7 Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

    Let me introduce a guy who has himself taken a trip from Poland to the Asia - as far as Kirgizia and back on his bike, taking these photos on his way and willing to post them for us all so we can see his road trip: This May, I Stojan and 3 of my friends (Kasia, Janusz and Wojciech) went from Poland (I am from Croatia) for a trip to the 'Stans'. It was a 2,5 months, 21000 km long trip. Unfortunately,
due to the bad political situation, we had to skip Ukraine. We passed: Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. Here are a few photos, but just from the 'Russian' part of the trip. Hope you'll enjoy it... I surely did! Route (clockwise)

4 Armenian People Celebrating Day of Wine

Armenian People Celebrating Day of Wine

On the first Saturday of October, the people of an Armenian mountain village gather for a wine and food festival, taking out their wine stored in the cellars. Lots of food and wines. Most
of the people you'll see still speak Russian as a tradition from USSR. So Russian photographer Petr has visited the event, and here we can see how it usually is over there:
7 Police Meeting

Police Meeting

  October 2nd, Moscow road patrol police department. A meeting was conducted between the police officers and an orthodox priest, prior of a local church, hieromonk Feodosij. The talks were devoted to the approaching Christmas holidays.
That's a quote from the official press release I've just read. People in the comments have noticed that the man in black wears a luxury watch Rado Sintra Skeleton. If you want to see his audience we have one more photo inside:
3 Lots of Russian Hackers Line Up For Something

Lots of Russian Hackers Line Up For Something

Russia has been famous with giving the world best... hackers. Lot of cases all over the world over the recent times where the Russian hackers were involved - banks, large corporations and even the celebrities. Sometimes the word "Russian Hacker" make people tremble and think twice while entering
their card information. And now there is a contest for hackers in Russia. Just see how many youngsters are interested in computers on the first photo - there should be a way to funnel all this energy into something. So one large international corporation is now doing this:
2 Meanwhile in the Army

Meanwhile in the Army

We try to keep updated you what's going on in the
army these days, so here is another short update:

31 Russian Guy Thinks He is an American Marine

Russian Guy Thinks He is an American Marine

Meet Stepan. He calls himself Stepan Dallas Walker. Here on the photo he is posing with an American flag near the Hermitage of St. Peterburg. People on background probably don't understand what's going on. But we do - he claims he is an American patriot (though he is
not even a citizen) and especially likes the Marines Corps. So he owns full Marine camp, an American flag, rifle replicas and a lot of other things that you can see inside. Also he has a friend who seems to be sharing his passion. More inside:
13 Abandoned Military Installations from Crimea and More

Abandoned Military Installations from Crimea and More

  One of our readers has travelled around the ex-Soviet places to visit abandoned buildings, sites, etc. Here what he has to show and tell us: Traveling through the east, you often come across structures which stand as eerie
monuments to past times and relics from the cold war. Here is a selection of pictures I have taken on my travels throughout the east during the last few years. See inside for more. Military Airfield. Krim, Ukraine

13 A Bridge Strength Test: 25 Loaded Kamaz Trucks

A Bridge Strength Test: 25 Loaded Kamaz Trucks

So this is how they test newly built bridges in Russia nowadays. A pack of KAMAZ tip trucks loaded with sand stand side by side, very close to each other. Each truck weighs 25 tons, so this pack grosses at more than six hundred tons tightly packed into one spot. Then this bunch of weight on wheels is moved to another part of the bridge, measurements are taken, then the process is repeated again and again. So the photographer nicknamed Wizarden was
watching for the whole morning to see how six hundred tons of sand were moved, waiting to see if the bridge would collapse. The spoiler - it didn't collapse. Want more of a spoiler? Here: do you know where the top managers of the contractor who built the bridge spent their time during this KAMAZ test? You won't believe it, but they were loaded into a small boat and went under the bridge (probably praying). See more here:
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.21.58 AM
29 Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

  You might not have known, but there are professions in Russia that women are forbidden to take by law. Like, there is a law that says "some professions are too dangerous for women to take on, so this is the list of those positions where the female is forbidden to be employed." And this list takes in over 350 positions, which is pretty impressive. I am not sure if any feminist organizations have ever tried to argue this or if they fully
realize that those positions are not very much wanted by any woman. However, besides really dangerous occupations, this list features some that you might be amazed at, like "Why don't they allow a woman to be a bus driver?" Some of them are ridiculous, some are reasonable. Well, I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, let's see a list of ten strange positions prohibited for women to join by law in Russia:

9 Big Brother of Moscow

Big Brother of Moscow

Big brother is watching you and for sure he does it in Moscow. Hundreds of people sitting in a large white building in the centre of Moscow gather information from over 130,000 (!) cameras installed in the
city and are constantly tracking people and situations around. Wanna see a bit more? We have a bit more thanks to Dmitriy who visited their lair and took some photos with his tablet pc:

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