9 Tests Successfully Passed!

Tests Successfully Passed!

This is an armored vehicle "Scorpion LSHA B" that has
successfully passed shooting and blowing tests.

7 Martin Steel Production

Martin Steel Production

Some photos from the
Martin producing plant.
12 Plant Making Valves And Taps

Plant Making Valves And Taps

The Slavgorodsky valve plant was founded in 1926 and has already been making pipeline fittings for more than 50 years. Initially the plant produced cast iron air valves. Upon
the reconstruction in 1965 it started to specialize in production of steel stopper and control valves, condensate drains, thermodynamic and cast iron taps.
4 Hydro Plant With Some Imperfections

Hydro Plant With Some Imperfections

Cheboksarskaya hydro station works at the level of 63 meters instead of standard 68 m. It results in the higher wear of the
equipment at lower output, decreased water reserve, absence of through marine navigation between the south and the north...
7 New Way to Utilize Ammunition

New Way to Utilize Ammunition

We are at the presentation of a new way of ammunition utilization at Pogonovo polygon in the Voronezh region.
When they started to use "Destroyer" R-40 device they could achieve practically noiseless utilization.
4 Best In Russia Rail Cars Production

Best In Russia Rail Cars Production

There is a rail car building plant in Tikhvin of the Leningrad region - one of the newest
Russian enterprises, its building started in 2008 and official opening took place in 2012.
6 Unique River Ships of the Past

Unique River Ships of the Past

Few probably know that some hundred years ago on the Volga river were sailing the ships whose displacement was bigger than cruiser "Aurora's" one. It's hard to believe but
they were built from .. wood! "Belyanas", as they were called, became a part of the Russian ship-building history as the most unique river ships in the world.
11 Rescued From Vandals

Rescued From Vandals

Something is always rapidly changing in the museum of Zadorozhny. New and interesting exhibits appear in the museum quite often. But probably the most interesting are the planes of Khodynka brought
here and rescued from vandals. Unfortunately this time they stood mostly semi-disassembled and still much work is to be done. But the team of the museum plans to restore them soon.
6 From Junk To Masterpieces

From Junk To Masterpieces

This citizen of a Ukrainine city Kanev is a true fan of cars. He has his own business, his daughter is a pilot of the women's rally KRAZ Raid Team, but
the hobby of all his life is cars. Let's look at some cars the Ukrainian master made with his own hands or restored from rusting junk.
7 Production of Sukhoi Superjet 100

Production of Sukhoi Superjet 100

The Chkalov factory is one of the largest plane building enterprises in Russia, a part of the "Sukhoi" group of companies. Apart from the state defence order since 2004 the factory has been
working on the project Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSj-100) together with Russian and foreign partners. It produces nose and rear sections of main bodies, horizontal and vertical tails.

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