2 Russian Sliding Dance

Russian Sliding Dance

    I am not sure if we posted something like this here - but anyways - this is a traditional Russian dance and its perform in such technique like the girls go sliding around like they are on ice. Just take a look - you can rewind to the
middle of the video to get into the action. They say its been done by special stepping one by one putting feet very close to each other.  Here they dance "Beryozka" or "Little Birch Tree".        

17 Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

In one mine, forty meter underground in Kuzbass miner region of Russia the local mine workers have unleashed a few stone discs
that are shaped exactly as UFOs you used to see on the photos. Inside there are more photos proving the shape point:

4 Spooky Dolls of Chernobyl

Spooky Dolls of Chernobyl

Alexander has travelled to Chernobyl nine times. He says that of course it looks pretty dramatic - all the empty houses, forest grown inside the house with bushes higher than a few stores, abandoned things and furniture in the apartments. But what touches him most are the abandoned little dolls that still can be found under loads of dirt, dry leaves, they are still there, as they
were left in 1986. "Epsecially I was moved by the dolls left in the empty kindergartens and pre-schools. Those dolls symbolize something that has been lost forever - the lost childhood. The open eyes of the dolls - they look at you and wait if you can change the things back, to the used and well known routine". Want to see more? Welcome inside:

2 Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo is a village in Russia which is famous for its traditional painting style. It originated there in midst 19th century. The main item they traditionally use as a target for their skill application are
the metal trays first coated with a few layers of putty and then painted by Zhostovo technique and lacquered. If you like to see more of those as well how they are being produced welcome inside:

6 Orange Snow in City of Saratov

Orange Snow in City of Saratov

People of Saratov city, Russia (population near 1 million people) started massively to report that it started snowing with orange hue snow. From different parts of the city the reports were coming together
with photos. The actual color of the snow was pretty much different on the photos - some snow piles were really orange tinted, others were more close to yellow or brown.  More photos inside:

1 Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Strangely enough there is a sports (or arts?) competition named "Ice Sculpting Cup of Russia" to which they invite tens of ice sculptors from all over the world to make the sculptures and participate. This year it was held in Perm city Russia (in Ural region) and there were
forty people from over than ten countries - including Argentina, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand etc. If you like such kind of things then welcome inside to see what those masters of ice art have created this winter on one of the main city squares of Perm:

12 One of the Biggest Scientific Libraries on Fire

One of the Biggest Scientific Libraries on Fire

One of the biggest Moscow scientific libraries that hold thousands of rare ancient Slavic texts was on fire this weekend. Lot's of firetrucks and firefighters arrived on the scene at night but couldn't save the half of the
root falling down inside of the library. It's said that the total area of the library is around 2,000 square meters with 1,000 square meters of it collapsed.  If you want to see more - please inside:

3 Shuldan Tower in Crimea

Shuldan Tower in Crimea

A blogger Sergey has visited a "very special" as he calls place in Crimea called Shuldan. It has a rock standing
monastery and this tower is its chapel. Sergey has made some  photos there, so let's see what's this place is about:

1 Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Some photos of the first Russian president has surfaced recently from some private archives of him bit younger than we used him all to know. As young as a schoolboy and then making his way upwards - first a communist authority of the Yekaterinburg (or
Sverdlovsk at time) region and later on a federal level. For example the first photo here is Boris Yeltsin with some of his student mate both eating buckwheat porridge or Kasha. If you like to see more of those - welcome inside of this posting:

0 Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

A few month ago a real penguin hatched in one of the parks in Krasnoyarsk city. He has his own open top cage and attracts lots of visitors from the city who come to see a real penguin in the city park. They
feed him with real fish and wait while the two black spots on his chest grow bigger - they say this indicates that he is ready to swim in the pool. Inside we have more photos and a video: