6 Kazakh Parachute Jumpers

Kazakh Parachute Jumpers

The best parachute team of Central Asia entirely consists of military men of the Kazakh army, which makes sense because such teams, as a rule, show good
performance. Maybe it's military discipline or enthusiasm that is inherent in soldiers, which help them win medals at contests... but the fact still remains.
Reconstructed Olympiysky 25
3 Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

They've finally reconstructed Olympiysky Sports Complex in Kiev as you know. So, now it
looks up-to-date and more European-like. Let's see some more pictures of the stadium.
The Olympics In Sochi 9
13 Preparing For The Olympics-2014

Preparing For The Olympics-2014

In 2014 Sochi is going to host the Olympic Games, which Russian people are very happy about, because it will enhance the prestige of the country and in Russia they will have a new world-class touristic city. Some people don't believe that builders will be
able to finish their projects in time but after seeing what they've already done, no doubt will be left. In the picture: Stadium 'Fisht' construction. The stadium was named after Mount Fisht which means 'white head' (the glacier on top).
Tank Brigade Training 9
28 Tank Brigade Training

Tank Brigade Training

On Novermber, 2nd in Naro-Fominsk, a demonstration of training of the reconnaissance company of the 4th tank brigade took place. The event was timed to the Military Reconnaissance Day, which they celebrate in Russia on November, 5th.
Reconnaissance parties are very important for the army because they provide it with information. That is why soldiers should be ready for anything, such as shooting, fighting, firing mines, throwing knives, making an ambush, etc.
14 Champion Customizer

Champion Customizer

  Yuriy Shif is a famous Byelorussian customizer who designs
and constructs motorcycles and then creates their doubles.
6 A Junior Stunt School In Moscow

A Junior Stunt School In Moscow

One of the most intresting places in Moscow is located in the estuary of the Setun river. Behind the tree crowns there are some towers and medieval structures. It's a special junior stunt school
"Master" created in 1993 by the famous stuntman Igor Panin. The school occupies the territory of historical and cultural complex Setun camp. Let's have a look to the school on the inside.
26 How To Deserve a Red Beret?

How To Deserve a Red Beret?

The red beret is a uniform cap of special mission units of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. It is a boast and pride of each special squad soldier. Only
those who manage to stand special tests, have a right to wear the red beret. Besides, it can be granted to soldiers who show courage performing a mission.
9 Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Have you ever tried parachute jumping? Whether your answer yes or no, you
will find it interesting to see these guys trembling with fear!
11 Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Today we'll get some more experience about Russian soldiers' lives
in Khankala city by visiting a motorized rifle brigade.
15 Window Into Space

Window Into Space

Today we'll visit a unique complex of space monitoring
located 9 km away from the Tajik city of Nurek.

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