11 Just Now: Land Has Collapsed Under Houses UPDATED

Just Now: Land Has Collapsed Under Houses UPDATED

    We have just received these photos about this giant sinkhole which has appeared right in the middle of the
settlement, with one house reportedly fallen under the ground. Let's see a couple more photos inside:

15 Donetsk Today

Donetsk Today

Dmitriy has visited Donbass - the region where the fighting was going on over Summer, around Donetsk, Ukraine and these are the photos he brought back. The
building in this photo above is a museum: "Didn't have a chance to visit the museum this summer, and it seems I never will be able to..." Let's see more:

11 Soviet Exploration of the Unused Lands

Soviet Exploration of the Unused Lands

In Soviet times, it was kind of trendy among the young people to go to the "exploration of the new lands" - like the great campaign on gaining food independence of the Soviet Union - as they were importing grains and more. So
they decided to use the huge land masses that they already had but where nobody was farming them. Because private farming was forbidden at the time, they did it through governmental structures. Let's read on:
3 Seasons of Franz Joseph Land

Seasons of Franz Joseph Land

      Franz Joseph Land is one of the Northernmost parts of Russia and consists of multiple islands which lay as far to the North as Northern Greenland, pretty much one of the closest lands to the North Pole. You can read
more about it on Wiki here. However, what is our point of interest today is the change of seasons on Franz Joseph Land. A photographer travelled there and took a few photos in each season in exactly the same place:

20 Exploring the Giant Sinkhole of Yamal Peninsula

Exploring the Giant Sinkhole of Yamal Peninsula

Today you are going to see photos from a mysterious phenomena that happened deep in the Northern Russia. A giant hole in the Earth appeared in the Yamal peninsula some time ago there. Sometime ago  helicopter flyby was made to take the photos and confirm that the thing exists and it is not the result of some weapon being used or natural causes? Then they sent a second group
of scientists to explore the place. The scientists went there and weren't able to go too close as the land was collapsing all the time and there were strong winds on the surface and it was considered dangerous conditions to carry on. So they returned again in the winter, for the third time. And we have those exclusive photos! Let's see how it was.

13 Soviet People Not Smiling Photos in 1970s

Soviet People Not Smiling Photos in 1970s

Sometimes we post Soviet Union photos where people are smiling, laughing, doing stuff and look happy, and then we think "Man, that's propaganda! They didn't live like that". So now let's see some
other approach to the Soviet reality. Vladimir, a photographer, was enjoying taking photos of life around him in the city of Moscow in the 1970s. In his photos people tend to smile less.
7 Over Twenty Bank ATMs Were Lately Blown Up in Russia to Get Cash

Over Twenty Bank ATMs Were Lately Blown Up in Russia to Get Cash

      What you see on this picture and on the other pictures inside of this post is the story that is being unfolded now in Russia (and Ukraine). Gangs  use new tactics to get money from the ATMs - they blow them up terrorizing the population and neighbors with the loud full scale
explosions all for just getting to the inner parts of the machines where the valuables are stored. Inside you'll see shocking aftermath of this "War on ATMs" and also a video captured by a bank camera how one of the ATMs was exploded. Let's see.    

4 Boarding Russian High Speed Train

Boarding Russian High Speed Train

Have you seen these Russian trains? Well not actually Russian, they are made by SIEMENS however in Russia they are branded with the Russian word "SAPSAN" after the fastest known bird, and here they are.
Yaroslavl, the photographer, visited a train station during the boarding of the three millionth passenger and took some photos of the trains and what was going on around. You are welcome to see more:

15 A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

There was one soldier who was serving his conscription and it was almost finished. However, before he was discharged from the service he had to perform just one final task. There was a sort of tradition by Soviet commanders to give their soldiers a difficult final task before they wave "good bye" and leave. So in the case of this particular soldier the task
was to cut wood (yes in the Soviet army soldiers were often used in different civil jobs like cutting wood or building houses). So there was a plot in the forest, a future high voltage power line lane that needed to be cleared, like the one on the picture above. That was a task of at least one month of pretty heavy labor. However...

31 Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service

Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service

We already compared some people's faces yesterday, but here is something different. A Russian photographer Yuri, has taken photos of eleven Russian guys that served in one of the hardest places to serve - in the Russian airborne forces. The first photo was taken during their first days in the army and the second is close to
the completion of their service. Airbornes jump from planes, go through walls of fire, participate in fights, etc, etc. More than that, Airborne forces are known for their harsh relationships between the soldiers themselves, especially new ones and the more experienced ones. So let's see if we can spot any differences?

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