16 Snow Delivery

Snow Delivery

Yesterday in Moscow there was held Parallel Slalom FIS Champions Cup. The annual event is carried out in Moscow already for several years, each year in November. The jump is a huge construction of 60 meters high, 37 meters wide and 210 meters
long (195/120/690 feet.) But there is one question, where did they get such an amount of snow for the event? Since this weekend weather wasn’t so cold, about 40 F, and snow was melting quite pacey in the streets of Moscow.
52 Just Make a Leap

Just Make a Leap

The second capital city of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, can boast of beauty of its architecture. But its off-beat design is not the only thing the city can show. Also it has a great diversity of
different subcultures with lots of followers. And recently two guys from one of city’s traceur movements decided to take their chances and make the use of their city’s architecture.
Flu in Urkaine
54 Halloween Ill Mood

Halloween Ill Mood

Deserted streets. Hardly ever one or two lonely pedestrians, with their faces wrapped in bandages, hastily cross the street and hurry back to their houses, afraid to spend an extra minute outside. They won't touch each other with a ten-foot pole, won’t talk to each other even if they are good friends, they
just hustle by each other. People are in panic. People won’t get out from their homes, their TVs and radios mutter dark… something about a disastrous epidemic… something about fatal outcomes… something about the cure... None of these “somethings” sound assuring anymore.
Ukraine parliament
16 Parliament Boxing

Parliament Boxing

Today we have some scraps from the Ukraine! These pictures and the video are taken from a recent parliament meeting in which a new bill was passed.  A small note of interest – the tall, angry looking fellow is
named Vitali Klitschko and he is not only a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Congress of the Council of Europe, but he is also the current World Boxing Council heavyweight champion.
Orthodox Church Icon

21 The Soccer Icon

The Soccer Icon

Now Orthodox church is making football (soccer) icons, probably its purpose is to make the
team more successful, I don't know really, but they look very serious about that!
14 Russian Roads

Russian Roads

As Russians there are only two problems in Russia: roads and fools. But time is changing, so are the problems to deal with. As well
as the way to do it. Environmental, for example. Yes, Moscow streets are dirty. Right, Moscow cars are not squeaky clean.
Russian fallout goes Real 2

44 Fall Out for Real

Fall Out for Real

There are a lot of fans of "Fallout" game across the world. In Russia this electronic entertainment piece is widely recognized too. Sometimes the anticipation to game goes so strong that devoted people are trying to transfer the gameplay to real life, stating that some Russian abandoned locations are a perfect fit for an image of "New California" after it was bombed by nuclear missiles. Brothers of steel,
rangers, peaceful citizens, raiders and many others are those who you can meet if to visit one of those locations. "Game is so attractive when it's played for real that sometimes you even forget that this is the game", says one of the participants. "Especially if you try to keep the quality of the costumes and everything as much high and close to the game as possible", he adds.
Russian girl

33 Fitness Champion [updated]

Fitness Champion [updated]

Maria is not a regular Russian girl. She
is world champion of fitness.
Russian gym in forest
15 Forest Gym

Forest Gym

Doing sports on fresh air is so fun. Guys have
found a working gym somewhere in Russian woods.
Russian Mountains near Murmans, Hibini Mountains
20 Hibini Mountains

Hibini Mountains

We have mentioned some time ago the abandoned cities of Kola Peninsula, left by people and Russian army, now standing alone with only severe Northern winds inhabiting them. This place is also on Kola Cape, but they got
better fate. One of the reasons for this is because of the Hibini mountains, which got this region a travel twist. Now around some abandoned Soviet structures one can use the ski lifts and skiing trace.

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