5 Awesome Photos of Russian MIG-31 Modernized

Awesome Photos of Russian MIG-31 Modernized

Straight out of hangars Marina has taken photos of Russian MIG-31, lot of them produced way before being disassembled into smallest parts and then assembled back with totally renewed look and feel. One example - the transparent cabin covers were made from Plexiglas and
since it becomes darker with time it needs to be replaced. But this material has not been used for over twenty years so they make new cabin covers  with triplex glass. Many more similar updates are being made to these planes. Let's see the photos:

8 Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Chernobyl exclusion zone is the place where because of radiation population was evacuated. Abandoned villages stretch from Pripyat itself to as long as Belarus. All those territories are dangerous to live for any human and will be so for at least 200 years more.
Some say, only after 2,000 years people can return here. However for every rule, there is an exclusion (pun intended). Meet this old man who lives inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl together with only two other solitary people living around.

0 Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

A few months ago there was a video how the army officials were presenting a huge futuristic armored army truck to the president. The car was fast named "Russian Batmobile" by Internet audience.  It seemed that it's just a cool concept and it would
pass lots of time before the actual trucks would be in the army units. However, recently some of them were spotted during "anti-terror offensive" in most Southern Russian part - Dagestan. Let's see the actual photos and a video:

1 Awesome Russian Village Country Mart

Awesome Russian Village Country Mart

These are the photos from an awesome cozy small Russian village country mart. It operates only in winter when the winter road is being formed thru the forest and the
locals gather in this small wooden log cabins to sell their goodies to the passers by. Just like hundred years ago. Very atmospheric and nice, take a look:

0 Eyes and Ears of Vostochny Spaceport

Eyes and Ears of Vostochny Spaceport

So, you probably aware as of now that Russia is building a new space cosmodrome in Russian Far East to be able to be independent from Cosmodrome Baikonur. Baikonur was a Soviet space ship launch site but after USSR collapsed it stayed with Kazakhstan. So now Russia pays huge annual fees to Kazakhstan to use it. But in 2023
they plan to be fully independent with their own space port. First launches are planned this year, and manned flights in 2023. Here are some photos of the "eyes and ears" of the place - the satellite dishes to establish links, collect information and etc for the scientists here. Let's see the photos.

3 Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian blogger Sergei took a tour to one of the abandoned houses which are plentiful on Russian North. But instead of going there in Summer, as most bloggers do and we had posted plenty of such photos, he went there in winter. It gives us a
clear perspective what would happen to our beloved buildings if someday we be cut off the electricity and heat, those comfy apartments people in Russia are got used too going to look something like this. That's spooky!

6 Chernobyl 30 Years Later

Chernobyl 30 Years Later

Since this April it will be exactly thirty years since the Chernobyl accident
happened, please take a look how this "zone" looks now, thirty years later.

7 First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

First Rockets Arrive to Russian New Spaceport “Kosmodrom Vostochny”

First rockets arrived at Russian new spaceport - "Cosmodrome Vostochny". Thanks to Marina, the only blogger who got there yet, we can see what's going on there these
days! She has saw the newest Russian Soyuz-2.1a rockets, and saw how the last inspections were made before the actual launch. Let's see what she found!
98 No Respect for an American Flag

No Respect for an American Flag

Some disturbing trend you can see in Russian cities lately. People treat American flag with total lack of respect. American flags can be seen
stumped, used as door mats, used as mops for floor sweeping, being dragged after cars etc etc. Here is a few examples of such behavior:
3 Awesome Russian Tu-160 Planes in the Making!

Awesome Russian Tu-160 Planes in the Making!

  Another set of awesome photos from Russian military factory building and repairing Russian legendary TU-160 transcontinetal jet bomber. The ones that can fly around the Earth non stop (with a refuel in air). Usually the other photos from Russian aircraft factories showed just regular SU and MiG planes and never such huge white
beauties like these Tu-160. But this time, thanks to a visit of one top official to this factory the journalists who were escorting him were able to shoot around and then were allowed to publish this, thru Tatarstan news agency and thanks to this we are able to view these photos too on this Friday day. Enjoy the view!

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