3 Minsk vs IBM

Minsk vs IBM

Exactly 35 years ago, the first IBM PC in history went on sale, but long before that day — in the 1960's, one of the centers of Soviet Cybernetics was in Belarus. Let us remember the story of a family of computing machinery "Minsk" which won All-Union glory, and then lost it. The gap between the USSR and the western countries in the field of computer technology in the 1950's, according to the most optimistic estimates, was at least 10 years. Therefore, in August 1956, the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers was the start of the expansion of the production of
electronic computers across the country. The resolution also provided for the establishment of centres for their production, design and development, one of which was supposed to stay in the BSSR. Soon in Minsk, the Ordzhonikidze Plant was opened, and by 1958, the Special Design Bureau (SDB) was set up to support and upgrade the computer. Subsequently, the SDB was transformed into an independent design and research company - NIIEVM - which is still working to this day. "Minsk-1" - the first original Belarusian computer
7 The Most Northern Railway

The Most Northern Railway

Norilsk railway - this is one of the most northern railway of the world, certainly in Russia. Moreover, it is the largest isolated railway network of broad gauge (1,520 mm) in the territory of the former USSR. The nearest network Railways station is approximately in 700 kilometers. By the way, it is not included in the structure of Russian Railways, and has been a part of Norilsk Nickel. It passes a large part of cargos of the Polar Division. This year, it has a great holiday, February 12, it celebrated its 80th anniversary. Many in childhood,
surely dreamed of in-cab ride trains, ride this powerful iron horses, but I'm lucky to be here just now, in Norilsk town, and this is my story today. After the Government of the USSR in 1935 year decided to build in the Norilsk Iron and Steel Works, they also decided to build a the narrow-gauge railway next to it. Its construction began in the fall of 1935 year. The first locomotive was launched on February 12, 1936 year from Norilsk to Valek Airport (in Krasnoyarsk krai). 1945. Overhaul of the locomotive

0 Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

In early July, the plant's leadership went to meet the leadership of our Omsk Spotting Club, and an they
organized a photoshoot for us. MI-8 meets us on a pedestal near the plant entrance checkpoint.

0 Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

*The second Life of helicopters: Blog Tour at Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation* 1. On February 5, 1945, based on production of aircraft repair base no. 406 capacity in Aktyubinsk town (Kazakhstan) there was
created "Omsk aircraft repair workshops no. 41 West Siberian management of civil aviation". From 1945 to 1956 years in the workshops there was overhauled 1235 aircrafts Po-2  and 2008 engines M-11.

8 Chinese Tanks and Chinese Flying Leopards Arrived to Russia

Chinese Tanks and Chinese Flying Leopards Arrived to Russia

As announced on July 23, 2016 by the Kaliningrad branch of the "Vesti-24" TV channel, a team of Marines from China arrived at the main base of the Baltic fleet of the Navy of Russia, Baltiysk (the
Kaliningrad region) to participate in the international competitions in field training "Marines 2016." The Chinese team brought with them four modern Chinese marine corps combat vehicles ZBD05.

2 A Tour to the Aeroclimatic Camera

A Tour to the Aeroclimatic Camera

Now I would like to write about one of the greatest facilities of the ZIL plant. It is an aeroclimatic camera.   An aeroclimatic complex is a unique facility that simulates various weather conditions for vehicle testing.
Environmental testing and research were conducted in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -60°C to +65°C with regulation of the object air-flow speed of 0:150% km/h, at a relative humidity of 0:100%.

4 A Sneak Peek into an AN-124 Ruslan, the World’s Largest Aircraft

A Sneak Peek into an AN-124 Ruslan, the World’s Largest Aircraft

Heavyweight aircraft transfers huge drilling rigs, equipment, machines on thousands of miles. When there is no opportunity or time to send cargo by water or by land, heavy transport aircraft comes to the aid. The leader among
heavyweight aircrafts is rightly considered AN-124 "Ruslan". It is the second world's largest serial cargo plane (the first is AN-225 Mriya). The largest operator of AN-124 is the Russian Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

2 Russia: Grass and Missiles

Russia: Grass and Missiles

We arrived at the village and then drove to the resort, to a small slate career. The nearest underground missile silo was in two hundred meters from that place. Once, the formidable intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M UTTKh lived in the underground missile silo, otherwise called Satan. But now there is no rocket inside it, there only a small house remained. Today my story will be about the
house and other underground constructions. We arrived. We left the car and walked down the thickets of wild pea and hemp fields. Not inclined to think that it is grown especially by locals - too big and chaotic plantations. But I was sure that in the autumn there would be enough harvest for all the surrounding villages. Some individual plants were higher than I.



In the year dot, some aliens crashed next to the Earth. It is unknown what happened to the aliens, but an escape capsule survived...
Armahema paid a visit again to some weird but highly secret place and brought back photos, but no descriptions so enjoy the view!

7 Have You Ever Seen Nuclear Power Plant from Inside?

Have You Ever Seen Nuclear Power Plant from Inside?

To get to the current nuclear power plant is an unattainable dream for many. Multi-level
security system, radiation and seething crater of a nuclear reactor. ... Welcome!