8 Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

I am not sure how rare is this but here a guy from Vladivostok Russia pulls 120 ton (as reported) train with four train cars. Before that he already
tried to pull a 65 ton Airbus. I am not sure this can be measured like this - but how many horsepower is this effort worth of?  

4 Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Sadon and Halon - these villages were destroyed by mudslides in the not so distant past, in 2002. For more than a century, nonferrous metallurgy was considered to be the foundation of the North Ossetian industry. Mining began to develop here in the 1850s, with the participation of foreign capital. The
Alagirsky silver-plumbum plant was built, and development of Sadonskoe mine had began. In 1886, the Belgian miners built the towns of Halon and Sadon, and they survived until 2002. Then the mudflows flooded the mines and buildings were ruined. Today, Sadon and Halon are dangerous to live in.

2 Moscow Olympics

Moscow Olympics

A few photos from a private archive of the
Moscow summer olympic games of 1980.
2 New Olympic Sports: Skelecurling, Bobathlon and others

New Olympic Sports: Skelecurling, Bobathlon and others

Ok while the Olympics are going on, some Russian bloggers decided that time has come to improve the existing olympic sports and created some mash ups. Like for example a Bobathlon - a glorious mix between
bobsled and biathlon - bobsled riders equipped with rifles have to shoot targets while speeding down the track. I wonder if they have the skis inside the car as well or not. Then next one is
5 Church: to the Space and Beyond

Church: to the Space and Beyond

As it has been reported by API news agency, there is a cosmonaut (astronaut) space suit that has been developed especially for the use by Orthodox church priests while their (possible) space trips. As the agency says: "priests can fly to space with accordance to all their religious protocols and implement their
function in space. It's not yet clear when the first launch is planned though". Also, recently there were reports of Russian Orthodox Church adopting special Olympic uniform to support the Sochi Winter Games. Here we can see some photos of the Church's head in the mentioned outfit:
1 Possessed By Satan

Possessed By Satan

Someone should immediately call an exorcist! Despite all those
sounds the brunette was producing, the Ukrainian girl finally won!

1 Unusual Biathlon Uniform

Unusual Biathlon Uniform

16 years old daughter of the Russian Olympic champion in biathlon appeared in the final race in underwear put on her sports uniform. She explained such behavior by the
word she had given to her friends - she promised them that she would put underwear on her uniform for the next race of she wins. Word spoken is past recalling!
1 Russian Skis

Russian Skis

Do you know what real "citizen journalism" is about? It's something like this. You spot it, you comment it acting like an anchor, you post it and submit it. Then someone watches it and get the
positive emotion too, so everyone gets happy. Because it is the emotion what matters most. And yes it is about skis and someone who is so fed up with skiing he decides to quit it.
8 National Geographic Visits to the USSR

National Geographic Visits to the USSR

So popular National Geographic used to write much about Russia / Soviet Union as well. Here
is a nice selection of Soviet images from National Geographic magazines dated 1976-78.
Kiev Gym 2 2
19 Popular Training Location in Kiev

Popular Training Location in Kiev

Life is full of amazing things we don't even know about. When we have a chance to see them we
feel bright emotions and delight. One of such things is an unusual gym in Kiev, Ukraine.

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