1 Kaspersky Triumphant Elephant

Kaspersky Triumphant Elephant

Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder of "Kaspersky Antivirus" has reportedly purchased a
Triumph Elephant by Salvador Dali and installed it in "Kaspersky" office.

1 Sea Lion in the Forest

Sea Lion in the Forest

Elena from Kavalerovo, Russia says that her parents met a sea lion in the.. forest. "It was pretty far away from the sea shore - at least 1200 ft (400 m ). It was growling and tried to bite". People tried to take
him back to the sea. "There were traces of his flippers in the forest, so for sure he got into the forest all by himself", writes Elena. Later, the parents finally got a grip on a sea animal:

5 An Abandoned Soviet Cultural Center

An Abandoned Soviet Cultural Center

As the photographer says: "In Soviet times authorities paid greater attention to the leisure time of Soviet citizens. In the 70's and 80's a lot of Dom Kulturi (or House of Culture in Russian or Cultural Centers) were built. Movies were shown there, and dance and music classes were held both for adults and for kids. They were named as a rule after the factory or college which they belonged to." Then the author says that in the city where she was growing up, there
were a few Dom Kultury. One of them was (unofficially) called "Steklyashka" (piece of glass) and another was called "Neutrino" - that's because her city was connected with nuclear power for the Soviet Union. "So this Dom Kultury I visited also belongs to some factory ... this is probably the most beautiful house of culture I ever visited." So we can check if it really is as beautiful as the author finds it, right inside this post.
1 A House Went Down the Sinkhole

A House Went Down the Sinkhole

A whole house went under ground in Kazakhstan. It went as deep as 330 feet down, as the website reports. The young homeowner, Anastasia, and her toddler survived: "I was at home and then suddenly the chandelier started shaking on
the ceiling. I went outside and saw a hole behind the house." As reported, police have ordered people of nearby houses to leave as the ground continues to subside. There are some more photos and a video inside:
16 From Soviet to Russian

From Soviet to Russian

  In Crimea, it has been reported, they give Russian passports to the people wanting them. This implies that they are getting a Russian citizenship as well and probably cancellation of their citizenship of Ukraine, because as as far I remember, Ukrainian laws don't permit having another citizenship. This is probably a pretty routine procedure there now, however a notable case occurred some time ago, as in one of the Crimean
villages a man, Yuri, came for his new Russian passport and failed to present his Ukrainian one - as reported by the Sudakonline local Crimean website. When asked where his Ukrainian passport was, the man said he refused to accept Ukrainian citizenship and for twenty three years held his old Soviet passport, and now he came to get a new Russian passport. There is just one photo here.    

6 A Packed Abandoned Soviet Shelter

A Packed Abandoned Soviet Shelter

"This is a unique shelter! It is packed with old Soviet defense stuff! I think so much stuff is there because the shelter is half flooded and not many will
risk going there barefoot, but I took my gumboots with me to enter" - writes the photographer, who took a trip to this place recently. More inside.

33 A Military Drill in Ukraine

A Military Drill in Ukraine

They say an extensive military drill was held in Ukraine. The Department
of defense has published some images, and here are some of them.

3 Trip to the Gold Mining Village

Trip to the Gold Mining Village

Well, here is another blogger sharing photos of his road trip to a village. Let's see what he says: "Whole village has no piece of paved road. Young mothers with
baby carriages walk, and the dirt of passing cars goes in every direction. You can only get into the yard on something equipped with caterpillar tracks."
17 Russian Blogger Finds Tver City Bad

Russian Blogger Finds Tver City Bad

A blogger from Moscow, Ilya, has travelled to the Russian city of Tver, which is roughly one hundred miles away from Moscow, and has around 400,000 people living in it. He says the city is bad: "Tver is an
African-style savage, dirty and destroyed city. Looks like nothing good has happened here in the last twenty years. I travel a lot across Russia but you don't often meet such a ***hole." - writes Ilya.
17 Moscow Anti Paid Street Parking Revolt

Moscow Anti Paid Street Parking Revolt

Believe it or not, but most Russian cities don't have parking enforcement in terms of paid parking. I mean that in most of the cities there is no any fee to park on the city streets, even downtown. Moscow, the capital, only got parking meters in 2013. Before that, most of the street parking in Moscow was free. As far as I understood, the new parking system implemented in Moscow uses video cameras to track the amount of time paid for. So basically, there are no parking officers circling around and checking for expired meters, but rather streets are equipped with cameras which track
the car plates and corresponding payments that can be made through the payment machines or by text message. However, people were not used to pay for something they were getting free for so long. I remember how the whole introduction of paid parking in Moscow caused negative responses and a sort of hysteria. So even almost a year after the implementation, people do tricks to avoid the payment. The most popular thing to do for this is to cover part of the plate with some object to prevent the cameras from reading your registration.

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