6 First Flight of Supersonic TU-144

First Flight of Supersonic TU-144

This day, December 31st, but forty six years ago in 1968 the first supersonic passemger jet in the world, the TU-144
took its first flight. Today we are going to remember it with pictures from that event and a story. See inside:

3 Russian Nuclear Submarines Arrive to Murmansk

Russian Nuclear Submarines Arrive to Murmansk

Under the thick layer of ice, two of the biggest Russian submarines arrive at the Gajievo, Murmansk Navy base. They were assembled and serviced in Severodvinsk,
and now came to Gajievo where their future home will be. Oleg, the photographer, has watched their arrival this Saturday and taken some cool photos:
0 Good Artists Copy

Good Artists Copy

Some Russian TV watchers have noticed that a new top-level weekend news program promo looks similar to something. After doing some research
they came out with this Robocop intro. They say the similarities are too clear to just be a pure coincidence. What do you think?
8 Making a Proposal

Making a Proposal

    That's the way how they make proposals these day in Moscow. It's sort of
popular to propose in a original, uncanny way. Do you like this particular idea?
14 Tanks on Russian Children Playgrounds

Tanks on Russian Children Playgrounds

Some Russian kids playgrounds look just like this. It's a "lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system (SPAAG)", standing right in the middle of the
children's playground in Tomsk, Russia. Inside we have over ten more Russian playgrounds with tanks and other armored vehicles right in the middle of them.

7 Korean Warships in Ice Arrive to Russia

Korean Warships in Ice Arrive to Russia

That's not a photo from a movie shooting. That's a Korean warship convoy that a few days ago arrived at Vladivostok. Looks like it's pretty
much freezing these days in that part of the Pacific as the ships were fully covered with ice! A few more photos are inside:

4 A Few Abandoned Planes on the Air Strip

A Few Abandoned Planes on the Air Strip

Andrei Kronos, a blogger, got a chance to go to the city near Moscow with a camera and a wide-angle lens to shoot some photos of the old airplanes that have been
moth-balled for a while. The planes he saw there were TU-154 and AN-24 and he thoroughly photographed those from the outside, and more importantly, from the inside.

8 Missile Launchers at Hand

Missile Launchers at Hand

A few days ago there was a rocket forces anniversary in Russia. So here are some photos from one of the regiments near Vitebsk, Russia. The RuForces bloggers team went there and took some
photos.  If you continue reading this post you'll be able to see one of the most powerful Russian weapons up very, very close, as you have probably never seen it before. So let's see it:

2 Abandoned Electric Vehicles Factory in Kiev

Abandoned Electric Vehicles Factory in Kiev

Most of our abandoned posts come from Russia and not many from other Soviet republics, even Ukraine, one of the largest ones, doesn't often send us pictures of abandoned stuff. This time a Moscow urban explorer, Sam Namos, while he was traveling to Ukraine has visited a local abandoned
factory and taken these photos. The place itself is an abandoned factory which produced electric vehicles. Not the modern ones like Teslas, etc, but rather electric trams and trolley buses. Some of them still stand in the warehouses of this place. Let's take a look!
2 Volcanic Canyon River

Volcanic Canyon River

      On the Kamchatka peninsula, there are plenty of active volcanos, and one volcano's slope - on the Tolbachik volcano - there is the river Studenaia, which is known
for its riverbed being canyons inside the mountain. During the first part of the day in the "dry" season one can easily take a walk through them. Let's take a look:

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