6 KA-15G Amphibious Helicopter

KA-15G Amphibious Helicopter

Here we have a few rare shots of a one-of-a-kind Russian Soviet KA-15G amphibious
helicopter that could land on water. You can click on the photos for the larger versions.

6 First Flight of Supersonic TU-144

First Flight of Supersonic TU-144

This day, December 31st, but forty six years ago in 1968 the first supersonic passemger jet in the world, the TU-144
took its first flight. Today we are going to remember it with pictures from that event and a story. See inside:

3 Russian Nuclear Submarines Arrive to Murmansk

Russian Nuclear Submarines Arrive to Murmansk

Under the thick layer of ice, two of the biggest Russian submarines arrive at the Gajievo, Murmansk Navy base. They were assembled and serviced in Severodvinsk,
and now came to Gajievo where their future home will be. Oleg, the photographer, has watched their arrival this Saturday and taken some cool photos:

7 Russian Guys Illegaly Sneak into the High Speed Electric Trains

Russian Guys Illegaly Sneak into the High Speed Electric Trains

Do you remember a group of guys who sneaked into the St. Petersburg international airport "Pulkovo"? The same group that illegally passed inside the Nuclear Power Plant? It looks like they have a name now and they call themselves
"The Intrusion" and they took the selfies inside one of the most expensive and best guarded trains in the world - the Russian "Sapsan" speed trains. Let's see more inside, there is a video of them sneaking in too:

4 A Few Abandoned Planes on the Air Strip

A Few Abandoned Planes on the Air Strip

Andrei Kronos, a blogger, got a chance to go to the city near Moscow with a camera and a wide-angle lens to shoot some photos of the old airplanes that have been
moth-balled for a while. The planes he saw there were TU-154 and AN-24 and he thoroughly photographed those from the outside, and more importantly, from the inside.

8 Missile Launchers at Hand

Missile Launchers at Hand

A few days ago there was a rocket forces anniversary in Russia. So here are some photos from one of the regiments near Vitebsk, Russia. The RuForces bloggers team went there and took some
photos.  If you continue reading this post you'll be able to see one of the most powerful Russian weapons up very, very close, as you have probably never seen it before. So let's see it:

6 Army Scout Vehicle as a Taxi in St. Petersburg

Army Scout Vehicle as a Taxi in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia: Now you can get a taxi ride on a BRDM vehicle, that can go on the water as easy as it goes on the paved road. No joke - a company has fully certified some
of the BRDM's for be used as city taxis. One of the good sides of this - you not always need a road to make a shortcut to your destination. Let's see bit more inside:

7 One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One guy in Ukraine had a dream to find the old and very rare Soviet GAZ-13 "Chaika" (or "Seagull") luxury car which was used (very rarely!) as an ambulance. He
spent lot of time searching for a car, as their pretty much rare to buy. Finally het got one and started the repair works. See what he got as a result:

1 Russian MI-17 Simulator

Russian MI-17 Simulator

New MI-17 helicopters require pilots with new skills so the helicopter factory in Ulyanovsk, where those copters are made opened a training center with MI-17 simulations consisting of real world MI cockpit and many other parts that come from real helicopters
which gets mixed with immersive high resolution projectors which create a presence effect and other high tech stuff. Armen, the blogger has got chance to visit a place and made those photos, so let's take a look how it looks and "flies":

5 Russian Army Electric Bikes

Russian Army Electric Bikes

So, it looks like the Russian army is going to get electric bikes. Also, the police are going to get them. It has batteries which enable it to run for a distance of 320 km. Also, three
sorts of batteries can be used: "uphill", "speedy" and "long distance" depending on what sort of task needs to be solved. Let's see a police version of the electro bike:

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