13 How To Make Delicious Cheese Pastry

How To Make Delicious Cheese Pastry

Tourists who come to Abkhasia never miss their chance to try legendary cheese pastry called khachapuri. Its taste and quality
have been excellent for many years. Here you can see how it is made so that you could enjoy its delicious taste at home.

55 A Copy of Lamborghini From Ukraine

A Copy of Lamborghini From Ukraine

Another copy of a super car. A guy from Ukraine made a copy of Lamborghini from scratch with his own hands. He used various
available materials and finally got an amazing result. The process of the car creation are on the photos below.
6 The Museum In A Submarine

The Museum In A Submarine

Today can see what submarines look like from the inside. Welcome to a museum based inside a submarine boat. It
sails in the waters of Khimki water reservoir (the Moscow region) and everybody is invited to the place.

16 An-12 From Different Angles

An-12 From Different Angles

Transport aircrafts are huge and impressive. They can carry heavy cargos, equipment and people in their "stomachs". An-12 is one of them.
These photos of the airplane were taken in Chelyabinsk during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces.
0 Excavators Bring Some Fun

Excavators Bring Some Fun

Work of excavator drivers does not assume any entertainments. But many drivers understand that the machine itself can be used
not only for heavy work but for light entertainments as well. It has everything they might need for having some fun.
12 The Only Ukrainian Company Making Engines For Flying Vehicles

The Only Ukrainian Company Making Engines For Flying Vehicles

"Motor Sich" is one of the world leading producers of gas-turbine engines for helicopters and planes.  It also is the only enterprise in Ukraine manufacturing
engines for airplanes and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbine installations. We are going to the city of Zaporizhia where the plant is located.
14 The Plant That Is Going to Be Abandoned Soon

The Plant That Is Going to Be Abandoned Soon

This plant is partially abandoned. It is not easy to go inside as its heavy doors are closed. But still if there is a will, there is a way. Now we
can see what the place looks like from the inside. One half of it is still used by people though the other half is being conserved slowly.
7 Making an Urban Planning Model

Making an Urban Planning Model

Being in various museums we can spend a lot of time staring at urban-planning models. All these miniature houses, trees, churches,
plants etc. bring us back to childhood, when we had miniature toy copies of real things. Here is how such models are made.
17 People Of Tomorrow

People Of Tomorrow

Have you ever thought that robots might appear in social networks? Seems it has started to happen. The author of
these photographs became acquanted with a girl whose name is Alice who turned out to be ... a real robot!
9 Making White Bread

Making White Bread

Bread has been one of the main food in Russia for centuries. But nowadays people often say that it's quite difficult to find tasty
bread. We are going to visit a bakery in Pavlovsky Posad and see how real Russian bread is made. It's gonna be curious.