Russian cars racing in Soviet times
45 Soviet Racing

Soviet Racing

There are some countries where is racing is banned at all. In such countries they don't have racing teams or competitions simply for that reason. In Soviet Union, the place where a lot of stuff was banned, they still had races held and available for general public to visit the racing and there were sport sections training young men from early age for becoming a race driver. Maybe the biggest difference between Soviet race and race from other world was the absense of commercial stickers on the cars. In Soviet Russia they didn't have any competition since all commerce belonged to the state and all the goods were manufactured by state - so there
was no reason to advertise anything, so racing cars were clear - just with numbers on them, and sometimes the name of the team. Also there were no foreign car makes participating in Soviet Russia races, only the serial cars manufactured in USSR. There were no any V8 or V6 engines, no turbos or compressors - just plain 1.0 liter small passenger cars that were sold to Soviet people colored in some racing colors. Though sometimes the enthusiasts of racing made some tuning by themselves sitting late evenings in their garages to get one or two more horsepower from 60 horsepower engines of Lada.
17 Uzbek Football

Uzbek Football

Football (soccer) training
of Uzbekistan national team.
Russian sport fans
32 Fans and Police

Fans and Police

Russian sport fans are
quarelling with police.
18 Russian Jedi Skating

Russian Jedi Skating

This Russian skater decided to make some not usual
performance while on the contest in Japan.
Russian hockey players 1

19 Russian Hockey Cards

Russian Hockey Cards

Remember those small cards you probably enjoyed collecting in the childhood with some random football, hockey or maybe golf
players photos on them? Thanks to the Soviet Government Russia kids of 70s also had the possibility enjoying this fun.
Russian Boxer Valuev 1

23 Boxer in the Accident

Boxer in the Accident

Russian celebrity boxers also get into car accidents. This time Nikolai Valuev, famous Russian boxer got into road accident in his native city
St.Petersburg, Russia. People say that the guy who caused the accident could not open his mouth after finding out whose car he crashed.
playing stalker for real 1

50 The Real S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The Real S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

These guys play popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game for real. They on purpose go to the Chernobyl area of the nuclear disaster explosion site dress in Stalker themed cloths and play, even
involving armored vehicles and real guns. And that's all just a few yards away from the disaster site, the place where there is still a high dose of radiation in the soil.
Playing soccer on the Red Square, Moscow, Russia 1

25 The Red Square Soccer

The Red Square Soccer

Now everyone can play soccer (European football) on the Red
Square. Now people stand in long lines to do this.
29 Viacheslav Datsik: The Boxer

Viacheslav Datsik: The Boxer

And now to the sports news. Russian boxer Viacheslav Datsik says: ""I want to fight
and die on the ring!". You can see one of his fights in the video below:
russian hockety
30 Russian Hockey

Russian Hockey

Last night hockey game gone real messy in Russia when the sudden quarrel emerged turning into an epic fight. Reporters say that this one has beat up all the records according to its overall
duration time, including same situations from NHL. All of it was aired on TV too so all the viewers could get two-in-one - a hockey and some sort of street boxing tournament.

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