4 Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

After the USSR collapse there were a lot of military villages abandoned all over the country.  This post is about one of such. It finds itself on the vast unpopulated reals of Eastern Russian coast - the Pacific coast. It was created as a
fore post - the first point of meeting the enemy coming from the East, from the Ocean. In army plans they were ready to sacrifice this village but slow down the enemy's advance. Let's see what it's now all about over there:

7 St. Petersburg: Awesome Gallery of Shots

St. Petersburg: Awesome Gallery of Shots

I thought you might be pleased to see those awesome, wide screen (on click), wallpaper quality fresh shots of
second largest Russian city St. Petersburg by a prominent  photographer Vaganov. Please see inside:
5 Amber Colored Rush on the Freezing Cold Baltic Coast

Amber Colored Rush on the Freezing Cold Baltic Coast

  Can you guess what those people are doing and why they decided to submerge themselves in freezing cold weather into the storm on the Baltic coast? No they are not fishing, no, they are not surfers, and now they don't
pick up any sea food. The thing they hunt for is much more valuable, expensive and nicer looking. What's this and why they flock to the coast of Kaliningrad first days of the New Year? Let's see inside:
5 Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year

Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year

  Here's a short video of Russian police officers in Dagestan, Russia celebrating the New Year by... shooting in the stars. They say its a pretty normal thing to express your feeling of excess happiness in some  Southern Russia
parts by shooting in the air, but it's first time I see the police  doing it too. Besides shooting they are also doing donuts on the Police car with full siren on. Pretty dope! Also there is one more video inside:

8 Soviet Ad of Leningrad Hotel Astoria

Soviet Ad of Leningrad Hotel Astoria

1970s, Soviet Union, St. Petersburg, Hotel "Astoria". A piece of seductive Western world in the coldest big city in the world. And this was a special
"only for VIP and foreigners" advertisement to attract them into this forbidden world in Soviet country. Just a few photos to feel the times.

16 Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Do you see a bus on this picture? Look closer, it's near that giant machine which they call "buck wheel excavator". Wikipedia says its main purpose is: "to act as a continuous digging machine in large-scale open pit mining operations". What can be more larger scale than the biggest
world open pit coal mine in Kazakhstan built in Soviet times as the biggest Soviet open pit coal mine? Russian photographer Alexander Popov has traveled there and took this awesome pics and story so we now can take a look to!  So let's see those in detail:

14 Surviving Town Karl Libnecht

Surviving Town Karl Libnecht

Russian blogger Sergey has visited this town called "Karl Libnecht" in Kursk region of Russia - the place where one of the most intense tank battles of World War 2 took place and brought the story from there. Here what he says: "Before this was a happy place. People were working, on weekends people were taking a rest and walking around,
children were smiling. Now on the streets of Karl Libnecht you'll rarely see good smile. Before there were two giant factories here - the machine building plant and sugar factory. Those were economic giants of federal level. But now this is how the machine building factory looks like (above on the photo)". Let's read on!

0 Water Leak in -30 Outside

Water Leak in -30 Outside

When it's -30 outside water leak means instant ice. Ice on any surface water from the ruptured pipe can get - on the cars, on the ground, on the trees and even on the people. A few photos have been
made by a local who witnessed how in the middle of the night pipe blasted and water started pouring into the freezing cold street turning the cars and everything into a thick icy things.

5 Snowmen of Tatarstan Children

Snowmen of Tatarstan Children

The truck you see above is not a real truck, but actually a "snowman" - it was created from the snow in Tatarstan to make the kids happy. Together with this truck you can see there is a tank on the background, also
painted a military dark green tone. This winter, the children of Tatarstan, Russia, are having their Christmas themed this way. The next one is a 10 feet (3 meter) tall Stalin, also painted. See inside:

10 Lugansk City Library

Lugansk City Library

Lugansk and Donetsk are main news making points in Eastern Ukraine of last year - here is a view of Lugansk city library these days. Looks
like nobody is interested in reading anymore there. Or at least can't afford visit a library, as its closed and in bad state.

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