10 Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

What is it like to live on such a ship? Is it like living on a luxury cruise liner or is it more like staying in the cabin of a truck? We can find this out thanks to Sergei, who continues posting
his photos from the trip he took on this large ship of the Russian fleet. You might be surprised but there is even a room on this ship where the crew members can play volleyball!

8 A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

Setting aside all the fun jokes about blondes that can't drive, people of a Belarus daily news portal published a story about a young blonde that can drive and actually drives a big MAZ bus through the suburbs of the Belarus capital. "I have to renew my manicure more
often and sometimes boys want to hook up with me while I am in my workplace - behind the wheel of this big bus", says Yelena, the driver, having twelve years of experience driving and owning the license for passenger car, large bus and large truck.

2 Sneaking to the Unknown Ekranoplan

Sneaking to the Unknown Ekranoplan

We've mentioned a few Ekranoplans on ER before. And frankly, I thought most of those vehicles that were built to fly very low above the surface of the Earth were discontinued and abandoned. However, it seems that there
are a few, or at least one, that can be met deep in the warehouses of large factories that have never surfaced and never had a flight. Here is one of them - the Ekranoplan "Spasatel" or "The Rescuer".
8 Getting a WW2 Tank from the Bottom of a River

Getting a WW2 Tank from the Bottom of a River

  If digging in the soil in the Western part of Russia can yield you Nazi memorabilia, coins or even guns and heavy machine guns, trawling the lake or river bottoms (there are thousands of lakes and rivers around, by the way) can yield you something
more serious - WW2 tanks and planes for example. Here's an example of the rescue operation of a WW2 era battle tank being raised from the local river by enthusiasts, sponsored by the video game company that makes games about the tanks.

0 First TU-144 Body Transported thru Moscow

First TU-144 Body Transported thru Moscow

When the first ever version of the Tu-144 supersonic airliner was conceived, they didn't build it all together in one factory. They built the fuselage in one place, inside Moscow city and then decided to move it to Zhukovski city where it could be supplemented with all other parts and systems. To
move such a thing out of the Moscow research center through the city streets they had to build specially-built trolleys that could negotiate the streets, as back in 1968, they didn't have a ready-made means of transportation for this task. These are a few photos of this event.

4 Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Russian blogger Sergey went on an ice breaker journey through the Arctic. He says that there is a helicopter on board the vessel. It is a
Russian KA-32C copter and he took a trip on it around the ice breaking ship while deep into the ice of the Arctic. Photos are inside.

10 Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

A custom car mod agency in Novgorod came out with a car for use as a luxury wedding ride. They tried to make it look like a medieval coach, I can't say if they
succeeded in achieving the feel or not, but the car looks out of this world for sure. Some more photos of the interior and exterior are inside the post.

13 NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

One guy visited the Berlin Air Show 2014 in Germany last Saturday and noticed that some of the NATO countries are still equipped with Soviet planes and helicopters. He took a
few photos to illustrate his story - this copter in the photo above is a Russian Mi-24 helicopter used in the Czech Air Force. There are more examples inside.  

3 Tu-144 Crash in France

Tu-144 Crash in France

  On June 3, 1973, a Tu-144 crashed at the XXX Paris International Air Show in Le Bourget during its demonstration flight. This happened near the  town Goussainville, six and a half kilometers from the airport of Le Bourget. The commission investigating the causes of the catastrophe did not identified any malfunctions of the airplane. There were several hypotheses about
human factors that perhaps led to the crash. However, once all of the facts were found, there was no evidence either to reinforce or disprove these suppositions. In these circumstances, the commission and the Soviet experts came to the conclusion that the causes of the accident should be declared as not defined, and the case was closed.

15 One of Russian TU-144 Supersonic Passenger Jets

One of Russian TU-144 Supersonic Passenger Jets

This is one of only sixteen ever built (as Wikipedia says). Fifteen of those had production numbers from 77101 to 77115. This particular plane is 77110. It has 247 flight hours, of which 116 hours were of supersonic flight. Since June 1st, 1984, this plane hasn't risen up into
the sky, so today so to say is its thirty year anniversary of total non-flying. Let's see a few photos of it from 1984 until the present time, you can see the year of the photo imprinted on the bottom of the photos, which were prepared by Valeri Timoffev.

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