6 Barbie: International Muay Thai Champion from Belarus

Barbie: International Muay Thai Champion from Belarus

The Belarus website 'Onliner' publishes an interview with their countrywoman Ekaterina - a worldwide Muay Thai fighting champ. She says that her mission is to "break the stereotypes that a fighter should be ugly and man-like". Some people like the girls more than the stories, so this story should fit both types of audiences. Also, big thanks to Onliner for publishing
this!   Ekaterina doesn't go as "Ekaterina" when she fights on the ring. She goes under the nickname "Barbie". And who would argue with her choice? She started her Muay Thai lessons when she was 17. She hates when other female fighters try to look man-like. "They cut their hair, they get tatoos, I hate this!" says Yekaterina-the-great.

1 Russian Athlete Travelled to top of the Mountain with a Barbell

Russian Athlete Travelled to top of the Mountain with a Barbell

A Russian bodybuilder has travelled to the top of the highest mountain in Europe and Russia - Mount Elbrus. He didn't travel alone. He took his favorite 75 kilo (or around 150 lbs) barbell together with him on his
shoulders. It took him eight days to reach the height of 5,642 meters (18,510 feet)! He got severely burned and was tired but still went forward and on September 6th he reached his goal. A few photos are inside.

18 New Guns from Zlatoust

New Guns from Zlatoust

Famous Russian defense enthusiast and authority Mr. Korotchenko is a frequent visitor to different national and international exhibitions of
armaments. This time again he was invited to an event in Arab Emirates where Russian guns from Zlatoust were exhibited. Here are some of his photos:

10 Autumn is a Harvest Time

Autumn is a Harvest Time

We know that fall is harvest time, and soldiers also know it. In the Soviet Union, it was a common tradition to send soldiers, students of
colleges and universities, and others to help pick the crops. However, these are not photos from the Soviet years, but from 2014.

11 Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Before the Sochi Olympics, this place appeared in the Sochi Mountains. Ilya, who went there and took the photos, calls it "100% child of Olympics" probably meaning that this was "ordered" to built so that guests of the Olympics had one more attraction to
visit. However, no matter that it's an "artificial" project, it turned out to be pretty well done and we have a chance to look into this "Roza Hutor" (that's his name) resort up close. From a distance it looks pretty European stylized.

1 A Gameday in Moscow

A Gameday in Moscow

A few photos in color and B/W from sporting events of old Moscow. Soccer, tennis, water polo - these sorts of games have attracted
thousands of people to "Luzhniki" - the main sports arena in Moscow. You can see here how it looked back in the 1950s.

8 Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

I am not sure how rare is this but here a guy from Vladivostok Russia pulls 120 ton (as reported) train with four train cars. Before that he already
tried to pull a 65 ton Airbus. I am not sure this can be measured like this - but how many horsepower is this effort worth of?  

4 Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Sadon and Halon - these villages were destroyed by mudslides in the not so distant past, in 2002. For more than a century, nonferrous metallurgy was considered to be the foundation of the North Ossetian industry. Mining began to develop here in the 1850s, with the participation of foreign capital. The
Alagirsky silver-plumbum plant was built, and development of Sadonskoe mine had began. In 1886, the Belgian miners built the towns of Halon and Sadon, and they survived until 2002. Then the mudflows flooded the mines and buildings were ruined. Today, Sadon and Halon are dangerous to live in.

2 Moscow Olympics

Moscow Olympics

A few photos from a private archive of the
Moscow summer olympic games of 1980.
2 New Olympic Sports: Skelecurling, Bobathlon and others

New Olympic Sports: Skelecurling, Bobathlon and others

Ok while the Olympics are going on, some Russian bloggers decided that time has come to improve the existing olympic sports and created some mash ups. Like for example a Bobathlon - a glorious mix between
bobsled and biathlon - bobsled riders equipped with rifles have to shoot targets while speeding down the track. I wonder if they have the skis inside the car as well or not. Then next one is

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