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16 Baltika Brewery in Samara

Baltika Brewery in Samara

Have you ever been wondering about how the Russian beer is brewed? And, by the way, not just the Russian one. Except a few popular Russian brands of beer, such as Baltika,
Jigulevskoe and Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Yarpivo there are some foreign ones also brewed over here (among them are Tuborg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg.)
20 Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

On 21st, July some terrorists got into the territory of Baksanskaya hydroelectric power plant. They killed two guards,  beat two
operators of the generator hall and planted five bombs there. Four of them did work. As a result two generating sets were disabled.
20 Some Cool Ideas For Better Mobile Connectivity

Some Cool Ideas For Better Mobile Connectivity

When you want to enjoy some cool wireless broadband but the coverage of your area is not that good you gotta invent something else to help you achieve the strength of the signal. For this you can use anything you are capable to find. Barbeque grilles, tin foil covered umbrellas, frying
pots and cooking pans - all can do for this. You can see all those and even more that are being actually used by Russian mobile phone users in their search of mobile connectivity. Maybe you have some cool ideas too? So please share them to make our life more convenient.
russian astronaut shooting earth
22 Russian Astronaut Shooting Earth

Russian Astronaut Shooting Earth

It's being quite popular among Russian astronauts, or actually the Cosmonauts to blog from space, while staying on the International Space Station. As a result we can get pretty unique photos with live comments of how our Earth can be seen from that altitude, unedited and pretty amateur looking making
this kind of fun even more charming. Here we have a huge pack of freshly shoot photos while flying somewhere there above our heads, gotten directly from Russian space agency as the space blogger has published them live thru his blogging account. It's twenty first century, baby!
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12 Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

Tank or a Waterborne Vehicle?

In 1951, when the Soviet Union was on its high, authorities had an idea of building special floatation devices for tanks. First sample workpieces for T-54 tank were made at in 1952, and, some several weeks later tests were carried out on the Oka river. In the next two years
trial test at the sea were conducted. And in 1957, eventually, the floatation device was passed into service. There were supposed to be as many as 187 (according to the amount of tanks) floatation devices on the strength of the motor rifle division.
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20 A Visit To The TV Set Factory

A Visit To The TV Set Factory

Have you ever been interested in television set manufacture? Today
you have a chance to know how your best friend was produced.
20 Finding Engineering Solutions In Nature

Finding Engineering Solutions In Nature

Only in Russia a woman - engineer designed a unique landing gear removal system. She said she had got an idea for this after looking for a crow preparing to fly and making a jump parting
it from the Earth surface. Later she proposed this to her Soviet plane construction authorities and it got approved and widely used on thousands of Russian planes afterward.
Television - An Outward Glance 2 These pictures taken during an excursion at the news channel Russia Today. Read more...
25 Television – Inside Look

Television – Inside Look

These pictures taken during an
excursion at the news channel Russia
Armed Vehicles Factory 1

27 Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

Russian Armored Vehicles Factory

A big factory in Russia where the armed vehicles for the army are being produced. The
coolest photos might be of a basin where they test for swim the new made vehicles.
24 The Sweetest Gold

The Sweetest Gold

This gallery shows the process of extracting honey from a hive. Though these beekeepers are just
the beginners they managed to extract 70kg of honey this year being stung only twice.

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