12 The Only Ukrainian Company Making Engines For Flying Vehicles

The Only Ukrainian Company Making Engines For Flying Vehicles

"Motor Sich" is one of the world leading producers of gas-turbine engines for helicopters and planes.  It also is the only enterprise in Ukraine manufacturing
engines for airplanes and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbine installations. We are going to the city of Zaporizhia where the plant is located.
14 The Plant That Is Going to Be Abandoned Soon

The Plant That Is Going to Be Abandoned Soon

This plant is partially abandoned. It is not easy to go inside as its heavy doors are closed. But still if there is a will, there is a way. Now we
can see what the place looks like from the inside. One half of it is still used by people though the other half is being conserved slowly.
7 Making an Urban Planning Model

Making an Urban Planning Model

Being in various museums we can spend a lot of time staring at urban-planning models. All these miniature houses, trees, churches,
plants etc. bring us back to childhood, when we had miniature toy copies of real things. Here is how such models are made.
17 People Of Tomorrow

People Of Tomorrow

Have you ever thought that robots might appear in social networks? Seems it has started to happen. The author of
these photographs became acquanted with a girl whose name is Alice who turned out to be ... a real robot!
9 Making White Bread

Making White Bread

Bread has been one of the main food in Russia for centuries. But nowadays people often say that it's quite difficult to find tasty
bread. We are going to visit a bakery in Pavlovsky Posad and see how real Russian bread is made. It's gonna be curious.
2 More Than 20 Years In the Sky

More Than 20 Years In the Sky

The show from an aerobatic team "Russkiye Vityazi" ("Russian Knights") in Rostov-on-Don. The team appeared in 1991 at the Kubinka Air Base and performed on
Sukhoi Su-27s. The same year they were already performing in the United Kingdom. More than twenty years have passed but they still make nice shows.

3 New Water Transport on the Sea of Japan

New Water Transport on the Sea of Japan

New water transport means have appeared in Vladivostok recently. Now they are testing them. The boats were made of composite materials what makes them cost-effective and suitable
for use in adverse weather conditions. Specialists applied new technologies while the construction, the first catamaran was being made for twevle-thirteen months.
37 Soviet City of Belarus

Soviet City of Belarus

Bobruisk is a city in Belarus. The place had been inhabited by people since the fifth-sixth centuries. The city was first mentioned in 1387 as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1792 it became part of the Russian
Empire and was included into the borders of Belarus in 1795. Today it is actually the largest city in the country. The photos made in the Soviet epoch show what the life in the city at those times was like.
0 Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

The Russian "Rus" aerobatics team flying by L-39 jet planes which is one of the best in the world and is one of top-ten world aerobatics teams. The scenario of their shows is always the same: the planes come from nowhere, perform
graceful and complex tricks and disappear suddenly leaving lost in admiration spectators alone. But what work precedes the performance and what happens behind the curtain? We'll try to answer the question today.

3 Russians For the Venice Biennale

Russians For the Venice Biennale

A cool idea was realized by the Russians and presented at the Venice Biennale, the thirteenth International Architecture Exhibition. Specially for the event an original dome was built, the walls inside of it are all
covered with periodically glowing QR-codes (quick response codes enciphering some visual information). All visitors are given tablet PCs that help to decipher the codes and see the images hidden this way.