first. If you try to do it without training, mountain sickness is guaranteed: severe headache, vomiting, and in the worst case - pulmonary or brain edema.

2 Underground Time Travel

Underground Time Travel

To get into the past you don't have to build a time machine or conjure, it's enough to go down at a dark night as deep as your fear allows you, and
then climb as higher as you can. This is how some guys went back to the times of the 1960s, to the communist past of Soviet miners.
3 Travelling Beyond the 80th Parallel

Travelling Beyond the 80th Parallel

The national park "Russian Arctic" was created in June 2009 in the north of
archipelago Novaya Zemlya. Its total area is 1 426 000 hectares.
13 Travelling In Russia of 1985

Travelling In Russia of 1985

Photos of one foreigner who travelled to
Moscow and Vladimir in May, 1985.
8 Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Extreme tour all over Russia, from Moscow to
Vladivostok. The Far Eastern part.
6 Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

We are in Baku, the city of contrasts. The city today is a huge construction site where they build skyscrapers and 
interchanges, as well as reconstruct old Soviet five-storeyed buildings. Baku has combined nice architecture and good food.

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