2 Lipetsk Airbase and Su-25 and Su-24 Planes

Lipetsk Airbase and Su-25 and Su-24 Planes

Sergei has visited an airbase in Lipetsk and taken photos of Russian jets preparing for
fighting in "Air darts" drills. This time those are Su-25 and Su-24 attack bombers.

5 Hermits Village in Sibir Mountains of Russia

Hermits Village in Sibir Mountains of Russia

Two thousand meters above sea level, in mountains near Krasnoyarsk Russia, there is a village where hermits moved to twenty years ago and built everything from scratch. A blogger took a
trip there too see how they live off the grid in the mountains. To get to the place one has to take an eighty kilometer trip on a mud road, like this one which the author took:

2 Abandoned resort in Chernobyl

Abandoned resort in Chernobyl

The recreation center "Emerald" is located on the shores of the cooling pond of the Chernobyl NPP. The center includes about 100 wooden summer houses where people can stay which are located in a beautiful pine grove. The "Emerald" offered for
guests a library, a ballroom, a boat station, a cinema, and a shop. After the accident, the "Emerald" was not abandoned immediately. Liquidators settled there. Their respirators and other stuff  can still be found in the area ...

8 Life in Belarus Village

Life in Belarus Village

Recently, the Belarus president has been mentioned in the news for supposedly wanting to restrict the villagers of Belarus from changing their place of residence and place of work, chaining them to their current locations. Later, he said the press didn't get his words
right, and he didn't want to enslave the peasants but was, on the contrary, talking about the managers calling for them not to change workplaces and to stay where they are. Anyway, these are the photos from AP about Belarus and life in its villages.

10 Apartments of Chernobyl

Apartments of Chernobyl

"Apartments of Chernobyl." What does this phrase mean, what associations it cause in your mind? Unlike the fully resettled and long abandoned Pripyat, where only the laundry is operating now, the city of Chernobyl is partly residential - workers live there - liquidators who undertake
the construction of a new Chernobyl containment structure and totally eliminate the consequences of the accident. In the city there are also old abandoned sectors, consisting mainly of the private sector. Since 1986, only the wind of emptiness walks there.

5 Donetsk, Ukraine 1962

Donetsk, Ukraine 1962

If you have watched the news lately and had seen some coverage of Ukraine, you probably have seen some armed men. Most of those, I think, come from the Donetsk region. The "capital" of this area is the city of Donetsk - a city of almost one million people. The main theme of the region might be called coal mining - Donetsk itself hosts the main offices and the coal mines of the region give work to
thousands of people involved in this business. They have an official symbol for Donetsk - the figure of a coal miner, and the local football club was called "Coal-miner". And now, a set of pictures from Donetsk taken in 1962. A totally different time, Donetsk is already a center for coal mining in Ukraine and an important supplier of coal for the whole of the Soviet Union.
0 No Panic Here

No Panic Here

    This panorama looks like an abandoned town that got flooded but people play cool
about it. There is no panic, not even a single sign of despair. Do you want to know why?

5 Tourism in USSR

Tourism in USSR

Ok, speaking about cold river kayaking, here we find a set of Soviet era photos of people traveling around. In the USSR a person, as a rule, couldn't travel abroad so most of population travelled inside the country. The country had
different places to offer - people could climb mountains, kayak and raft in rivers, ride skis or simply go camping. All this can be seen in these widescreen, mostly color, photos of Soviet tourism.  

5 Soviet Videogames Copied from American and Japanese Ones

Soviet Videogames Copied from American and Japanese Ones

"Electronica" is a well-known Soviet brand. Under this brand in Soviet times, different plants produced a wide range of household electrical appliances: TVs, computer systems, calculators,
electronic watches, tape recorders, video recorders and other products, but not everyone guessed that many products released under this brand were copied from samples of foreign technology.

6 Taking a Trip Back in Time to Pripyat 1985

Taking a Trip Back in Time to Pripyat 1985

"Dead City", "scary place where will be never more people", "the city where it is better not to stay for a night " - the most often spoken characteristics of Pripyat. Most of the photo-stories about Pripyat are filled with these phrases. After similar stories a tourist who visited the city will sit in a bus thinking what an awful
place he has just visited. But this photos will tell you about another Pripyat, good and beautiful. It was a city for young people, and this atmosphere has remained there forever. It will be in Pripyat until its last day, until the last building collapses and the city finally turns back into forest.

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