13 Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

A popular Russian language blogger Slava decided to surprise his girlfriend with a breakfast she for sure never had before and which is not soon to forget. For this
they climbed one of the tallest rocks in Crimea, near the place they live and he cooked Russian pancakes for her there. Let's see how it looked like:
10 How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

Famous Russian war journalist went to Syria to see how newly arrived Russian soldiers live in the newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted
to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a few photos but a good start! Thanks to Sasha for publishing these photos!

9 Abandoned  City on the Russian Polar Norwegian Svalbard Island

Abandoned City on the Russian Polar Norwegian Svalbard Island

A Pyramida  (Pyramid)  Village is a Russian town that has stayed untouched since 1990s when it was abandoned shortly after the collapse of the USSR. The difference between this particular Soviet town and many other abandoned sites we've seen is its location. It's not in Russia. Yes, it is based on a Norwegian island Svalbard or Spitzbergen as its called in Dutch and in Russia. In Soviet times
Russians have a right to use this part of the island and even had couple of towns there. But now it is all abandoned and has not beem destroyed or rampaged by looters as its too far away from Russia and permafrost preserves things well. Let's see what's there.   Thanks to prominent Russian blogger and traveler Sergey D. we can now dip into some well preserved Russian past:

0 Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Thanks to awesome Russian blogger calling himself su_30m, we are able to see what is supposed to be top secret, especially back in Soviet era - day on the strategic Russian Far Eastern airbase Domna. It covers a 2000 km long area of Russian Far East and before it was practically impossible to see what they are up to. It was even more top secret before,
because this airbase is equipped with the new Russian Sukhoi jets - the SU-30SM You would see the day-to-day routines of the pilots being on real alert and also you can appreciate beauty of sunset flights and various things about life there, the planes, the people. Log in to your English Russia account and see all pictures on ONE PAGE!

3 Russian Cosmonauts Training Center

Russian Cosmonauts Training Center

Thanks to the Russian blogger Evgeny, we are now about to see an awesome place - a Russian center where cosmonauts were trained to go into space. Evgeny says he was completely baffled how our ancestors were designing and creating all of these complex things without computers, printers and the Internet. Inside this posting you will see
some things that you have probably never seen or would not have a chance to see - a real copy of the Soviet Space Station MIR or a copy of the Russian modules of the ISS, you will learn what happens to a cosmonaut if he lands in America but has no American visa and much more cool stuff. Let's see what's inside!

0 Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

This is a small but rather interesting exposition in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Basically, now Ukraine is a country without its own space program, so it's a Museum of Soviet Cosmonautics rather than of just Ukrainian Cosmonautics (which is non-existent). Why then
Zhitomir? Because it's the birthplace of the "father of Soviet Russian cosmonautics" - Sergei Korolev, creator of the first Soviet rockets including the one which first took man into space. Thanks to the blogger Komariv we have a chance to see the exposition now!

6 Bicycle trip thru Caucasian Mountains

Bicycle trip thru Caucasian Mountains

One Russian man has taken his bike and gone on a 500 km trip over the highest mountains of Russia. Climbing as high as 7,000 feet and meeting different people, different lifestyles and beautiful
scenes of nature. Want to see what he saw? Welcome inside, because thanks to Ilya, that's his name, we have a rare chance to see those rarely visited parts of Russia and ex-USSR.

5 Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

A Russian guy has built a diorama of a Russian truck exploding on a mine or hit by an artillery shell during the famous Siege of Leningrad, when the huge Russian city was blocked by Nazis for years and people were starving, especially in winter, with no
heating, nothing. And the only way to get supplies in was by trucks travelling on the ice road through the local great lake. They were constantly bombed by fascists and this is a sample of that moment, an explosion caught by an artist.

5 Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

This Russian jet is the newest and most advanced jet Russian engineers have ever produced. There are not too many photos of it on the Internet yet, due to previous security and secrecy and also because not many of them have
been produced. But since it was recently participating in the MAKS-2015 air show new photo sets have started appearing. Like this one from Sergei. Thanks to him we can see this marvellous bird in more detail.

1 Russian Athlete Travelled to top of the Mountain with a Barbell

Russian Athlete Travelled to top of the Mountain with a Barbell

A Russian bodybuilder has travelled to the top of the highest mountain in Europe and Russia - Mount Elbrus. He didn't travel alone. He took his favorite 75 kilo (or around 150 lbs) barbell together with him on his
shoulders. It took him eight days to reach the height of 5,642 meters (18,510 feet)! He got severely burned and was tired but still went forward and on September 6th he reached his goal. A few photos are inside.

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