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17 Russian Budget Racing

Russian Budget Racing

Car racing is an expensive sports, everybody knows that. You need to spend thousands dollars after each round to repair and tune up your racing car. Racing teams rely on rich supporters. But people in smaller Russian cities can't afford this, does it mean they are deprived of the possibility to race?
These guys from Yekaterinburg, Russia make their races in their own way, on a small playground in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by living blocks. Another strange fact about this race that according to the photos most of the viewers are military and/or policemen.
faces of Russian sport
7 Faces of Sport

Faces of Sport

Just a few shots from different
Russian sports contests by hveraronda
Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer Klichko
15 Klichko’s House

Klichko’s House

Probably many of us have heard about Klichko, the Ukrainian Russian speaking boxer, who won a lot of fights in USA. For example like this one: We have been sumbitted a
photos of his new house is being built in Ukraine. Now we can take a look. The style of the house is more like classic after Soviet houses - red brick etc.
18 Russian Spiderman

Russian Spiderman

This Russian guy shows how trained he is. First he shows a short training then he climbs different
buildings, runs away from a dog and doing different stuff that demands a high physical fit.
10 Video of a Floodlight Tower Blasted in St. Petersburg

Video of a Floodlight Tower Blasted in St. Petersburg

This is the video of how the floodlight tower was blown up on the stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was devastated on purpose, as a step on the way to removing the old
stadium before the new one would be built. Still it’s impressive how a huge construction is falling down right on the stadium field, slowly and gracefully.
110 ATM mistake lead to $700,000,000 credited to bank account

ATM mistake lead to $700,000,000 credited to bank account

This story happened a few days ago in Ekaterinburg city, in Ural region in Russia. One man decided to add some money to his bank account via ATM. He went to the nearest one and put 2,000 roubles (around $74). The ATM took the money and returned him a slip. Here is the
photo of that slip: The amount on the slip was 2,006,699,00 RUR (around $7,430,000). He was astonished, he has got another slip – and still the amount was the same. So he decided to go the bank and tell them about the mistake ATM made.
china chess players against russian chess
0 China hopes to win chess contest against Russia

China hopes to win chess contest against Russia

China's top chess administrator believes that China is strong enough to beat Russia in the chess contest of two nations starting on Thursday. "China stands a better chance than in any of the previous two contests, since Chinese players, especially the men's team, have improved a lot," said China's chess
chief Wang Runan. The third edition of the China-Russia Chess Contest, slated for Aug. 10-20, opened Thursday at the newly constructed Mongolian Camp, near the Chinese side of the border with Russia, with 20 grandmasters from the two countries facing off against each other.
soccer players and coach learn russian language
0 Russian language is very difficult

Russian language is very difficult

 The chief coach of Russian national soccer team, under whose leadership on 16 AUgust Russian team will play a friendlie with the team from Latvia, has shared his impressions over Russian championship. "I take private classes, but Russian language is very difficult. And until I know it pretty well, I am not going to speak on it. As for my first words to the players... Consider, I'll remind them that a new EURO 2008 is coming up, and that we have to unite our efforts and try to succeed. I'll tell'em they have to be proud that they got to defend the National colors. Thuogh I think all players understand it anyway. Then we'll start getting ready for the match against Latvia. It's not that much time left: on the first day platers
will recover from their club matches, the next day we'll devote to light trainings. I think in these two days we'll have enough time to know each other better.  "Also it will be pretty interesting for me to take a look at your under 21 national team: this team is our future, and for me it's of a first importance to keep an eye on it", siad Hiddink to the official site of RFS. On a question what had he known about Latvia Dutch specialist replied: "I've seen the video with the last game of this team and I imagine what are they able on. But honestly, I'm more concerned not about them, but about our team. It's more important for me to find contacts with Russian players".
Champions League has returned to Moscow.
0 Champions League has returned to Moscow.

Champions League has returned to Moscow.

CsKA has defeated the champion of Slovakia and practically opened himself the freeway into the group stage of the Champions League. That's the seventh time in last eight seasons Russia is being presented in the group stage the most popular european soccer competition. Confident win over slovakian
"Ruzhomberok" has ruined all doubts about the result of a two-match competition. Will Russia have for the third time in history two teams playing in the Champions League? We'll get to know on the 23 August after the second game between "Spartak" and Chech Republic champion "Slovan"...
Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes
0 Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes

Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes

  Russian tennis player, Evgenie Kafelnikov, well-known in the past, has recognized that tax claims of authorities of the Swiss city of Melin are quite proved. He was the first professional tennis player in the world to be accused of non-payment of almost 150 thousand local francs (about 100 thousand euro), says the edition
of News. "It would be silly to say that is not true, - Kafelnikov has noted. - I did not pay taxes to Switzerland for a year or two. For this delay comes even more penalty ". Local tax bodies have seized the house of the sportsman in Мелине which, according to authorities, is up for sale.

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