2 New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

In early 2014, over 100 of the newest armoured troop-carriers were supplied to the army in Samara, Russia. Fire power of the new BTR-82A exceeds that of its predecessors more than twice over. Instead of a machine-gun turret, the new vehicle has a
combat module, with a 30mm automatic cannon, the 2A72, coupled with a PKTM gun. Besides this, the vehicle is equipped with an electric drive for the traversing and elevation mechanisms, and a digital di-plane weapons stabilizer.
4 Ilyushin Aircrafts: Strength And Endurance Tests

Ilyushin Aircrafts: Strength And Endurance Tests

The creation of any plane is a long and complicated process, the result of the joint efforts of numerous departments and divisions. The aviation complex of Ilyushin
includes many laboratories for aircraft testing. Structural tests are among the most important ones. Today we are going to see how and where such tests are done.
2 Snow Plowing Some Water

Snow Plowing Some Water

When snow melts faster than drain systems can handle it, and the quantity of water goes over the normal levels, the snow plowing tractors get used as water plowing tractors to get rid of the excess water outside. At least one tractor has been used to plow water away and it was caught
on camera in Novosibirsk, Russia. Andrei Popov, a tractor driver, decided to use his tractor driving skills to create a wave of water to drive it away from the multi-storey residential complex. "Smile, tomorrow you'll be on Youtube" his colleague shouts to him.
6 Inside the SP Gun While It Is Firing

Inside the SP Gun While It Is Firing

How does it feel to be inside the 122 mm self-propelled artillery vehicle
"Gvozdika" while it's firing? Such an experience is not for the faint-hearted!
14 Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

The new Russian anti-ship missile system "Bastion", that may hit any point on
the Black Sea, has become the key weapon of coastal defence for Russia.

43 25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

Many people suppose that Russia will economically gain from incorporating Ukrainian Crimea only because it will get a naval base in Sevastopol and save 100 million dollars a year on the lease of this base, but
it's wrong to think so. Tourism brings Crimea only 40% of all its income, the remaining 60% is from industry and infrastructure. Right now we are going to show you what they are represented by.
16 Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

"Chernobyl-2" is one of the most unique and secret places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In the Soviet times it was not even shown on maps, civilians were forbidden to come closer than several
kilometers to this object. Only after the collapse of the USSR and the Chernobyl catastrophe some information about the small military unit involved in "space espionage" finally surfaced.
19 Two American  Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)

Two American Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)

As local Crimean and Ukrainian news sources reported, there were two American-made drones, presumably MQ-9 Reapers, shot down recently. There is no reliable report of which country those aircraft belonged to, or what their purpose in Crimea was, however a video has surfaced that is said to be recovered from one of the two hit drones showing a
close surveillance task being performed by an aircraft above the unidentified military forces using Russian-made military trucks. The soldiers later notice the aircraft and use something that looks like green lasers to probably blind the aircrafts camera. You can see the video yourself inside, it is just 90 seconds:
2 Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

Mine Sweeper Drone Dragonfly

A mine-sweeping drone was shown to the public at the Moscow security technologies expo. The gadget reportedly can keep flying for up to 40 minutes and detect different types of home-made explosives from as far away as 120 feet. They call it "Strekoza", which means dragonfly, and the CEO of the company producing the "Dragonflies" is sure it can change the process of explosives detection. As, he says,
for now the person with a detector is used to find the explosives, but in the case of a Dragonfly, it can be carried in an armored personnel carrier and fly around detecting bombs when needed. Then later the detected bombs can be destroyed remotely. As he says, the Russian police department has expressed interest in these as they may be the solution to their problems.
7 Museum Inside the Russian Submarine

Museum Inside the Russian Submarine

Vitegra is a small Russian city near Onega Lake that connects river systems of the north-western and central parts of Russia. There is an
interesting museum inside submarine B-440 in Vitegra. It was opened in 2005 on the city embankment. We are just about to drop by.

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