4 Washing Lettuce and Cutting Salads

Washing Lettuce and Cutting Salads

From time to time we get our hands on pre-made, pre-chopped salads in fast food chains, or sometimes pre-washed salad ingredients in the stores. I was thinking the salads were chopped on site in the local fast food place, and wasn't even suspecting that pre-washed chopped greens are using such a
complex conveyor system to get into those plastic bags. But Aslan, the blogger, has visited a place near Moscow where a lot of Moscow fast food salads are being made and now we can see how this is being done in reality. If you are still curious - there is a story inside.
36 Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today

Nuclear Explosions in Donetsk Today

  Rememebr peaceful photos of Soviet Donetsk from 1984 we had yesterday? Well this is Donetsk as of six hours ago according to the locals. I am not sure what exactly those explosions are but there are rumors based on the Ukrainian top military authority quoted by a journalist  in his Facebook post where he says some quote "tactical nuclear weapons were used against our soldiers in Donetsk airport. Those were
fired with 2S4 "Tyulpan" Soviet self-propelled mortar which (quoting Wikipedia) "can fire armour-piercing, chemical and nuclear rounds". He said that the explosions were that strong that buildings collapsed totally "from basement to the fifth store". "If not those Tyulpan's we could stay there for a few months more". A few more photos and videos of those explosions are inside:

3 Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What These Are? These are pretty much widely used across Buryatia. This little gadget
often is made of metal or sometimes of leather. So what's this? There is an answer inside.

15 Passenger Jets Made of Wood

Passenger Jets Made of Wood

No, really these are Russian passenger jets made of wood. A big factory making real planes out of wood. Want to see what they look like inside and to know
why they chose wood in the modern world to make planes? They look like boats with those carcasses made of wood. Why? We'll tell you inside:

7 Building Floating Bridges for Army

Building Floating Bridges for Army

Sometimes an army comes to a river that they have to cross, and the bridges are unavailable or are already destroyed. So here come the pontoon builders - army engineers that can quickly build a
bridge to move the forces from one river bank to the other. We have some photos of how these bridges are being set up and put into action thanks to Yaroslav. See inside for the show.

11 How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

A story from the Russian blogger who names himself "ntv": "I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed
to purchase a BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself".
14 Most Powerful Revolver Pistol

Most Powerful Revolver Pistol

  They call this the most powerful serially-made revolver pistol from Russia. There are not too many photos available in the Internet, as it has been publicly displayed only once and the photos come from there, however what is known is that it is already being delivered to special forces. What sort of tasks does it
serve? I am not sure but people suggest it is being used to destroy the locks on locked doors and things like that. Also, what is interesting in particular is that the bullets used in this pistol are the same ones that go in Russian sniper's rifles. A few more photos and facts are inside.  

3 New Jets Delivered to Air Force

New Jets Delivered to Air Force

A few SU-30M jets and a few training YAK-130 jets were delivered to the Air Forces in August. Those SU-30M are pretty fresh models as the first jets were starting coming into army just in 2012. Just two of such planes
arrived in 2012, and then fourteen planes in 2013. Now this year sixteen SU-30M's were planned to be delivered and those are a few of those. A few more photos and also the training YAK-130s are inside.
5 Submarines Transported

Submarines Transported

  A couple more widescreen shots of two Russian submarines being transported through the Northern Sea Route from one part of Russia to another. The Northern Sea Route is where the ships go through the Northern Arctic ocean when it's free of ice. This way the journey is almost two and a half times shorter than if they go through the traditional sea route starting in St. Petersburg, then the Baltics - Mediterranean - Red Sea - Indian Ocean - South-East Asia - Japan - and then finally Vladivostok. This long route is more than 23,000
kilometers long and was traditionally used if the ships from the Western part of Russia wanted to reach the Far Eastern part of the country. In the summer they have an alternative and can go through the Northern Sea Route which is around 10,000 km long. Also, with the longer route, ships travel through half the world, while using the Northern Sea Route, the ships are all of the time moving just along the coast of Russia. So the submarines went the short way. You can click for large pictures.

12 Another Drill at Another Air Force Base

Another Drill at Another Air Force Base

  There is a drill that started at another Russian air force base. Yuri has travelled there to see it and take photos which we are all able
to view here now. Su-27s, Mig-31s and other planes getting ready for flying and fighting an imaginary enemy. Here is how it was:

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