1 The Conquerors of Space

The Conquerors of Space

April 12th is celebrated in Russia as the day of cosmonautics. On such an occassion we have already published the post about
our hero - Yuri Gagarin and additionally want to show you a nice collection of pictures devoted to the same topic.

1 The Unique Deep Space Radio Center

The Unique Deep Space Radio Center

Galyonki village in the Russian Far East is the location of a unique object - a self-contained command-and-measurement complex of the Russian aerospace defence forces provided with a system "Kvant-D" - its antenna P-2500 is one of the largest in Russia, and system
"Kvant-P" equipped with antenna P-30S. The system cooperates with the ISS. It was Galyonok that sent the signal for flooding the international space station "Mir". And in 1961 this very center was providing the flight of the first man to space.

0 Air Rehearsal of the Victory Parade

Air Rehearsal of the Victory Parade

Just a short photo report covering the rehearsal of the parade on the occassion of the 70th anniversary of the victory in
the WWII. On the image above is Mi-28N "Night hunter". The images are taken from the blog of Sergey Kondratev.

0 The World Biggest Source of Amber

The World Biggest Source of Amber

Do you know where amber is taken from? Do you know that people have been extracting amber for fifty million years? It all began in the paleogene period with the extreme rise of temperature. Heat and high humidity turned the planet into a botanical garden full of amazing plants emitting resin through bark. Oxidizing bark
got hardened and became the part of the "amber forest". Today the "fruits" of "amber forests" are gathered in eleven places of the world. The biggest source of sunstone is located in Russia, in the Kaliningrad region. According to experts 90% of all global amber reserve is concentrated here.

0 The Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation

The Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation

Blogger foxphoto has visited Murmansk, Russia, and its Museum of Northern Fleet Aviation in Safonovo. Today we are going to
show you the photos of military vehicles he managed to take there. An interesting bonus is the house of Yuri Gagarin.

4 Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

One of the most secret Soviet objects was closed by a decree of Boris Yeltsin twenty-three years ago. It was situated in a remote region of the country that used to be huge - on the island in the center of the Aral Sea. The island had a complex that was used for creation and testing one of the most
barbaric weapons - biological ones. Many years are gone as well as the Aral Sea and the island... but that ground is still there as a ghost. A Kazakh journalist and blogger Grogoriy Bedenko shared unique materials from his own archive uncovering the phenomenon of object "Aralsk-7".

2 Keeping the Traditions Alive: Oak Barrels Production in Russia

Keeping the Traditions Alive: Oak Barrels Production in Russia

Oak barrel is still a perfect capacity for strong drinks. It helps to preserve the taste of alcoholic drinks and foods (sour cabbage, for example) and to keep old good traditions. But in the time of
industrialization such production tends to be rare. Blogger muph came to the small town Rossosh in the south of the Voronezh region, Russia, to see how oak barrels are made today.
8 Special Soviet Shooting Knife

Special Soviet Shooting Knife

This is a special Soviet knife designed in the 1970s at the order of the Ministry of Defence and KGB of the USSR. An ordinary scout's knife
had to turn into a combined multifunctional weapon. They made a knife with a firing device adapted for a special 7,62 mm cartridge. 

3 Unique Simulator For Deck Based Aircrafts

Unique Simulator For Deck Based Aircrafts

Here is a ground training complex for aircrafts located in the Crimea. It was built at the end of the 70s specially for an aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". The complex is about to be modernized to look like a deck of a modern aircraft carrier. The simulator named "Nitka" helps pilots to practice the technique of
taking off and landing on a deck to feel more confident in the sea. The complex can even imitate different weather conditions, rolling, for example. You do not see this but "Nitka" is a big structure whose equipment is mostly hidden under the ground (including its hydraulic braking system).

2 Huge Siberian Electrical Machinery Plant

Huge Siberian Electrical Machinery Plant

Blogger wizarden has visited "ELSIB", the big scientific and production association in Novosibirsk that designs and makes electric machines, turbo- and hydraulic turbine generators and provides contract supervision at
various objects. Its products are used for oil and gas, coal, chemical and other industries both in Russia and abroad. Today about 30% of Russian power plants have their energy provided by ELSIB generators.

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