russian tank from lake 1

39 Another Tank from the Lake

Another Tank from the Lake

Yet another tank was recently extracted from one of the lakes near St. Petersburg. There are plenty of tanks left since WW2, each year a few of them are being pulled out by different enthusiasts. This one is particular by it's model "BT" which was translated as "Quick Moving Tank".
It had very narrow tracks so it had to move only on good roads, and the tracks could be completely removed so that it could roll on the rubber coated inner wheels on the good surfaces when army had to relocate quickly and there were good roads available.
truck without a wheel 1

15 Truck Without Front Wheel

Truck Without Front Wheel

Yes, we had already photos of trucks missing one wheel on Russian roads, but they were without rear wheels. Now meet the Russian truck
without a front wheel moving across a public road in the left lane. It seems that one wheel is enough to move, how about to turn?
suzuki mercedes g 1

15 Russian Suzuki Mercedes

Russian Suzuki Mercedes

People in Russia like German cars, there is even a saying, something like: "One should have German car, Finnish house and Russian wife". But German cars
cost, so there are some workshops which make Mercedes SUVs from Suzuki cars. They take a Suzuki Samurai or Jimmy like on the picture below:
russian robocop 1
6 Robocop of Perm

Robocop of Perm

  They say that these days there is a strange thing cruising across the streets of Russian city Perm. It has police signs on itself and uses public roads to move, it speaks to passers by with a robot-type voice and has a few cameras which make photos of events. The local police office said that it's an experimental automated
police machine for improving security in the city. We don't have perfect photos of this thing, I hope they would be available a few days later, though today many Russian Internet news agencies mentioned this machine. We could call it Russian Robocop in action but actually it looks more like R2-D2 in action.
russian ATM with pirated copy of windows installed 1

47 ATM with Pirated Windows

ATM with Pirated Windows

In Russian you can sometimes meet pirated copy of Windows even on ATM. It warns that
this copy of Windows need activation and the work of ATM gets interrupted.
strange Russian tanks 1

25 Russian Tanks

Russian Tanks

This is a collection of somehow strange Russian tanks. All of them were in production for some time in
Russia, USSR or Russian Empire. The one above is 1940 "Self-moving machine gun emplacement point".
russian way to cool servers 1

19 Russian Servers Need Special Cooling

Russian Servers Need Special Cooling

So when it's hot computer servers need cooling. Look how
they manage to cool servers in one Russian office.
how they put asphalt in moscow 1

12 Changing Road Service

Changing Road Service

That's how do they change a road surface in Moscow. Parked car can save the
amount of asphalt being used, they would form islands of no-change surface...
Russian Crystal Scyscraper in Siberia 1

14 Siberian Crystal Scraper

Siberian Crystal Scraper

We had already some photos of UFO building Russian developers plan to build in Moscow and the tower shaped like AK-47 in city of Izhevsk. This time there is a plan of one of Siberian Governors to build a 400 feet
skyscraper right in the middle of nowhere, deep inside Siberian woods which would be in form of a big diamond crystal. They have already found investors and the project is soon to be started.
russian gear lock 1

15 Protect Your Car

Protect Your Car

In Russia there is a popular opinion that you can't trust the serial versions of car alarm and protective systems - they have common ways of unlocking or
people who install them can sell the information to car thieves, so some prefer to use custom made stuff like this one gear shift stick lock.

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