15 Top Secret Underground Object

Top Secret Underground Object

Not so far from Anadyr, Russia, there is an abandoned military city, Anadyr-1 (Gudym). Nearby is a top secret military facility - an underground self-contained base for nuclear ammunition storage. Its galleries are kilometers long, they are fully protected from nuclear attacks. Cargo transportation was performed by electric cars going along the light railway. The facility had two main
entrances and several disguised ones. Facility "S" was built in full secrecy in 1958. In 1986 all nuclear weapons were taken away from the base, after that it was used as a storage base of an Anadyr military garrison. In 2002 it was abandoned by all the military. According to some sources the base kept captured archives of the nazi organization, Ahnenerbe.

3 Ghost Mill Miles From Nowhere

Ghost Mill Miles From Nowhere

The Russian region of Kolyma is famous for its rich gold and tin fields. Cassiterite started to be extracted here back in the 1930s when it was realized it made no sense to bring it from England when
they could get it in the Magadan region. The mine named after Sergey Lazo and the Factory of Chapaev were both opened in 1940. They had big plans which were not fated to be executed.

5 Submarine B 396: One of the Best Moscow Museums

Submarine B 396: One of the Best Moscow Museums

Submarine B-396 is one of the most popular Moscow museums, but this photo story will not repeat what has already been shown or told. The diesel-electric submarine B-396 "Novosibirsk Komsomolets" was built in 1980 to be used as part of the
Northern Fleet and sail to the Mediterranean Sea, North and South Atlantic, western coast of Africa, in the Barents and Norwegian Seas. The submarine was decommissioned in 1998 and exhibited in the Naval museum in 2006.
0 What Cosmonauts See That We Dont

What Cosmonauts See That We Dont

Cosmonaut is a profession many boys and girls still dream about. Indeed, it must be cool to be up there in space looking at the miniature Earth and the stars, to take part in interesting experiments, to
contribute to modern science and space exploration. Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemiyev, shares what he sees from space and inside the spacecraft with all of us. His pictures are amazing.

8 Turret Battery 981

Turret Battery 981

The coastal turret battery № 981, named after Klim Voroshilov, is located on Russkiy Island, in the Russian Far East. It is about to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Built in 1934, it used to represent the combat power of
Russia in the Pacific Ocean, today it's part of an historic museum. The calibre of the battery is 305 mm. In all of the entire post-Soviet territory, a similar battery is only to be found in Sevastopol, Russia.

7 MILEX 2014: Exhibition of Arms And Military Machinery

MILEX 2014: Exhibition of Arms And Military Machinery

Milex-2014 is an exhibition of arms and military machinery that attracts many buyers from other countries, from Asia and Africa. They are not coming for seeing, but for making serious
contracts. We want to show you the pictures from the event held in Minsk, Belarus, that united 140 companies this year. Italy and China presented their exhibits for the first time.

1 Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

This time we're going to a place in the Orenburg region close to the Russian-Kazakh border to see how a remote
sensing satellite on a heavy Russian ballistic missile RS-20 "Dnieper" is launched into space from the silo.
3 Russian City Gets Invaded by Transformers!

Russian City Gets Invaded by Transformers!

Citizens of Samara are quite surprised to see their city being invaded by transformers! In fact this six-meters sculpture was made by three Chinese guys for the
center of auto painting and body repair to attract clients. Inspired by the popular blockbuster they used waste parts remaining from old vehicles.

5 On a Russian Tank Training Area

On a Russian Tank Training Area

Russian marines in Primorye (Far-Eastern region) started their training
on infantry combat vehicles. They keep practising even at night.

5 MiG Interceptors Flying On a Hot Day

MiG Interceptors Flying On a Hot Day

We are in Perm, Russia, to fly over the Kama river in
gorgeous MiG aircrafts. Just join the pilots and enjoy!

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