1 Hand Crafted Toy Joys

Hand Crafted Toy Joys

This factory in Bogorodskoye village was quite large, people liked its toys, exported them. But everything has changed. Many employees do not go to work and cut out the toys at
home. Anyway the production is still alive as well as Bogorodsk toys. They are made from linden that is dried for about 4 years! This wood is soft and easy to work with.
1 One of the Deepest Russian Tunnels

One of the Deepest Russian Tunnels

This car tunnel in the city of Ufa could had to be really huge. It was constructed in four lines under a high arch.  Its construction began
in 1992. The works were stopped in 2004 and nobody can say if they get back to work again. Only one worker is now in the tunnel.
2 The Largest Hydro Plant In Russia

The Largest Hydro Plant In Russia

Zeysk hydroelectric power plant is the largest HPP in Russia and the second most powerful HPP in the Far East. Its role in the Far Eastern
energetic system is very significant. The HPP regulates the frequency of an energetic system as well as daily and weekly irregularities of load.
24 Science And Technology In 1959

Science And Technology In 1959

The Soviet era was full of scientific achivements that became foundation for further Russian science and technology for many years ahead. Some of the experiments might seem to be almost shocking
today. The most notable faces from the Soviet world of science and technology of 1959, research institutes, interesting scientific objects and experiments are inside the post.

1 One Rusty Underground Shelter

One Rusty Underground Shelter

Sometimes during an ordinary walk you may come across some concrete protuberance that may turn out to be something interesting... You
come closer and see a sealed door. Geeting more and more excited you go further and find yourself in a place like this...
17 Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum

One training base near Monino was disbanded and now available for any visitors. It's the place that does not function anymore but where still so much interesting
can be found. We gonna spend some time here: inside the base premises and around the territory where old aircrafts must have found their final stand.
8 First Proven SUV in the World

First Proven SUV in the World

We thought that the first SUV was invented in the USSR. But now we are sure it really was! In far 1955! This unusual project of an all-terrain vehicle was made in the Soviet Union, as we mentioned - in 1955. This
car was designed for needs of a countryside, it could considerably help mechanics in their work. GAZ-M73 (1955) - a prototype of a small four-wheel drive machine developed for soviet farm chiefs.

6 Mighty Vehicles Of The Past

Mighty Vehicles Of The Past

The museum of long-range aviation in Dyagilevo is a small but very interesting place because it contains exhibits
that can never been found anywhere else. Let us visit the museum and see what is so interesting about it.
10 Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

In 1966 when the Beatles said good-bye to their fans giving the last concert in San-Francisco, far away in Soviet
Dagestan they started construction of a hydropower plant which is the largest vaulted dam in Russia today.
8 Weapons of The Recent Past

Weapons of The Recent Past

Numerous interesting exhibits can be found in the internal yard of the Armed Forces Museum. Often visitors come
directly to the museum itself and miss this exposition nearby. Let us see what exhibits are shown there.

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