3 Tu-144 Crash in France

Tu-144 Crash in France

  On June 3, 1973, a Tu-144 crashed at the XXX Paris International Air Show in Le Bourget during its demonstration flight. This happened near the  town Goussainville, six and a half kilometers from the airport of Le Bourget. The commission investigating the causes of the catastrophe did not identified any malfunctions of the airplane. There were several hypotheses about
human factors that perhaps led to the crash. However, once all of the facts were found, there was no evidence either to reinforce or disprove these suppositions. In these circumstances, the commission and the Soviet experts came to the conclusion that the causes of the accident should be declared as not defined, and the case was closed.

15 One of Russian TU-144 Supersonic Passenger Jets

One of Russian TU-144 Supersonic Passenger Jets

This is one of only sixteen ever built (as Wikipedia says). Fifteen of those had production numbers from 77101 to 77115. This particular plane is 77110. It has 247 flight hours, of which 116 hours were of supersonic flight. Since June 1st, 1984, this plane hasn't risen up into
the sky, so today so to say is its thirty year anniversary of total non-flying. Let's see a few photos of it from 1984 until the present time, you can see the year of the photo imprinted on the bottom of the photos, which were prepared by Valeri Timoffev.

3 Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Loading Ammo into Helicopters

If helicopter guns can shoot all their ammo stock in just a few seconds, loading the ammo into them might take much more time. Here Dmitry Chuchkin has visited the airfield "Baltimor" to see
how the Mi-28 and Ka-52 Russian copters are prepared before going to the drill. The story is inside. Don't forget to click on the photos you like - they expand to widescreen ones.

1 A Passenger Hovercraft from the Soviet Times

A Passenger Hovercraft from the Soviet Times

Water resistance is the main problem to overcome to increase the maximum speed of a ship. That is why hydrofoils and hovercrafts have appeared. An unlimited navigation season and high speed are the main advantages of a
hovercraft that can move in summer and in winter alike. But also it has one big disadvantage. That is a fuel consumption due to the necessity of powerful engines for pumping air into the air cushion .

14 Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Another Russian blogger has posted a few photos, with captions, on how mines are being planted with the help of... helicopters. So let's see what
he has got here. According to his story, this system is being used for planting land mines with the help of MI-8 Russian copters.

4 Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

The rocket cruiser "Ukraina" according to Wiki, is a Slava class Soviet cruiser laid down in 1983 but left unfinished when works stopped in the early 1990s due to financial constraints, and with Ukraine ownership. In 1997, Ukraine stated that it didn't need it and offered it for sale, as there was about 30 millions dollars
needed to complete the vessel. Russia first wanted to buy it reportedly, but in 2011 Russian navy sources stated that Russia is only interested in obtaining the cruiser if they can have it free of charge. So here it has stayed in the dock for years, equipped with the Navy version of S-300 rockets.

7 Medical APC After Ambush in Ukraine

Medical APC After Ambush in Ukraine

Just a few photos of a medical APC which reportedly got into an ambush in Ukraine. Here are the comments accompanying the photos: "Was shot while moving on the
road, it's a medical BTR-4, attackers were shooting specifically into windows, tires and lights. The armored windows were able to sustain the bullets."

11 Russian Helicopter MI-28

Russian Helicopter MI-28

A few facts about the MI-28 Russian helicopter, from the photographer - Sergei: After the war of Afghanistan, it was clear that the Soviet army needed a new helicopter to replace the MI-24 that was used at time. In 1982 the Mile bureau introduced the new helicopter - the MI-28, which was equal to
the newly adopted "Apache" helicopters of USA and superseding the existing Soviet MI-24 copters. This was the most armored helicopter in the world. It couldn't be shot down from the ground with the use of just handheld fire arms. In 1984 the machine went into production.

1 Russian Drag Racing… 105 Years Ago

Russian Drag Racing… 105 Years Ago

  In 1909, the Russian magazine "Automobile" reported on a car race. The length of the route was one VERSTA - the unit of distance that is not used anymore and which was 1066 meters - roughly one kilometer. Cars, mopeds and
motorbikes took part in the race. It's not clear who won and which car brand was fastest at that race, but its relatively short distance might allow us to call it the first drag race in the history of Russia.

0 Sorting Luggage in Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Sorting Luggage in Moscow Domodedovo Airport

What does happen with luggage in the airport? Does a bag have a long trip from the check-in to
boarding? The pictures will show the way bags are handled, using the Domodedovo airport as an example.

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