12 Moscow Suicidal Club

Moscow Suicidal Club

We have shown a lot of their photos at English Russia. They call themselves climbers, but in fact they are potential suicides. Fear of heights does not exist for them, they do not even know any instincts of self-preservation. Joking with death is just their favorite game. For example, climbing old rusty stairs on a 300
meters top without a safety net or running on the edge of a roof of a 40 storey building. They do it not for any sporting interest or records, they simply like to have fun together in extreme conditions. There are 200 of them in Moscow today. But their number is growing. Most of them are students.
10 Do Not Jump Here!

Do Not Jump Here!

This strange man didn't like those skateboard riders to jump in the street and provoked a conflict. He could probably find
some problems if the guys were less peaceful but luckily they just tried to get some fun out of the situation.
7 Swim Like a Dolphin

Swim Like a Dolphin

"Kolkhuri" is an unusual method of swimming that once interested a citizen of Sevastopol, Oleg Sofyanik. Now he swims with his hands and legs tied with elastic bandage. Those who invented such "kolkhuri" are
sure that a man practising it becomes hardy, brave and is not afraid of death. Oleg decided to swim 400 meters (1312 ft) in the "kolkhuri" style. He had been training for three weeks to do it.
1 Workout of the Clubber

Workout of the Clubber

It is hard to explain what happens on this video and why the guy is training like this. We can only guess. The first thing that comes to
mind is that he's a real clubber. But maybe he knows a super secret exercise system? We hope he didn't hurt himself..
29 Austere Military Camp For Teens

Austere Military Camp For Teens

It is some strange and austere children's camp located in the Crimea. Teenagers are taught Cossack combat
tactics and other skills which were used by warriors several centuries ago but haven't died till today.
6 She Thought It Was Not SO Scary

She Thought It Was Not SO Scary

The girl joined a rope jumping team thinking it was not something she could not do. And she was right - she could do it. But it
turned out to be too much for her. So we gonna join the girl who is about to jump from 100 meters (328 ft) height.
17 Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting used to be essential for life in the past as it saved people from hunger and cold. Today it is mainly used for entertainment. A hunting ground next to Atyrau, Kazakhstan that was opened last spring offers anyone to become a hunter. Hunting has never been that easy. It rather looks like a shooting range,
but instead of plastic rabbits you get live phesants grown specially at a farm. When a client arrives a phesant is let into the open space fenced from both sides where the bird even has no trees to sit on. The scared birds rush away from a next group of the armed visitors with dogs.

6 A Northern Russian City of The Soviet Period

A Northern Russian City of The Soviet Period

These are the photos of Soviet Arkhangelsk and its neighborhood. The city was formerly known as Archangel. It is
located next to the exit into the White Sea. It had been the chief seaport of medieval Russia until 1703.
0 A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

Horse races are not popular in modern Russia. But it used to be a bit different. People from various regions of the country came to a racetrack to participate and show what they
could. Not only races were in the program but also various competitions connected with horses. Let's go back to the past days and spend one day at the old races in Moscow.
3 It Was Another Kind of Game

It Was Another Kind of Game

Uvais Akhtaev was one of the most prominent basketball players of the 1950s, a member of the
Soviet national team.  He was the tallest player ever - his height was 7.74 feet!

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