1 Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Christian Monasteries Of Kakhetia

Kakhetia is an eastern part of Georgia that is
famous with its wines and monasteries.
19 Facts And Lies About Belarus

Facts And Lies About Belarus

What have you heard about Belarus, the former Soviet
republic? Let us see whether these are true facts or lies.
9 What Is You Worktable Like?

What Is You Worktable Like?

A worker should keep his workplace clean and tidy, that’s what we all know. However, the cleanness of a
workplace does not mean that the worker is good. Let’s see what some offices of Almaty people look like.
4 The USSR In Photos

The USSR In Photos

Some interesting pictures of the
USSR to remember how it was.
3 Some Photos From The Past

Some Photos From The Past

Novomoskovsk, 1989. Check out these photographs
taken during the Soviet and post-Soviet time.
9 Photos By Alena Nikiforova

Photos By Alena Nikiforova

Alena Nikiforova whose works are presented below was born in Rostov-ob-Don and is an engineer who became a
photographer later. Now she lives in Moscow and takes photos that are used in fashion industry and advertising.
5 How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

When a journalist changes his profession for a while to get more information and write a report straight from the source, the column becomes very
popular. Today 3 bloggers from Almaty will act as cabin crew of Air Astana aviation company and understand what it means to be a flight attendant.
0 Show Me Your Day, Part X

Show Me Your Day, Part X

Another portion of ineteresting posts where
people open doors to their lives and let you in.
0 One Of The Largest Historical Museums Of Russia

One Of The Largest Historical Museums Of Russia

Alongside with Lenin's Mausoleum the Historical Museum relates to those classical sights of Moscow that are visited by tourists and ignored by the locals if only they were not taken there while at
school. Meanwhile, the place is worth visited as it is considered as one of the largest national historical museums of Russia exhibits of which have been collected for a century and a half.
24 Guest Workers In Moscow

Guest Workers In Moscow

The young generation does not remember Moscow without immigrants because people from Central Asia began moving to the city over 20 years ago. Some of them tried to escape civil wars, others wanted to improve their economic situation. Going to Moscow, they had a good chance to earn some money to send to their families. Moscow
citizens are used to living with immigrants thinking them to be low-qualified workers. They see immigrants as a pool of cheap labor – cleaning men, loaders and builders. They call them non-whites and do not see anything bad about it. It is immigrants from Central Asia whom they insult in public.

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