124 Soviet Bombers Today

Soviet Bombers Today

We are back at the Engels air base in the Saratov region. This place has always a lot to show but this time we are going to concentrate on the two airplanes: Tu-95MS
(a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform) and Tu-160 (a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber).
2 Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Not far from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) there is a village where one local man started his own business of paper production using an old technology. It could help him to earn and could be interesting for tourists. The old
technology needed some restoration. It was invented by the Chinese long long ago. The paper made this way is called Samarkand silk paper today. But everything turned out to be not so complicated.
10 Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Gas masks are often seen as attributes of some plants or shelters. They are purchased by a city or a company in accordance with regulations of civil defence and safety measures in emergency situations.  But where do they come from? From
plants where they are produced, of course. The USSR has such plants almost in every region, but today most of them do not function anymore. One of the abandoned places where gas masks were produced is on the photos below.
16 At the Helm of the Tank

At the Helm of the Tank

Have you ever thought how it feels to be at the helm of an infantry fighting vehicle? Might be an exciting journey especially if
you first ram thru a forest and then need to cross a lake in a gang of three more of such. Take a look: it's all here.
6 At the Water Bottling Plant

At the Water Bottling Plant

Moneral water bottling plant "Omsky" began working in 1973. It has been using the artesian well 1506 m (4940 ft) deep that was
opened in 1963. According to the hydrologists study the approximate age of the water in the well is 105 million years.

2 Underground Time Travel

Underground Time Travel

To get into the past you don't have to build a time machine or conjure, it's enough to go down at a dark night as deep as your fear allows you, and
then climb as higher as you can. This is how some guys went back to the times of the 1960s, to the communist past of Soviet miners.

15 Giant Sinkhole in Perm. Again

Giant Sinkhole in Perm. Again

In the city of Berezniki of the Perm region, Russia, there have already happened four soil collapses. The first one shocked the city in 2006, the
second appeared in 2007 and it was not the last one... During the last collapse several heavy machines and one person went underground.
7 Drilling Wells of Russia

Drilling Wells of Russia

We are about to see how they are planting numerous drilling rigs there. It's the business of huge profit, the business that is
widely discussed at all levels. But we are going to see just the technical side of it ... and a bit of local nature.

43 One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

Chita, Zabaikalsk region. This field is located on the territory of one plant. Old military equipment is left there to end its days under the
open sky. They say that the Russian Ministry of Defence does not order new equipment like this, they only repair some old vehicles.
21 Downshifting In Russia

Downshifting In Russia

Not far from the busy and crowded Moscow there appear new settlements of people who leave big cities and refuse usual comforts, make their first steps to countryside life. Some of them live here all year around, others part of a year. They develop permanent agriculture, build adobe and straw houses, apply
alternative energy resources, ranch. This trend is new to Russia and is yet developing. Not everyone can buy a house or practice in construction of it for several months. Nevertheless the settlements become bigger, new people keep coming. We gonna show one of such settlements called "Glorious".

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