2 New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

A new military museum devoted to World War II has opened in Minsk, Belarus, just recently. It is appropriately located right behind the stele "Minsk is a
hero city" erected in 1985. We are going to join blogger deletant and visit the museum right now. The image above is a Soviet flat of the 1930s.

0 Chiatura: Half Dead City of Georgia

Chiatura: Half Dead City of Georgia

A small city hidden in the mountaneous region of Georgia impressed photographer and traveller Pavel Morozov very much, so he spent several days there, mostly on its numerous ropeways. Chiatura is a city of miners that has dozens of functioning and broken funiculars built in the 1950s.
There is an atmosphere of the Soviet epoch in this place, it's clearly felt in half-ruined houses and almost empty streets. Nevertheless, Chiatura was promised a wonderful future back in the Soviet time, because the city had huge reserves of ore and managnese...

3 Vistula Spit That Became an Island For Russia

Vistula Spit That Became an Island For Russia

The remotest geographical object of the Kaliningrad region is situated behind the strait near Baltiysk. For Russia the Vistula Spit
became "an island".  A "spit" is a small narrow peninsular.  Some pictures of the place were shared by blogger gfed.

5 Moscow 1942

Moscow 1942

After the hardest year 1941 the following 1942 gave a respite to Moscow, it was slowly coming back to peaceful life. The enemy was pushed back 100-250 km away from the city.  Air attacks didn't bring heavy destruction anymore and air-raid warnings
didn't occur every day. The main problem was hunger and shortage of essential products like soap. Moscow citizens could celebrate the Easter under control of NKVD.  "Dynamo" stadium began to be used for sports competition again...

1 A New Villa Community In Sochi Gets Plundered

A New Villa Community In Sochi Gets Plundered

This villa community in Veseloye-Psou of the Adler district was built for the people who were displaced for the Olympics in Sochi. There are 79 houses here, only 20 are occupied, while others are regularly plundered. The construction of the community was finished in 2011 and since then the
houses have never been guarded. All valuable stuff is taken away, doors and windows get broken, youngsters arrange noisy parties there... The administration does not give these houses to those who really need them, keeps saying there is no vacant housing in the city.

4 Russian Soldiers In Tajikistan

Russian Soldiers In Tajikistan

This is a Russian military base in Tajikistan where Russian soldiers stand guard on the boarder with Afghanistan
- the main source of illegal supplies to Europe. The set of pictures was shared by blogger codename-it.

4 What Is It Like to Live in the Northernmost Place of Russia?

What Is It Like to Live in the Northernmost Place of Russia?

Tiksi is the northernmost settlement of Yukutia, Russia. It is home to a polar station and a geocosmophysical observatory. The population of Tiksi has been
decreasing since 1989, today it is about five thousand people. Blogger chistoprudov has shared interesting picturers of the settlement with us.

2 A Village In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

A Village In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Novoshepelichi village used to be a densely populated place (3000 people). During the first days after the Chernobyl catastrophe on April 27, 1986, the radiation background here was equal to 110-130 mР/h. But the citizens were evacuated only on May 3. They stayed there for a week! The village had a school, a house of
culture, a library, a cafe, a boarding school and a kindergarten. A woodworking plant, a sewing studio and a fire station were there as well. Among those who lived in Novoshepelichi were builders of Pripyat. Blogger zametkiev paid a visit to the abandoned place to take these interesting photographs.

1 Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

Deadly Fires In Khakassia, Russia

On April 12 an emergency situation was announced in the Republic of Khakassia. Dry grass burning resulted in multiple fires in approximately thirty settlements of the republic. Extinguishing was hindered by strong wind and continuous temperature differential. More than 600 people were
injured in the fires, fifteen died. The residential sector has been seriously damaged. The population lost about 1300 houses, 4000 head of cattle. The fire was being extinguished by 1300 people, 230 vehicles including aircraft. Five criminal cases have been opened.

25 Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

Ukrainian War Exhibition in Moscow: More Details

We have already published the post about the new interesting exhibition devoted to the war in Ukraine, but this one is more detailed so deserved to be shown as well. Blogger zyalt has also visited the exhibition of material evidence and took his own pictures. They have really
brought many things from hot zones in Ukraine even including the real full-size stele that used to stand at the entrance to Debaltsevo city. A curious fact: according to blogger Ilya Varlamov (zyalt) today it's the only exhibition in Moscow guarded by police.

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