10 Place with Helmets: an Abandoned Military Complex Weaponry

Place with Helmets: an Abandoned Military Complex Weaponry

Ok, hoping you all are having a good weekend, so now let's see the abandoned artillery weaponry located pretty close to Moscow. This place is pretty much in good form. Alex, who
visited this place, says its known as "army unit with helmets" among his friends - the men who are eager to visit different places like this. It's called this because...

13 Kamaz Truck Reimagined as a Home

Kamaz Truck Reimagined as a Home

I bet you've seen houses on wheels before, nothing new here. However, this one is made by some Russian actor and is not something made in a factory but
by himself. It has a living space for the actor and his friends and a garage for storing his bike and other stuff. Let's see how it looks.

11 Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Before the Sochi Olympics, this place appeared in the Sochi Mountains. Ilya, who went there and took the photos, calls it "100% child of Olympics" probably meaning that this was "ordered" to built so that guests of the Olympics had one more attraction to
visit. However, no matter that it's an "artificial" project, it turned out to be pretty well done and we have a chance to look into this "Roza Hutor" (that's his name) resort up close. From a distance it looks pretty European stylized.

4 Old Photos of Metallurgic Plant in 1908-1910

Old Photos of Metallurgic Plant in 1908-1910

Pretty nice photos of the steel casting metallurgy plant of old Russia. How the plant was built and how it looked at time, etc  - from back at the beginning of
the 20th century. What's interesting is that even at that time they already used high powered electric furnaces to melt steel! Let's see what it was like:

13 The Biggest Telescope in Europe and Asia

The Biggest Telescope in Europe and Asia

Timur has visited the biggest telescope in Eurasia, which is called BTA-6. It was built during Soviet times, in the Caucasian mountains. Conceived in the 1950s by Soviet
scientists who wanted to peek deeper into space, it's still active and now is used by Russian scientists. Here is the story and photos from Timur's trip:

1 Moscow Railroad Depots as Seen from the Drone

Moscow Railroad Depots as Seen from the Drone

So, as technologies develop, we now get access to a new tool - flying cameras. Some manufacturers of the drones actually name their products this way now, rather than just a flying thing for a purpose that isn't very clear. Photographers are catching up too, because using this thing they can take photos of the same old places but from a totally different angle. Like these
photos of various Moscow railway stations. Alexandr, the photographer, has got his flying camera and now he can share with us awesome panoramic photos of the stations. The biggest depot he got on camera has thirty nine railways coming all together in one big garage. How can you catch all of this in one shot if not from the air? See more inside:

21 Battleship Aurora in the Docks

Battleship Aurora in the Docks

Aurora, or how it's written in Russia "AVRORA", is a very important vintage battleship - first it's still more or less intact and thus can be climbed and explored, and second it is greatly connected with an event called "October revolution" - it's when Lenin took power. Legend says the coup members, including Lenin, had a plan that the coup would start after the rebel sailors of the Aurora cruiser started to fire shells into the Winter Palace, or Hermitage as we know it now, in St. Petersburg. So since then, in every Soviet school, this battleship shot in 1917, was proclaimed to be a game changer and in important
historical piece in itself. There were songs about it, there were movies about it, and the ship itself was on a constant display in downtown St. Petersburg in Soviet times for tons of tourists coming from different parts of the country to get a peek of the legend. These days the legend has moved to the docks, as while it was being displayed in St. Petersburg it remained submerged in the river waters so it was rusting and needed renovation. So here we have a unique chance, thanks to Alex, to see the legend of Soviet school goers up close in the dock. See it inside:
3 Lots of Russian Hackers Line Up For Something

Lots of Russian Hackers Line Up For Something

Russia has been famous with giving the world best... hackers. Lot of cases all over the world over the recent times where the Russian hackers were involved - banks, large corporations and even the celebrities. Sometimes the word "Russian Hacker" make people tremble and think twice while entering
their card information. And now there is a contest for hackers in Russia. Just see how many youngsters are interested in computers on the first photo - there should be a way to funnel all this energy into something. So one large international corporation is now doing this:

4 Looks Like Those Work

Looks Like Those Work

It looks like this strange, home-made armor works. At least from looking at these photos of an Ukrainian armored vehicle after the battle. You can clearly see that
damage occurred to the metal bars but not to the vehicle itself and it looks like he successfully left the battlefield. Some more photos are inside.
0 Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

    After watching this video of oil rig crashing I got a feeling I now understand the meaning of "Keep Calm
and Carry On". This is a short video just twenty seconds, but be sure you watch till end it has a plot twist.

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