8 Photos One of the Kurill Island

Photos One of the Kurill Island

This is one of the Kuril islands, the ones that were once Japanese. These were heavily used by the army as they are almost on the border and public access was very restricted previously. However nowadays there are agencies organizing tours to these places so the photographer took one
such tour and here are the photos of the location, which was once upon a time closed to tourists. Beautiful, untouched for years, nature, foggy atmosphere, remains of German and Japanese military hardware - this is what you are going to see in the photos inside.
24 The Demons Tank

The Demons Tank

  "Demon" or "Bes" in Russian, that's what one of the fighting sides in Ukraine calls himself and his group, the Demon's Regiment. And this is their tank, probably captured in a fight. They did some
paintwork to express themselves and we can see some of the artwork in the photos here. As you already see, the armor has a large painting of a demon-like creature's face on it. What else is there?

1 A few KA-52 Copters

A few KA-52 Copters

A few shots of KA-52 "Alligator" helicopters and a couple of the new Mi-35M by Alexandr, just because they are cool machines.
There was a day when military men demonstrated the equipment for local people and so he took the photos then.
7 Historical Casual Photos of Brezhnev

Historical Casual Photos of Brezhnev

    Brezhnev as he was in real life: women, drinking, the car he loved, hunting stories and some others are inside, about the man who was a President (or Secretary General) of the USSR for almost twenty
years, and his epoch was called "Brezhnev's stagnation" (or maybe stability?) for the country. And yes, that's him in the first photo serving drinks to ladies on a yacht in 1973. See more inside.
9 Mi Helicopter Crashes near the Black Sea

Mi Helicopter Crashes near the Black Sea

A MI helicopter crashed in Gelenzhik near the Black Sea during some event devoted to the aviation. The copter was carrying a big red banner saying:
"Helicopters of Russia", and then when almost landed it crashed and burst on fire. There is a video of an accident as well as more photos inside.
4 Abandoned Factory and New Life Around It

Abandoned Factory and New Life Around It

  Here are the abandoned and empty red brick buildings of an old factory which went bankrupt ten years after the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Now its big territory and vast buildings remain empty except some of them are starting to give life to the new generation of small businesses that are around. As you can see in the photo above, the old building
with shattered windows and a dark look hosts dozens of small ads for the small companies hosted here and there on the territory. What are those new companies? Totally different - from car tire sales and repairs to website creation and a nightclub. Yes there is a nightclub based in the abandoned plant too. See inside for more.
2 Dog, the Farmer Helper

Dog, the Farmer Helper

  According to Omsk local news outlet one Omsk man has taught his dog to farm potatoes. He posted photos and
videos and here are a couple of those. Believe it or not it was across the newspapers, see inside:

3 Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Now this island "Belyi" ("White") has the status of a national park, however since the 1930s it was continuously cluttered with the stuff that was brought here from the "Big Earth". As the island is far to the North, inside of the polar circle, everything gets imported here, including fuel in large metal barrels and things like that. There is
lots of stuff to clear up, and here come the volunteers. Actually, the volunteering culture is something pretty new for the country, however here they are. See what it was like to clean a polar island of things that had been brought there for years. Nice polar summer landscapes, fogs, grass and +10 degrees centigrade.

21 More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

Blown up tanks and APCs, projectiles and bullets, stacks of ammo and so on - more than 70 photos of things in Ukraine now. Just imagine this all happening in the places where people live. Nobody evacuated most of them, so they continue their daily routines to the extent
they can do this - all doing this among the other people cruising around in tanks and shooting, mines and bombs. They had some peace talks today, hopefully it will be fruitful and the people can get some air to breath, at least for time being.
12 First Day of School

First Day of School

  The first of September is the first day of school in Russia, school traditionally starts on this day, unless it's a weekend day. There are lots of photos being posted across the country by
the parents and students, but what caught our eye is this photo report from the Kamchatka region. Obviously this school looks like it is not very good, at least from outside.

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