clown ronald in russian t-shirt
9 McDonalds Show

McDonalds Show

Yesterday a group of antiglobalist dressed like a McDonald's clown Roland but wearing Russian navy t-shirts. They wander around the McDonald's restaraunt in the center of Moscow, cried out the slogans like "Go to McDonald's the best network of free restrooms
worldwide". Then they got inside the restaraunt messing continuing there tricks inside. First the McDonald's security was engaged and then Russian police was called, but they ran away. Another activist is wearing "Go Vegan" slogan.
12 Moscow Decorated For Soviet Holidays, 1932

Moscow Decorated For Soviet Holidays, 1932

During Soviet holidays many Russian cities were decorated with different Soviet propaganda stuff. Here are photos from the Moscow city back from 1932. As years passed this tradition only
srengthened, at the end of Soviet era cities were drowning in red flags and slogans on each holiday. "Our life is much better now! Our life is a great fun today!"
finnish propaganda
121 Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

During World War 2 Finland was in alliance with Nazi Germany. So Russia fought against Finland too. And here we have interesting photos of Finnish propaganda. Those papers were thrown from the planes across Russian army in order to convince Soviet soldier to surrend. The content of them is really funny. Finland authorities offered things like good food and bottle of vodka to Russians. But it was not so
easy to the Soviet soldiers to accept this proposal. There were special troops that were in front of the main troops that were held with one purpose - to catch everyone who flee to Finland or any other German ally and to shot him down right on the place or throw him in a jail. So it was a tricky game. "Dear Soviet soldiers! Listen to me! I'll tell you something!"
soviet russia
44 Soviet Times 2

Soviet Times 2

This is another post on Soviet thematics. You can see a previous for example here. Now, the collection of photos from the 80s, the period of time when the Soviet Union was near to collapse. The famous "Perestroika" or "Rebuilding" started in 1986 or so. It has been said that it's always darkest before the dawn, see yourself
if this is true for these photos. These photos are from a collection that is targeted on the pre-Democratic period of Soviet Union, taken from different public sources like magazines, newspapers and internet, from both sides - from Soviet and Western.   A soldier and a telephone booth.
soviet kids book about life in Soviet Russia
23 Soviet Kids Book

Soviet Kids Book

This funny little book is from Old Soviet times. What is funny about it that it was printed in 2,400,000 copies! What an edition - the modern Harry Potter is not even close to it in Russia, though Harry Potter is considered to be popular in Russia too. What this book is about? It's teaching
youngsters about the Revolution, the Communism and the Red Stars of Kremlin. The price was 0.05 rouble, according to Soviet exchange rate it was around 5 cents. This price was normal for kids books in Soviet Russia. Everyone in Soviet school wore a star on his uniform.
russia village ustje, far away north
14 A Russian Village Deep in The North

A Russian Village Deep in The North

This are photos by Alexandre Korolkov from Russian village “Ustje”. This village is remarkable. It is located on the far north of Russia, it’s much closer to American Alaska than to any major Russian cities. Temperatures there don’t get higher than 30-40 Fahrenheit even in the summer! Four hundred years ago a
group of Russian people flew far away to North in order to avoid death from the Tsar Ivan. They settled there and those people on the photos – direct descendants. They lived 400 years among Russian Eskimos people but didn’t assimilate and saved their traditions and Russian language.
Russian Road Police GAI GIBDD
18 Russian Road Police Vodka

Russian Road Police Vodka

One Vodka factory owner traveled a lot across Russia. Wherever he was going he met a lot of Russian Road Police “GAI”, or “GIBDD”. He paid thousands
roubles of penalties, all right on the site, as a direct to the policemen who stopped him. And once he was scared so much after seeing these guys:
business college campus in Ukraine
42 Business College Campus

Business College Campus

How might the best Ukrainian business college look like? (former part of USSR)? Here is a photo session from a campus for “Kiev Business Academy”, a place where students are taught how to make business and get
their MBA degrees. The session started in this small room where 6 students live. They told that under the floor huge rats live, so they had to take care all the numerous holes in the floor.
russia for russians
29 Russia For Russians?

Russia For Russians?

The problem of racial intolerance arise in Russia. This poster appeared in the centre of Krasnoyarsk city, before upcoming elections in that region. People want to win elections on racial
intolerance, which appears now widely in Russia against the migrants from Southern regions, who often differ by skin colour from the native inhabitants of central Russia.
43 Russian Fitness Studio

Russian Fitness Studio

If you have seen the last post about the “Russian Spiderman” video you would probably like to know how does an average Russian fitness studio looks like? Here is the sample. Of course there are more expensive studios for rich
people in Moscow and major cities, but most of the young men make their bodies strong and fit in such studios. There are proud signs “Made in USSR” on some of the equipment. Time passes – things stay the same.

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