0 Extra Security of Sochi Olympics

Extra Security of Sochi Olympics

Eleven thousand security cameras.  Fifty thousand police officers. The safety systems of the Sochi Olympics are really strict. Police squads have come from different regions of Russia to protect the sports venues and hotel complexes for sportsmen, journalists and spectators. Those who want to enter the Olympic park should first undergo a thorough check similar to the way it's done at an airport. Visitors have to take their hats and coats off, show what they have inside their bags, and take all metal items out. They are not allowed to bring in liquids, food and some other stuff, and once they get into the precinct, they are
watched by eleven thousand surveillance cameras. No other Olympic Games have ever had so many of them before.   Transport and energy infrastructure are under strict control, too. Special attention is paid to the airport, station, railway and road tunnels. The water area is protected by combat boats. Counter-terrorism boat. Olympic Games started with football... This is where they are based! Boring! No violators at all! Lines for Olympic transport. Something secret? Foot patrol. These machines are used for scanning vehicles. via dervishv
10 Yanukovich: Real or Not?

Yanukovich: Real or Not?

Last week there were rumors circulating in the Russian and Ukrainian media and blogs about the health of Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovich. According to the news published by some sources he had a heart attack and remained unconscious. Then later, a new press conference was announced and the Ukrainian president appeared alive and looking pretty normal. However the heart attack theory enthusiasts started analyzing his behavior and visual appearance, and said that they found staggering proof that this was not the real Yanukovich
but rather his twin. According to their opinion there is a whole list of flaws and discrepancies between the two people giving interviews ten days apart. They claim that the hair color, manners, eyes and even his voice don't match. Also, some say that a person from the latter press conference is not as tall as the "real" Yanukovich. One news agency has interviewed a representative of the "Regional Party" - the party that supported Yanukovich greatly while he was in power. And he said that:
6 Yanukovich Took Two Trucks of Art and Valuables Before Leaving

Yanukovich Took Two Trucks of Art and Valuables Before Leaving

Remember the Yanukovich (Ukrainian's president) villa that was visited by protesters? We posted the photos here. They were amazed to find a solid gold two pound coin with the homeowner's own face minted on it and other goodies at that time. However, the videos that surfaced today show that the protesters probably only got the leftovers of what was there when the president was actually living in the house. The videos shows that at least two trucks of belongings
that look like pictures, antique vases and things made of shiny yellow metal were taken away from the villa just some little time before it was occupied by the people from the streets. We have two of these videos here for you to estimate the amount of the valuables that were evacuated together with Yanukovich, and this is him standing in the doorway with the truck on background, commanding in person. Videos are inside:
1 Meanwhile in Ukraine

Meanwhile in Ukraine

Supporters of the new political regime in Ukraine gathered in the center of Lugansk,
Ukraine, but they did not expect supporters of accession to Russia to come so soon...
0 Strong Winds in Southern Russia

Strong Winds in Southern Russia

Strong winds, up to 70 mph, hit the Southern Russian Coast of the Black Sea. Ten foot waves hit the local Black Sea beaches. In the city of Novorosiysk, one of the largest southern Russian ports, the
wind was so strong that it was tearing up the houses, billboard ads and trees. The authorities banned trucks from entering the city in an attempt to keep them safe. Video is inside:
17 Invincible Soviet Army

Invincible Soviet Army

Pictures of the Soviet army that represented an invincible power and aroused fear
in its enemies. Smart, strong, smiling guys who undoubtedly deserved respect.
3 Russian City Under Occupation

Russian City Under Occupation

Several curious images of Lgov, in the Kursk region of Russia during the time of nazi occupation in
1942. Hard days for refugees who lost their homes and bridges of the city blown up by the enemy.
34 Crimea (Ukraine) Today

Crimea (Ukraine) Today

One Russian blogger decided to come to the Crimea, Ukraine, and see what is happening there with his own eyes because most of the information we are provided today can hardly be
trusted. Inside this post we are going to visit some major places on the route Sevastopol-Balaklava-Fiolent and see how Crimean people are living there these days.
8 Follow Me: Police Version

Follow Me: Police Version

It's a reply from the Krasnoyarsk police to the project of the Russian photographer Murad Osmann that became very famous. They decided to do this just before the International
Women's Day celebrated on March 8th. By the way, Kransoyarsk police are becoming more and more social, they already have their own pages on the most popular social networks.
13 Those Who Oppose Terrorists

Those Who Oppose Terrorists

These people have been sent to North Caucasus for fifteen years. At the cost of their lives they stop bandits and terrorists. The images you are about to see are exclusive. They were taken at the time of special operations by the special-purpose team from Moscow (usually it is a sniper who takes photos). We cannot show you their
faces. Such operations are secret and no journalists are allowed. By the way, this group is equipped and prepared better than others. The fighters of the group are constantly taking exercises being an elite of special forces. It's hard to believe but their monthly earnings are only about 1300 dollars.