1 Running At Minus 33!

Running At Minus 33!

January, 8th. The city of Surgut, Russia. The temperature is -33C (-27.4F). It is very cold but not for these young
guys who advocate healthy living. They do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, and they practice quenching.
3 Happy Winter Swimming

Happy Winter Swimming

They do not spend money for medicines because they do not fall ill. These grannies look 15-30 years younger than they are without any plastic surgery.
Though not only their bodies are young but souls as well. The secret of their health is ice cold river water in which they swim every morning.

11 The Bright Festival In Post-War Moscow

The Bright Festival In Post-War Moscow

We are in Moscow 1957 when the city held the VI World Festival of Youth and Students which became one of the brightest events in the after-war history of the
city, the symbol of  a new time beginning. 34 000 people from 131 countries came to Moscow then. Here we present some color photos of the event.
1 Freezing Cold Marathon

Freezing Cold Marathon

This Christmas marathon held in the city of Omsk, Russia, was really freezing cold. It's an annual event but this year it was -30C on January 7th. Despite the cold 707 participants from ten countries of the world and
fifteen regions of Russia came to Omsk to show results. The Omsk region itself was represented by 619 runners. The sports program included the races for 21,1 km and 7 km and a Christmas relay.

16 Diving Deep At -36

Diving Deep At -36

It was a really cold photoshoot! They made it in the Orda cave of the Perm region of Russia when it was -36 C (-32.8) outside! According to the legend the Orda river has a spirit who helps divers in difficult situations. This became the main idea of
the photoshoot. They decided to invite a two-times world champion in free diving Natalia Avseenko to play the Mistress of the Orda in the waters of the cave. The temperature of the water was +5 C (41 F) and it was as hard as hell.

6 Preparing For Winter Olympics 2014

Preparing For Winter Olympics 2014

Winter 2014 Olympic Games will be held in the Russian city of Sochi, as you might know. Now we
are going to show you some photos of how the Olympic objects have been built in 2011-2012.

4 My Ears Are Not Only For Hearing!

My Ears Are Not Only For Hearing!

Last week Lasha Pataraya, a champion of Georgia in Greco Roman Wrestling, set a new world record in a strange "power category" having pulled a truck
weighing 8.28 tons with his ear! He managed to move the truck for 21,5 meters (70,53 ft)! Lasha had been preparing for the event for two months.
7 Bungee Jumping Goes Terribly Wrong

Bungee Jumping Goes Terribly Wrong

This entertainment is not always safe, of course. And you take a risk anyway when decided to jump from a
roof. Even when you have all necessary safety equipment you cannot be sure it's going to end well.

15 Time to Hit the Target!

Time to Hit the Target!

This is a photo report from the Moscow Open Sports Sniping Championship that was held in July 2012. Eight types of exercises were planned for
shooting at the distance of 50-650 m. (165-2130 ft). A shooter had to have a rifle with a telescopic sight and fire accuracy 0.5-1.0 MOA.
6 Sochi Olympic Objects Today

Sochi Olympic Objects Today

The construction of the Olympic objects in Sochi is in full swing. We decided to see
how much they have built this year and what new has appeared there for the games.

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