8 Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

They say that this is a unique and the only survived complex of coastal defense with a special weapon which was targeting excessively underwater vessels. Aya, the urban explorer which prefers the top-secret locations, has
again surprised us and visited this unique surviving structure: "There is a rumor that there is one more complex like this in this region but nobody yet found it", says Aya. Let's see what she saw there!

17 Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

This February for the first time ever the double decker train cars appeared on "number one" Russian rail road route - Moscow to St. Petersburg. If in many parts of the world double leveled carriages are not a
novelty, here its something that attracts sights and evokes interest on how is it inside. So let's see, how, thanks to cool Russian photographer Dmitry who have visited one of those and made those photos:

8 Russian Armored Truck Ural

Russian Armored Truck Ural

A few photos of Russian armored truck URAL, the newer model - from inside and outside. Those
trucks are used by different regiments - including the scouts.  Let's see what's inside:

1 Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Marina, the airplane photographer we like a lot, has posted another set of photos. Now the scene of action is one Moscow airport. She says that Moscow airports invite photography enthusiasts at least once in three
months to take photos right on the airfield. These time, probably because of weather, not many people have attended. Would you like to see what did it look like there? The let's see inside this post:

12 The Looters of Chernobyl

The Looters of Chernobyl

The blogger Maxim is a pretty frequent visitor in the Chernobyl exclusion area. "The looters have been there always. First wave was right after the explosion. This first wave was stealing everything - home appliances, carpets, etc etc. Everything people have left in rush of urgent evacuation. The
authorities tried to fight those. They have put alarms on all the apartment building lobby doors across Pripyat. Then the armed BRDM (army fighting vehicle) was moving around the city and reacted on the alarm cases. Then the second wave has began in 2000s...". Let's read more:

1 Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Thanks to one more photographer, Alexey K, there is one more look on the Russian atomic icebreakers  stationed in the city of Murmansk. We won't go into much detail with
this one but the photos are pretty much impressive - like this first one - of the ice breaker called "Soviet Union". It's not active now. See more inside:

1 Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Yes, it really has a jet engine, the same one that MiG-15 and MiG-17 jets had. Those are pretty old jet engines, one of the first Soviet ones, and not used widely on the planes any more, but has got new life when mounted on the
airport trucks. Alexander, Russian photographer and aviation enthusiast has taken an effort to visit an airport and make some nice photos. Thanks to him  we will learn why the trucks have jet engines installed:

9 Visiting Abandoned Russian Space Forces Object

Visiting Abandoned Russian Space Forces Object

Aja, the blogger, belongs to the group of the urban bloggers who rarely tell where the photos come from. This is because they visit highly interesting objects that are guarded no matter they were out of service yet. Thanks to this the
inner furnishings of this places is in much better condition - all the machines, displays and control panels are in place and might be even working if you push the right button. So let's see what they got this time:

2 Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo is a village in Russia which is famous for its traditional painting style. It originated there in midst 19th century. The main item they traditionally use as a target for their skill application are
the metal trays first coated with a few layers of putty and then painted by Zhostovo technique and lacquered. If you like to see more of those as well how they are being produced welcome inside:

10 An Innovation Day: Exhibition of Novelty Armaments

An Innovation Day: Exhibition of Novelty Armaments

August 2014 there was an "Innovation Day". But basically this was an Innovation fair of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. So the Russian blogger Said who is fond of military equipment
(according to his posts) has visited this fair and is now sharing what he saw there: the most innovative military machinery and weapons according to 2014. Want to take a look: