20 Tu 22M3 That Will Fly Nowhere

Tu 22M3 That Will Fly Nowhere

Tu-23M3 - the main heavy Ту-22М3 bomber of the Russian air forces. When you stand next to this
vehicle you can't help admiring... Though it's too sad to see them in such a poor condition...
6 Volga Under Press

Volga Under Press

All cars in Russia used to decay underground or in backyards. Then somebody started to disassemble them and sell their parts. But now car
producers are obliged to care about utilization and such shops started to be opened. This one is on the Pacific coast of Russia.
5 Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

The mining and refining facility we are visiting today is the largest producer and raw
material exporter of metallurgical plants in Ukraine. The main quarry is huge in size.
3 Where Steam Trains Rest

Where Steam Trains Rest

In the 1940s this station was the largest rail yard in Moscow. Today it is the only
Moscow depot where they still have facilities for steam trains maintenance.
10 15 Years To Bring the Cathedral Back to Life

15 Years To Bring the Cathedral Back to Life

They have been restoring the Dormition of the Theotocos
Cathedral for 15 years! One more year has left.
3 Ukrainian Underground Water Storage

Ukrainian Underground Water Storage

This is one of the underground reservoirs in the very centre of Kiev, Ukraine. Now it is empty though guarded well
enough. It has such an atmosphere that it seems you are in some video-game and can be shot dead in any moment...
5 Summer Air Show

Summer Air Show

On 12 August 2012 the Russian Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary. Let us
enjoy the pictures taken during an air show that had occurred next to Moscow.
5 Hot Water Floods the House

Hot Water Floods the House

Recently they have finished the schedule work at the heat supply system in
Minsk, Belarus. Though it could not prevent this hot water "geyser"...
5 In A Military Airport

In A Military Airport

Let's visit a military airport located next to the
city of Ryazan. The photos are shown below.
1 Rust And Ice: Abandoned Cable Gallery

Rust And Ice: Abandoned Cable Gallery

Photos from some old
abandoned cable gallery.

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