Russian Electric Car 1

17 Russian Self-Made Electric Car

Russian Self-Made Electric Car

These days when gas prices go up and the world's top car makes go for hydrogen cars people in
Russian cities also try to keep up and offer their view on hybrid and electric cars.
russian northern houses 1

171 Russian Northern Huts

Russian Northern Huts

These are traditional houses of Russian North-Eastern people. They say they become popular now around all the Russia as a budget way
of owing your house instead of buying expensive apartments, so here and there you can meet such huts over the Russia.
russian swings
10 Swings – 1944

Swings – 1944

This is another shot from World War 2. The children swings for Russian boy are
installed on the Nazi cannon which is left by German troops in Soviet village.
russian cars made of plasticine 1

18 Cars of Plasticine

Cars of Plasticine

All these small cars made of plasticine by Russian artist and you can see their actual size on the shot below - each of them
is much smaller than a regular matchbox. They all are soft and can be easily ruined by some accidental easy touch.
construction works in russia 1

122 How They Build It in Russia?

How They Build It in Russia?

These days property prices in Russia hit new highs and they suffer greatly from lack of the property to feed this demand fully, so they build, build and build. But how do they build? It's no secret that all the
construction sites in Russia packed with foreign workers from even more poor ex-Soviet countries, who charge less and often don't have visas or work permits. And these pics show how do they build modern Russia.
7 Russian Satellite Photo Service

Russian Satellite Photo Service

Russian agency started an "alternative to Google Earth". It doesn't use Google data and only Russian space data is being used. It claims to be "an alternative for Google Earth with more detailed coverage of Russian territory". For now this detailed alternative shows only Moscow city and nearby small towns totally failing showing
something more distant, even St. Petersburg is not visible in detail. As for detail level it also for the moment cannot be compared with Google Earth - it is far more less-detailed view when you zoom in on Moscow city. But you can try yourself this early beta and maybe someday it would be really a good alternative.
abandoned heavy trucks, komatsu, caterpilar, cat 1

52 Abandoned Heavy Dump-Trucks

Abandoned Heavy Dump-Trucks

Hundreds of abandoned heavy dump-trucks, Caterpillar , Komatsu - all the most expensive heavy trucks you can name stay totally without care, rusting on the wind rain and snow. Who can let himself to treat the hardware this way? The answer is "ALROSA". This strange Russian name stands for the one and only diamond mining company in
Russia, making 97% gross yield of Russian diamonds, which makes a big part of the world's diamond trade pie. Sure they can let themselves doing such crazy things as dumping tens and hundreds big trucks and simply ordering new ones after the specified period of use expires. That's New Russian business.
missile train, russia, st. petersburg 1

38 Missile Train in St. Petersburg

Missile Train in St. Petersburg

All know that missiles can be launched from underground shafts, from mobile trucks that carry missiles or from submarines. But in Russia
missiles can be also launched from.. trains! These are photos of such a missile loaded train standing in St. Petersburg.
russian army truck 1

32 Longest Russian Army Truck

Longest Russian Army Truck

This is the longest
truck in Russian army.
29 Mig-29 Close Ups

Mig-29 Close Ups

An impressive amateur video of MIG-29 fighter
made by another pilot from the cockpit.

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