21 Soviet Cars Abroad

Soviet Cars Abroad

Though USSR collapsed, many automobiles produced in Soviet Era are still safe and sound. What is more, part of them
has spread all over the world, where they still serve to their owners in absolutely different countries.

35 Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Once these vehicles were the part of the iron curtain, and now
they are nothing but rusty remains of the cold war.

7 Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was developed in 1959 in Helicopter Design Office of N. I. Kamov. It was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory). Firm skis and powerful aircraft engine AI-14 (260 horse-powers) made possible to move on snow or ice at a speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour. Sever-2 was
able to function at extreme temperatures, about 40-50 degrees centigrade. These snowmobiles delivered passengers and mail through the various areas of the Soviet Union, such as Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan. They also serviced settlements along the rivers Amur, Lena, Ob' and Pechora.
10 Soviet Public Conveyances

Soviet Public Conveyances

These vehicles were carrying passengers during the Soviet Era. Today most of these models already
lie in scrap-heaps, but some of them are still in use, especially in provincial regions.
24 Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

Some Russian tunning. ZAZ

During the Soviet times Zaporozhets (or ZAZ) was an inexpensive Ukranian automobile for ordinary people. It was famous for petrol heating in salon. Nowadays it has become a real rare car and one of the
symbols of Soviet era. Probably that's why some street racers and professional designers like to take old ZAZ models and convert into new racing cars. Some transformations look really amazing.
car transformers on russia streets 1

5 Carmageddon Live

Carmageddon Live

Looking at this photos one can think that scenes from the
"Carmageddon" movie come live to Russian streets...
artificial skiing resort in Moscow 1

89 Artificial Skiing in Moscow

Artificial Skiing in Moscow

No, they don't have enough snow in Russia, they now make an artificial skiing resorts like this one in Moscow. This is gonna be the largest in Europe artificial skiing resort with a dome and artificial ice and snow. The length of the domed route is more than 400 meters (1200 ft) and is 60 m (180 ft) wide. More than 800 people can ski or snowboard at the same time. OK, this
has a sense somewhere in Saudi Arabia, where there is no snow at all and they are dreaming of a bit of freezing wind even at winter and there is a plain desert with no hills, but what the reason for it in Moscow, where there is a snow during 7 month a year, where there is a lot of natural hills around? Who can tell the reason for this?
Russian car exhibition on HDR 1

17 Russian Car Exhibition with HDR

Russian Car Exhibition with HDR

A bunch of over-processed photos
from cars exhibition in Moscow.
car made from VAZ car 1

3 Just Another Strange Car

Just Another Strange Car

It's another something found on Russian streets. What's is of most interest in this "vehicle" is that it seems both
parts of a car and of a bike were used in it. The trunk is from Russian LADA car, but reduced in its width.
LIAZ Russian bus 1

31 What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

This is an example of an old Soviet-Russian bus LIAZ that still can be often meet
in Russian cities on public transportation routes, like on the pic above.

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