15 Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]

Heavy Armed Clashes in Grozny, Chechnya, Right Now [updated]

As being reported right now (it's night in Russia) there is a heavy gun fight with tanks and artillery in the middle of Chechen capital Grozny city. As being reported it all started in 1.30am as some people shot down three policemen who stopped their car. Then across all the city fights emerged. There have appeared the claims of
some people saying that they are an organized group of over 300 people who attacked Chechnya. As for officials they say there are no 300 attackers, but much less. However some of the buildings in the middle of the city are stormed with tanks and heavy grenade launchers. See more pics and videos inside.

5 Tsunami Destroyed Russian Airbase

Tsunami Destroyed Russian Airbase

In 1979, a tsunami hit the Russian airbase "Thunderbird" on the Russian Pacific Coast. The aftermath was photographed by a pilot who had a camera handy. Tens
of planes and jets were destroyed and the runway was damaged. In some places, planes ended up UNDER the runway pavement. Just see the pics:
109 Donetsk These Days

Donetsk These Days

Donetsk these days is like this... The girl behind the camera, the kid, says "This is beautiful". Her mom responds: "What's beautiful??". Then hushing her daughter like her loud voice can attract the fire on
themselves. It's GRAD systems firing, hosted in an apartment building front lane. This is how they live those days there. Also here is the google maps location of where the fire is coming from:

5 Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

We told you some stories of how drivers put different stuff on their plates in order to cover them from the parking enforcement cameras and workers, and avoid paying for parking and parking fines. Recently, Moscow police has hired ten dogs to run
after the parking enforcement cars and clean up the plates, removing the pieces of junk car owners place there. Here, a few of them have already started working and we have a report on how the dogs help parking enforcement:
10 Church in Space

Church in Space

  The Soviet State, the USSR, was declared to be "religion free" and atheistic. Churches were demolished, the priests were hunted down (especially in the
beginning), and all the results of the development of the country were attributed to materialistic scientific research. Now things have changed. Let's see how.

26 Soviet People

Soviet People

Another selection of colorful photos from back in Soviet times. Usually they are either in color but look like propaganda, or if they
are more informal they are black and white. This time they are in color and don't look like propaganda. So let's take a look. 

10 Awesome and Unique Russian Atomic Icebreaking Fleet

Awesome and Unique Russian Atomic Icebreaking Fleet

A photographer I like, Slava, has visited a breeding ground for the one and only atomic icebreaking fleet in Murmansk. He says that in the whole world, only the USSR and now Russia operate atomic
icebreaking ships, which make them one of a kind and unique and now thanks to Slava, we have a rare chance to take a peek inside their headquarters in Murmansk - a city in the Russian North.

16 Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

You probably remember that a few days ago there was a posting about the seasons changing in Franz Josef Land - one of the most Northern Russian islands, being on the latitude of Northern Greenland, and being
uninhabited. However, the fact that nobody lives there doesn't mean that there is no activity. In fact, there are tons of the old Soviet vehicles, tools, tractors, devices and you name it. Want to take a look?
12 Construction of Baikal-Amur Mainline Railroad

Construction of Baikal-Amur Mainline Railroad

The Baikal Amur railroad was "A project of a century" as Brezhnev said. It was a railroad to connect the middle of Siberia with the Pacific coast, with a length over 4,300 kms. And again, like the story of the exploration of the lands we had earlier, the main power to accomplish this were the young Soviets. They were attracted there by romantic stories of the exploration, a big help to the state, new horizons which will open this road to others, etc. You might find this naive and not too
motivating, but in the country where most of the people were getting the same payments and where there was not much diversity in the stores, and where the apartments were given away by the state and were not purchased, it made sense. People flocked there for a bit higher pay, for doing something new, to be useful, and of course to get free housing, etc. Songs were written about this project, people came from different parts of USSR to take part in it.

7 Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

  Just imagine an old Soviet place where ships - warships, regular ships, etc - which are cut in half or into pieces remain for years. Tons of stuff to explore and photograph. That's why Vladimir Malder has
gone all the way to the most Western part of Russia - Kaliningrad, to visit this secret abandoned place, which is of course forbidden to enter. Want to see what he saw there? Read on!