9 Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Have you ever tried parachute jumping? Whether your answer yes or no, you
will find it interesting to see these guys trembling with fear!
11 Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Today we'll get some more experience about Russian soldiers' lives
in Khankala city by visiting a motorized rifle brigade.
15 Window Into Space

Window Into Space

Today we'll visit a unique complex of space monitoring
located 9 km away from the Tajik city of Nurek.
21 Hunting Exhibition In Moscow

Hunting Exhibition In Moscow

Welcome to the International exhibition 'ARMS AND HUNTING 2011' held
in Moscow where various kinds of weapons were presented.
21 Military Training Maneuvers In Kazakhstan

Military Training Maneuvers In Kazakhstan

Military maneuvers Center-2011 that took place in Kazakhstan consisted of two parts such as
confronting the attack of the amphibious assault landing and defending against the ground posture.
26 From Civilians Into Soldiers

From Civilians Into Soldiers

Russians are working on a new project - "Special mission". This time the participants are working not in the rich sets adroitly imitating some extreme environment but in absolutely real conditions of a Russian military unit. All the participants are people who are
really far from the army. In some weeks under the command of real veteran officers they have to turn into tempered, disciplined soldiers ready to attain special combat tasks. In fact it's not just a TV show, it's more likely a real army experiment.
9 Back In History: The Battle Of Alma

Back In History: The Battle Of Alma

Reconstruction of the renown battle of Alma of 1854 took place in Vilino village, Crimea.
The activity is carried out for the 4th time and gains more importance every year.
15 Kazan: the City of Contrasts

Kazan: the City of Contrasts

Kazan is a city where Muslims and Christians peacefully live together. The former capital of the Khanate of Kazan has recently celebrated its millennium, but it doesn't produce the impression of an
ancient city. Mosques, churches and not numerous wooden houses go well with pompous modern architecture. The ancient Kremlin and high-rise glass buildings make Kazan the city of contrasts...
12 Russian Defenders In Chechnya

Russian Defenders In Chechnya

Let's see what it means to be a contract soldier
of a motorized infantry located in Chechnya.
3 Extreme Skating Through The Slag Mountains

Extreme Skating Through The Slag Mountains

Do you feel like performing extreme actions? Well, skating through the black slag sands of
Karabash which is one of the dirties places in the world can be one of them.

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