2 House of Baka in St. Petersburg

House of Baka in St. Petersburg

This one is pretty nice and unique piece of architecture from St. Petersburg, Russia. It is called "The House of Baka" or "house designed and built for the engineer of
transport Mr. Bak", and is dated back to 1904-1905. It has those weird bridges inside the backyard. See more inside, thanks to Shardapa who has made those photos.

3 Russian Lake Baikal in Winter AGAIN

Russian Lake Baikal in Winter AGAIN

A few times the photos of Russian lake Baikal, the most deep lake and as some say the most clean lake in the world have been posted here, because the ice in winter is so clear at places that looks pretty much ethereal. So why not
post new cool photos of this natural phenomena again? Like you see the guy is standing and there is a deep deep water below him that can be perfectly seen thru the transparent crystal clear ice. See more inside:

7 Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Do you remember an occasion of orange snow that was reported a few weeks ago? People were saying that it's not a big deal - just a sandstorm from South got caught into water clouds which
later resulted in tinting the snow orange. Okay, that's version is viable, however, what sort of storm can cause snow to become blue? Let's see it, we have  a short video too:

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