3 Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine, Part 2

Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine, Part 2

We keep telling you about events that happened in the Soviet Union in
1961 as described by Life Magazine. Click here to read Part 1.
8 To Inspire The Home Front

To Inspire The Home Front

Everything for the front - everything for the victory! Collective farm workers, donate for aircraft and tank construction!
We present Soviet placards aimed to raise the spirits of those working on the home front during World War II.
4 Details Are What Matters

Details Are What Matters

Have a good look at photographs by Valery Shchekoldin because details are what matters for him. His photos may appear simple until new
dimentions open to you. It's not only about the past, with his photographs Shchekoldin explains the present and even the future.
14 Armored Vehicles In Vladivostok

Armored Vehicles In Vladivostok

An armored vehicle near General Rozanov’s residence, 1919. Few people know this car was manufactured in Vladivostok in 1919. It was also a left-hand drive car. The idea of using cars for military purposes appeared shortly after the first automobile was
manufactured. Thus, inventor Dvinitsky brought forward his plan to equip a car with rapid-fire weapons back in 1897 but he was denied. The first armored car was manufactured in France in 1905. It was powered with a gun and its armor width was 4.5 mm.
5 Assorted Russia, Part 54

Assorted Russia, Part 54

These people create an impression of a regular
family until you look in their eyes....
2 Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine

Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine

The main Soviet events of 1961
were described in LIFE magazine.
6 Salt Mines Of Soledar

Salt Mines Of Soledar

Salt mines of Soledar city in Ukraine located 300 m below the sea level can be reached by a speedy elevator. Having left the elevator, one appears to be in a huge hall the walls of which
are higher than 9-storey building. In 2003 the place got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first underground area being examined by people flying with balloons.
5 Modern Soviet Photography 1987

Modern Soviet Photography 1987

This photo exhibition travelled around the world visiting Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France. It was that popular
because it revealed what had been concealed from both people from other countries and those from the totalitarian state.
16 World Without People

World Without People

The town of Kadykchan on Chukotka was inhabited by 7 000 people who worked at coal mines. Then 6 people died in an accident that occurred at one of the mines. The mines were closed and
people moved to other cities and towns. Their houses were burnt off  to prevent the people from coming back. Today the town is inhabited by one old man who has 2 dogs.
0 The Largest Theater In Russia

The Largest Theater In Russia

Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater is the most important theatre in Novosibirsk and Siberia. It was completed in February, 1944, the first performance being held on May 12th, 1945. It is the largest theater in Russia (larger than the
Bolshoi Theater in Moscow!). Located in downtown Novosibirsk, on Lenin Square, it is the symbol of the city. After its renovation in 2005, its computerized stage equipment became the most technically advanced in Russia.

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