48 WW2 Russian Tanks Still In Use In Europe

WW2 Russian Tanks Still In Use In Europe

The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958. Although its armour and armament were surpassed by later tanks of the era, it has been often credited as the most effective, efficient and influential design of World War II. 70 years have gone since WWII was over. But
Soviet tanks are still respected and still serve in other 26 countries! In Russia it can mostly be seen as a monument today (as on the photo above), but somewhere in Europe, in the Balcan countries, many of them still operate just as seen on the photos below.
12 Cruisers of the Russian Fleet

Cruisers of the Russian Fleet

Here we offer you to see the main cruisers which are included in the Russian
fleet. Besides we posted some of the foreign ones just for comparison.

6 To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

It seemed to be impossible to get to this TV tower in St. Petersburg without a pull. But there are always guys who are ready to prove there's nothing impossible. It's rather dangerous to go higher than 656 feet where used to be an observation deck - the antennas radiation can cause irreversible effects for
health. So it remains to catch the moment when the antennas are off - when preventive measures are taken. It means a lot of technicians being there though... Thus it cannot be easy anyway. Now we are going to climb the height of 1000 feet, there is nothing higher in St. Petersburg...
13 Bombing the Truck

Bombing the Truck

Some exclusive photos of testing the Russian armoured equipment: an armored module intended for mounting on
KAMAZ, URAL chassis - SBA-60. Let's see how it will undergo some trials and what it is capable of.
0 One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

Not only in Moscow people celebrated 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces. These are some shots from Khabarovsk,
Russian Far East, with its air fleet. On such a day people could come, take photos and touch the military aircrafts...

2 Territory of Flowers

Territory of Flowers

When we see hundreds of flowers in the streets and boulevards, when we give them to our dear ones, we usually do not ask ourselves where they all come from. But the
answer is simple: from hothouses, of course! The Moscow region has a lot of hothouses: little and small. One of them, old enough, we are going to visit now.
10 Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

We are at one forgotten place where chemical weapons used to be made. Soon after the USSR
collapse the plant was burning in the fire and never recovered, today it stays abandoned...
3 Summer Air Show, Part II

Summer Air Show, Part II

Here you could see the first set of pictures from the airshow devoted to the Russian Air Force
100th anniversary. Now you may see another huge collection of nice photos from the event.
11 At the Abandoned Airfield

At the Abandoned Airfield

There is an air field that has a plenty of broken and old helicopters on it. The field is
not guarded and is abandoned. Photos of it were made in the sunny and rainy weather.
12 Vapors of Kamchatka

Vapors of Kamchatka

Geothermal power station is such an electric power station that generates electric energy from the heat energy of underground springs and natural warmth of the
planet. Heat in the form of steam or hot water goes to the earth surface. Russia does not have many of them, though we are going to visit one right now.

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