6 Army Support on the Move

Army Support on the Move

  Tens of army fuel tankers are on the move. Reportedly its part of a drill. Together with the fuel tankers, the mobile bakeries and
food trucks are on the march - these all together are called "army support units". Colorful photos of the event are inside.
22 The Demons Tank

The Demons Tank

  "Demon" or "Bes" in Russian, that's what one of the fighting sides in Ukraine calls himself and his group, the Demon's Regiment. And this is their tank, probably captured in a fight. They did some
paintwork to express themselves and we can see some of the artwork in the photos here. As you already see, the armor has a large painting of a demon-like creature's face on it. What else is there?

1 A few KA-52 Copters

A few KA-52 Copters

A few shots of KA-52 "Alligator" helicopters and a couple of the new Mi-35M by Alexandr, just because they are cool machines.
There was a day when military men demonstrated the equipment for local people and so he took the photos then.

1 Some Lone Mill

Some Lone Mill

Borisovka is a little village in Russia that has an interesting wooden mill
built back in the XIX century. But people are rarely guests here today...

3 Largest Siberian Air Base

Largest Siberian Air Base

This air base is the largest in Siberia, Russia. Here they have
interceptors MiG-31BM and they previously had Su-15TM, MiG-15, MiG-17.

2 In the Large Russian Port

In the Large Russian Port

The seaport of Novorossiysk is the largest in Russia and the fifth largest European port according to cargo turnover. It handles 20% of the general cargo volume
exported and imported through Russian seaports. The port is situated in the north-east coast in a non-freezing Novorossiysk bay on the Black Sea.

37 Greatest Russian Inventions

Greatest Russian Inventions

200 years ago people still did not have electricity, good vehicles, television, mobile phones, Internet and other things we
cannot do without today. Some of the most significant inventions were made by Russians, and here they are...

6 Big Russian Aviation Factory

Big Russian Aviation Factory

The aviation factory of Ulan-Ude, Russia, is the only enterprise in the country that makes both aircraft and helicopters. In its 75-year long history, it has made over nine thousand flying vehicles.
Today, products of the factory are successfully used in Russia and other states of the world (more than 40 countries throughtout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Oceania...).
13 Stealing Bike Like a Pro

Stealing Bike Like a Pro

This is how one can steal a bike and hide
his face from the security cameras...
1 The Day of Antaeus Planes

The Day of Antaeus Planes

We have never seen so many "Antaeus" planes in one place. Migalovo air field gave us such an
opportunity just recently. "Antaeus" is a heavy turboprop transport aircraft that never stops smiling...

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