1 More Troops on Streets in Kazan

More Troops on Streets in Kazan

More troops were photographed on the streets of Kazan, Russia. The photographer says: "Today at 6pm (it's night there now), saw a lot of troops in the
downtown. Also there is an info that more tanks arrived from Volga region". We are sorry for the photo quality, this is all we have.
2 Space Rocket Being Assembled

Space Rocket Being Assembled

This is how the assembly of the rocket "Proton" is being finished before its launch planned for later this month. In the photos you can see how the future satellites are being "stuffed" next to each other,
together with the parts of the engines which are used to propel the whole installation and then the parts of outer shell of the rocket are mounted. Photos are clickable for a larger, widescreen view.
2 Soviet Cosmonaut Depicts Space

Soviet Cosmonaut Depicts Space

There are no second raters among cosmonauts. All of them are interesting, smart and often gifted. Thus the first man who walked in space, Soviet cosmonaut
Alexey Leonov, was a good artist. And it's lucky for all of us, because nobody would ever show space better than those who have been there.
30 Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire

Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire

"Neftekamskneftehim" is the largest oil refinery in Europe. It is located in Tatarstan, Russia and today, at 7.00pm Moscow
Time, dozens of firemen were urgently summoned as the oil giant started burning. More photos and videos inside.
14 Massive Army Gathered a Few Miles from Europe

Massive Army Gathered a Few Miles from Europe

At this moment, a large scale military movement and exercise is taking place in Vyborg, just a few miles east of the border with the European Union and Finland. Joint Chief Commanders are present on site. As fontanka.ru states, a joint
force of thirty Russian regions have moved their forces to the area to take part. This includes 150,000 infantry, 90 warplanes, 120 helicopters, 880 tanks, 80 warships and other military machinery. It was massive!
8 Odessa 1976

Odessa 1976

In 1976 a Finnish journalist, Seppo Tuominen, came to Odessa and Kishinev,
Ukraine. These are the pictures he managed to take at that time.

3 Huge Pancake Pie

Huge Pancake Pie

Big scope for a big city! This is how they decided to celebrate Maslenitsa (Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday
also known as Butter week) in Moscow - they made a huge 500 kg pie from pancakes with bananas and chocolate paste!

0 More Winter in Chernobyl

More Winter in Chernobyl

Some more photos of the Nuclear Winter - Winter of Chernobyl. As people say this year winter there wasn't too snowy, however the temperature went far below zero, as low as -25
C. So the photos were made in one of those colder days when the bright Sun shone thru the ice freezing air on the abandoned postapocalyptic structures of Pripyat.
0 Winter In the Neighborhood

Winter In the Neighborhood

This artwork tells the story of the times when the Internet didn't exist and the people of USSR found their way outside to get themselves entertained. The picture was created by I.Popov in 1964
in Russia but is being stored in Minneapolis Museum of Russian Art. Inside there is a close look on the fragments revealing the details of exactly what people did at that times.
58 Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

Some photos taken in Crimea, Ukraine yesterday. Photos are from different sources and are describing the situation as a whole. Also, according to Wikipedia and the Ukrainian census of 2001, the majority of people
in Crimea (77% to be exact) are considered to be native Russian speakers. 97% of people of Crimea conduct their daily communications in Russian, so these photos can be understood as somehow sincere.

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