7 Special Combat Operation Of Marines

Special Combat Operation Of Marines

Photos of an amphibious landing as part of the joint Russian-Belorussian training exercise "West-2013". The
troopers took the battle up against armed opposition groups who were finally completely defeated. 

2 Neptune Submarine

Neptune Submarine

This submarine called "Neptune" was designed in 1989 in Severodvinsk, the Russian city where one of the main ports in the times of WWII had been located. "Neptune" was being
tested in the White Sea and later operated in Antigua - carried 42 crew members at a depth of forty meters.  It will hardly ever be used again in future...
0 Sukhoi Planes Modernization

Sukhoi Planes Modernization

We are in a place where such Russian aircraft as MiG-29's, Su-27's, and Su-25's are repaired. This company in Kubinka (Moscow region)
is the only one in the entire country that not only repairs Su-planes but also upgrades them to the latest specification.
8 Russian Tank Division Comes For Training

Russian Tank Division Comes For Training

A guard tank army division from Nizhny Novgorod has received a command to have all of its equipment loaded and come to participate in the tactical
exercises on the Mulino ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Some pictures of the preparations and the division's arrival are inside the post.

6 Soviet Experimental Plastic House

Soviet Experimental Plastic House

This unique experimental fully plastic house was built in 1961 in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg). It was actually a two-storey one, but the lower storey was a technicality and was used for heating and ventilation
equipment. The walls of the first storey were made from reinforced framing filled with glass blocks, while the the second storey was fully made from plastic, its height above the ground was 2, 20 meters.
6 Armor Makers of Today

Armor Makers of Today

Victor and Konstantin call themselves happy people, because they do what they love.
Their hobby is quite unusual - the guys make armor and sell it earn their living.
1 State Museum of Ukrainian Aviation

State Museum of Ukrainian Aviation

These are the pictures from the State Museum of Ukrainian Aviation - the newest, but at the same time the largest, historic and technical museum in the country. It was opened in 2003, the
year when the whole world was celebrating the 100th anniversary of world aviation. They started with 30 planes and helicopters, and today they already have about 70 of them.
2 New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

New Russian Armoured Troop Carriers

In early 2014, over 100 of the newest armoured troop-carriers were supplied to the army in Samara, Russia. Fire power of the new BTR-82A exceeds that of its predecessors more than twice over. Instead of a machine-gun turret, the new vehicle has a
combat module, with a 30mm automatic cannon, the 2A72, coupled with a PKTM gun. Besides this, the vehicle is equipped with an electric drive for the traversing and elevation mechanisms, and a digital di-plane weapons stabilizer.
4 Ilyushin Aircrafts: Strength And Endurance Tests

Ilyushin Aircrafts: Strength And Endurance Tests

The creation of any plane is a long and complicated process, the result of the joint efforts of numerous departments and divisions. The aviation complex of Ilyushin
includes many laboratories for aircraft testing. Structural tests are among the most important ones. Today we are going to see how and where such tests are done.
2 Snow Plowing Some Water

Snow Plowing Some Water

When snow melts faster than drain systems can handle it, and the quantity of water goes over the normal levels, the snow plowing tractors get used as water plowing tractors to get rid of the excess water outside. At least one tractor has been used to plow water away and it was caught
on camera in Novosibirsk, Russia. Andrei Popov, a tractor driver, decided to use his tractor driving skills to create a wave of water to drive it away from the multi-storey residential complex. "Smile, tomorrow you'll be on Youtube" his colleague shouts to him.

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