41 War Comes to another Major City

War Comes to another Major City

  Those are "Czech hedgehogs" or anti-tank hedgehogs - obstacles used to stop the tanks, mainly deployed during World War 2. Now, 70 years later, a few generations of people were born who have seen those only on the photos or in the old movies. However, those are reality now again in Ukraine. This is a fresh
photo from around the city of Mariupol which is told to be attacked tonight by the approaching army. The hedgehogs has been deployed and tens of thousands of people try to flee the city. There are a few of fresh videos of missiles, anti tank hedgehogs and people fleeing the cities inside:
0 What is this at all?

What is this at all?

Would you like or even dare to drive one of those? I even didn't think something like this
can be possible on a highway and looks like its pretty street legal. Want one of those?

13 Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

"Making photos around the railway? You are a terrorist.", at least this is what Dmitry says. "You can't count how much the photographers were flipped with a middle finger by
the railway drivers. Often the photographers are beaten and their expensive equipment is destroyed.". And sometimes they even get shot as you can see inside.
3 Another Weird Car

Another Weird Car

  Talking about weird cars this is another one that has been sent our way. According to the story, these were built in Soviet times by the people working in what can be called the Park Rangers
service - people taking care of forests. They were probably in need of cars which could go easily on the dirt roads and also wanted to stay comfy, so they came up with these.
12 400 White Trucks for Ukraine

400 White Trucks for Ukraine

    Tens or hundreds white KAMAZ trucks moved to Ukraine's border tell the news outlets. Some already report that some of those have already crossed the border. Where did they get so many white trucks? A day before photos surfaced posted by some soldier (allegedly) in his social network page how he was bragging that they painted white
400 military trucks. Some photos show the trucks with black registration plates which belong to the army, however what I read from news report that trucks don't have plates at all. If those have crossed the border or not, should be probably clear from the next news reports, meanwhile here are the photos of those.
5 Gas Station Blew Up: Video

Gas Station Blew Up: Video

  If you ever wondered how does gas station blows up in real life and not in movies, then this is how. Real action starts after the first minute of this video. By the way
the gas station brand was "EXSON" (not Exxon). There are numerous fake names of the gas stations mocking world known brands in Dagestan, Russia, where this happened.

2 Getting into Secret Navy Ship Building Dock

Getting into Secret Navy Ship Building Dock

Trips to such places were utterly secret and impossible in Soviet times. In modern times things might be changed however Aslan, the blogger, says that the security service of this place was following him all around and even when
he just took a shot of peaceful workers who were standing there, the security guy asked why he needed such a photo? Anyways, he got into the large navy boat building plant and here are his photos and report on it.

1 Belarus Parade

Belarus Parade

In Belarus they also have parades. Pavel, photographer, has visited the event to see the army of this country on parade. "This is murder!", says Pavel, "a murder of the pavement of our city! Yes, we have a glorious past but why should
we destroy roads paved with our tax money with those tanks?" Looks like this what people think about their parade. At least Pavel does. But here are some photos he took, so what does the Belarus army have in store? 

7 The Yacht of Tsar

The Yacht of Tsar

"Pelorus" is a yacht that belonged to Abramovich, formerly Russia's richest man. The biggest at the time, the most luxurious, etc. But what did the Russian elite use a
hundred years ago? Here is the boat "Livadia" named after a resort in Crimea, which has been used by the Russian Tsar (what could be more elite at time?)

10 Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

What is it like to live on such a ship? Is it like living on a luxury cruise liner or is it more like staying in the cabin of a truck? We can find this out thanks to Sergei, who continues posting
his photos from the trip he took on this large ship of the Russian fleet. You might be surprised but there is even a room on this ship where the crew members can play volleyball!

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